UK Plans Move of Embassy to Jerusalem

Anonymous sources over the weekend have allowed HLNews to believe it will be highly likely the British Embassy in Tel Aviv will be relocated to Jerusalem in a move that hopes to curry closer relationships with the US.

Until the UK leaves the EU, which is bound by a collective will to not move, it will not be able to action these things. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, although refusing to confirm plans had already been drawn up gave a generic answer implying nothing was on the table.

Within the context of the British Government’s proven excellence in the field of mendacious public announcements, it can be on past record judged to be exactly what they are planning.

Craig Murray, the ex British ambassador to Uzbekistan approached the FCO with direct questions on this subject. His email communication is below:

murray email

HLNews tried to contact the FCO but was thwarted as the civil service does work over weekends. We shall try during office hours and update on our success or failure.

Meanwhile members of the present Cabinet continue to spend their time infighting, committing adultery and hiding from any of the alternative press who still manage to pursue truth, accountability and justice.

News Just IN……..

Former Vice Consul to Addis Ababa, Adrian Trapman has filed some interesting reports from beyond the grave on the future plans the UK and US have for Mesopotamia (Syria today). For those wondering, Adrain was at the time of his assassination in Greece about to take up his post of Vice Consul in Baghdad. He also received postumously the George Medal for bravery whilst at Addis.

His reports and those of his father Capt. AH Trapman, whistleblower/journalist and subsequent Public Enemy No.1 for his exposé on the real culprits behind the Crash of ’29 have agreed to become contributing partners at Highly Likely News.

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