The Crowds Bay For World War Clueless As to What That Entails

It is a very sad, even pitiful moment when the crowd bay for world war. Such a war would most likely wipe humanity from the face of the earth. Yet they bay and cry for nuclear revenge.

politics-cartoonIt is understandable so many are enraged with the servitude they voted in, as meaningless pawns they obediently allow themselves to become. Taking responsibility for the state of the world each and every one of us have helped create, is  more often than not a pill too gross to swallow.

What is totally unacceptable is that we all decide to stand on the sidelines, spectate with  our trusty, not trusted, social media accounts. To rant and rave as to how pitiful the world has become. Allowing generations totally alien to any semblance of involvement in a real World War watch as fashion styles, divisive shenanigans, left/right embroilment and petty disputes are heralded as The Most Important Issues of the day, is criminal. While real wars are waged in our name and for the profit of the few without any perceptible resistance is also criminal.LGBT_Bathroom-650x365

The imperative to stop wars is undeniable. Yet we continue personal war within and around us. The script of the next soap, the latest innovative technology, even the trans LGBTQXYZ discussions, the rights issues, white versus black, is pedophilia a disease to accept and find cures arguments are all utterly meaningless, in the face of what is truly real and important. We wage war with those who offend us while baying for a quick nuke fix.

This is the epitome of total denial.

The generations of the Obsessively Offended, brought to believe Shakespeare must be banned because he does not respect the latest cultural parameters. That those who fought for the very freedom now espoused to be toxic and  denied on irrational dogma and cut from revisionist history published daily after each offended insult. It makes a mockery of everything we call evolution.

nu-clear_end_city_explosion_fire_sky_hd-wallpaper-1911916If we feel so empowered as to warrant expressing a world war, nukes galore and extermination of the pests to be a timely solution and the next ‘must have‘, then we surely have hit rock bottom. Even the rats leaving the ship have greater mental acuity than those left.

No one on this mental level has ever been incarcerated, deprived of anything more than the next cocktail or meal. So  few are witness to what death and destruction really looks and feels like. It is always over there, someone else’s problem. The liberty to swear and curse at strangers across cyber space because they are not in your face proffers people dutch courage to feel their alleged omnipotence infinite.

Ask a survivor of Hiroshima or Nagasaki whether they enjoyed the experience even though they survived and pretty soon you will have young generations OD’ing, going mental (real mental, not that hip phrase) and confronted with reality they only thought existed on Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty.

None of these, for want of a better word, brainless, ponerised people recognise what reality is. Conditioned to be ignorant, to believe lies and deceit served cold, they are told everything has an instant answer. Click of a finger and hey, presto…. Well, why not? I can media-injectionget an instant answer online, order a pizza, find a rave, chat to a friend, bang, get whatever to deliver – just like that.

Hollow Wood has conditioned people really well, the recipe for mind control has exceeded expectations. Mass media has been a dutiful servant of the devil. The food chain has done grand in starving the population of what is truly healthy and the Big Pharma Boyz have drugged everyone directly or through the water supply, sea and environment. Add to that the 5G entry of total mental imprisonment and maybe a war will not be needed. The surrender was complete the day mobile, wi-fi connectivity became embedded.5g

Little known fact was that the British Army rid themselves in the 50s of the wavelengths mobile telephony works within as they saw first hand how many of their soldiers it killed, mentally ruined and incapacitated. They gave it to Government who sold it on to the Telecoms – job done!

Today a war in Syria is at such a serious crossroads where the Zionist psychotic lunatics, always thinking they are several rungs on the ladder above and beyond the rest of us. Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, South East Asia, Africa all serve the Military Industrial Corporate Complex.  Greater Israel looks within reach. Their patsies in the US, UK and Europe wait for the crumbs to fall to them as Russia stands with China, Iran and a multi polar solution and buffer to ultimate madness.military men-used

The people bay for war as they have never read anything other than the question – Do you accept? and they always in impatience and carelessness answer “Yes!” never having read or recognised any terms and conditions. Too hurried they get down and play, obsess, check out from reality and become über distracted. They become blind, deaf and dumbed down like deer in the headlights.

Protests are happening everywhere I hear you say. Sure but for what? At least in the 60s for all the good it did, they protested war. The students got up and stood above the parapet. The awareness, knowledge and desire to question even the most simplistic statement of stupidity is an alien land for so many. They adore their Zombie films without realising they are watching autobiography.

