Special 48 hr Round Trip Adventure Holidays to Places of Terror and Horror

With the marker set by a couple of very astute and clever Russian tourists spying a gap in the tourism market, they have set a new destination rave for all those looking for excitement murder mystery and thrills of being in a James Bond-like thriller.Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 16.48.26.png

It seems Salisbury in the UK, a dozy conservative city basking in the Wiltshire countryside is earmarked as the new Midsommer Murders location must see/experience.Salisbury Scaffolding website_Layout 1

Two very ordinary Russians, names aliasly known as Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov decided to do a dry run to the first, undoubtedly, of many future locations where treacherous false flags, criminally induced state propaganda exercises in gullibility would be prosecuted and enacted for reasons of persecuting innocent sovereign entities who had nothing to do with.

Their trip was a well documented travelogue which showed them residing in a rather seedy London Hostel/hotel from whence they took a train to Salisbury. On their journey they smiled and almost waved at the many CCTV cameras the UK is world leader at installing. This helped them have oodles of materials for when they got back and did the serious promo.

Once, having visited the site of the Skripal false flag and walked to the housing estate where they identified the crime scene they then returned to London. No duty free taken home not even a bottle of Nina Ricci for their babushka, Rosa Klebski.180905-skripal-suspects-mc-1231_d6698d5580f78cb63b7e38eb2ca3859e.fit-760w

They whisked themselves through the exit channel at Gatwick airport at identical times, allowing prospective journey persons to know that Russian punctuality is of the essence.

The tracking they received was most welcome as due to reports in erroneous news sources most outside of the United Kingdom had been fed ideas that public transport was a hell on earth. Thus the CCTV gifts they received came to help their pursuasion of prospective clients the transport systems in the UK were as reported – horrendous. This fitted nicely with their soon to be promoted “Horror Tours of Horrid England”

Safely ensconced home and after a refreshing Bagna (sauna to you and I) they then awaited the publicity they were certain they would attract.

Unfortunately since their trip in March they had to wait months before the PR kicked in. This in itself showed the presentation of a great fable was always long and winding when the so called British Intelligence Services were required to write the script. James Bond would have run off with Miss Moneypenny well before MI6 got its proverbial together.

However they hit pay dirt when out of the blue, (or was it red?) their esteemed President, who must have got wind of their plans decided to do what he is so adept at doing promoting Russian trade, cutting excellent business deals and praising excellence in all areas of entrepreneurism, this time of tourism.

At the Vladivostok Eastern Economic Forum, Vladimir Putin gave an impromptu promo and announced he knew the two lads.


Simple country folk as he described and they in turn modestly accepted his description. He said he would be very keen to meet them, congratulate them for their innovative travel ideas and be able to feed them well in advance details of subsequent foreign actors’ actions that could be swiftly followed up by a “Horror Tourski“.

Russia is known to be the super sleuth when it comes to smelling out Western propagandised false flags normally aimed at itself, though sometimes fielded to include Iran, North Korea and China. Their recent success of blowing the cover on the Western allies White Helmets false flag is one great example.

The two entrepreneurs have issued a preliminary chart of future events, though they admit they have not double checked with GRU and the Prez to make it as accurate as possible. But as Ruslan is quoted as saying:
There is nothing as exciting as a whodunnit when whodunnit can never be known!


We at Highly Likely News see a prosperous future for these two made-it-alone travel geeks. We wish them well.


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