Stupid has become royalty. Brainless is King and Queen is manifest obedience to the puppeteers. The awakened, the critical thinkers, all those opposing the status quo, their narrative and orders are seen as the enemy. The world is truly upside down without the need for a polar shift. The ones with rocking horse brains cry “Woke” which summarises the whole pandemic. It never was a word in the way it is used and never will be. It does however enter the lexicon of buzz words meaningless, senseless with zero anything!

The Earth is flat. Flat broke of intelligence. The rounded globe of multiplicity of difference, respect, tolerance and empathy are today squeezed into a bottle and thrown overboard in the hope they never reappear. The Oceans of Time may be vast yet their currents bringing the karmic vessel’s return are far stronger than any human arrogance believing itself to be beyond retribution.

Many people are wondering whether Russia has been too swayed, too dumb, giving yet one more chance, inch etc. The Great Game has many moves. We humans are only as good as our best move and next step. If we have never seriously studied the rules of engagement then we are hollow tin drums, doomed with or without chess masters. One thing is damn sure. Russia will not launch itself into global obliteration for the hell of it. Others may feel they are immune or exceptional enough to do so. History has proven these ones never win, let alone come out unscathed. We have to accept we are the solution and we have an imperative to find which part, pronto!

The Oceans of Time always cleanse density, educate stupidity through hard knocks and at least offer multiple opportunities for growth. They also offer all enough time to decide collectively whether we are worthy continuing or merely more fetid trash for the extinction heap.doomsday

Our choice: has ever been thus. It is imperative to fast track the brainless to at least a point of awareness of the severity of their imperilment. Our duty is to inform and for others to act and hopefully change.

Definitely not a good week for extinction but we know not the currents of the timeless oceans.

Life belt anyone?lifebelt-1463427__340

Israel Feeling Immune Continues State Terrorism as Act of War

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 12.50.38Late evening on Monday four Israeli fighter jets used the radar signature of a Russian IL-20 maritime patrol aircraft to hide behind as they attacked positions around Damascus and Latakia. Although the responsible weapon was a Syrian missile, the using of the cover enabled the Israelis to have Syria score on a Russian plane.

In response the Russians issued this statement adding that Russia has the right to respond accordingly:

“The blame for the downing of the Russian plane and the deaths of its crew members lies squarely on the Israeli side,” Minister Shoigu said. “The actions of the Israeli military were not in keeping with the spirit of the Russian-Israeli partnership, so we reserve the right to respond.”

The Russian Ministry of Defence also said:

“We consider these provocative actions by Israel as hostile. Fifteen Russian military service members have died because of the irresponsible actions of the Israeli military. This is absolutely contrary to the spirit of the Russian-Israeli partnership,” the statement said. “We reserve the right for an adequate response.”

“The Israeli pilots used the Russian plane as cover and set it up to be targeted by the Syrian air defense forces. As a consequence, the Il-20, which has radar cross-section much larger than the F-16, was shot down by an S-200 system missile,” the statement said.

map-of-downing RU craft

Israel has come back with blame on Damascus and crocodile tears for the dead:

In the IDF statement.

Israel said that it “expresses sorrow for the death of the aircrew members” of the Russian plane. However, it stated that  the government of Bashar Assad “whose military shot down the Russian plane,” is “fully responsible” for the incident.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 12.49.02

Apart from Damascus, Israel put the blame on the “unfortunate incident” on Iran and the Hezbollah group.

In a series of tweets the Israel Defense Forces explained that its jets were targeting a Syrian facility “from which systems to manufacture accurate and lethal weapons were about to be transferred on behalf of Iran to Hezbollah in Lebanon.” It claimed that the weapons were “meant to attack Israel.”

Of course if Israel attacks Syrian sovereign land then Syria has every right to attack the Israeli planes bombing them. That the Israelis use the lame old excuse it was the Iranians meaning to attack Israel is just the way these specious, arrogant operatives work.

The impunity with which Israel goes about its illegal attacks, invasions and killings is jaw dropping. Nothing new however as its MO is as the MOSSAD motto – “By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt do War“. It was most certainly that deception used to hide behind the Russian signature that caused the disaster.

It is hoped that Russia in response does everything in its capacity to show Israel they cannot act as terrorists with other sovereign states.

There is very good reason that Vladimir Putin has been keeping a close eye on Israel and allowing Benjamin Netanyahu to feel he has special privileges. However the gloves are off and it will be fascinating to see how the “grand master” deals with his unruly and criminal charge.Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 13.00.19