De Facto End to Korean War – Kim and Moon Declare Peace

Source: Hankyroreh

It is in the air! Great News is catching – Sense seems to be able to get aired especially when the US/UK and all their useful idiots are away from the headlines!

The September Pyongyang Declaration has outlined practical, concrete measures for peace and denuclearization.

peace declare

South Korean President Moon Jae-in declared:
“There will no longer be war on the Korean Peninsula, we are not far away from complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Inter-Korean relations will remain steady, without faltering.”
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un then spoke in a  resounding and measured tone.
“Our shared dreams, embodied in the declaration, will soon become reality. We are not afraid of any adversity.”
The two heads of state promised to swiftly implement the military agreement, which states that a joint military committee will be set up to put an end to hostile military relations, with the goal of “eliminating any practical threat of war across the entire territory of the Korean Peninsula and fundamentally alleviating hostile relations.” (Article 1, Pyongyang Declaration)

Promising prospects for 2nd North Korea-US summit

Based on the outcome of the Pyongyang summit, a second US-North Korea summit is on the cards after Moon meets with US President Donald Trump in New York during the UN General Assembly on Sept. 24. If Kim visits Seoul during winter near the end of the year, we will put the “legacy of wretched and tragic confrontation and hostility that has lasted for decades” (Kim) behind us and enter a new era of irreversible peace.
The principal achievements of the Pyongyang summit are the advent of peace, eliminating the threat of war and regaining momentum for denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula. And this is not just rhetoric. The military agreement is as thorough as an insurance contract. It is far more detailed than all other inter-Korean agreements to date. The document contains five appendices in addition to the main text and signals a strong commitment to action from both Moon and Kim.
The military agreement is deemed an annex to the Pyongyang Declaration, emphasizing the commitment of both leaders to playing a direct role in the implementation of the agreement. As an agreement was reached regarding a visit to Seoul by Kim on one of the 104 days remaining before the end of this year, it is clear that both leaders aim to swiftly implement the Pyongyang Declaration and military agreement.


Action has been swift and taken disallowing any Israeli aircraft movement around the territories of Syria.

russian-Su-34-airforce-jetThe Russian government has informed Israel that, as a consequence of their actions which resulted in the shoot-down of a Russia IL-20 Electronic Intelligence aircraft, Russia is imposing a NO FLY ZONE for Israeli military aircraft around Syria.

This No Fly zone will be from Flight level 000 to Flight Level 190 until September 26.

Any Israeli military aircraft operating outside the sovereign territory of Israel in violation of this No Fly Zone risks being shot down.

The Russian government has instructed 14 Russian Naval Vessels in the Mediterranean to begin enforcing this immediately.


Yesterday Russia also asked Iran for permission to station Russian fighters, bombers and refilling craft and tankers at the Nojeh Military Air Base in northwestern Iran as seen on the map below:


positioning of such equipment will allow Russia full air superiority over ALL of Syria 24/7.

Iranian planes are already bringing the S-300 defence weapons into Syria.

The result of all this renegotiating of assets and the no fly zone will be interesting.

If Israeli war planes fly below 19,000 feet, they risk being shot down by Russian Naval Vessels “accidentally” during this “exercise.”  In order to avoid that, the Israeli planes must fly above 19,000 feet, which makes them sitting ducks for Syria’s old S-200 anti-aircraft missile defenses.

The Russians look as if they now have the antics of Israel ‘covered’.


Iran 747 Flight path

With the Russians having imposed a “NO-FLY” Zone against Israel, they are now unable to attack this shipment for at least a week without having their war planes shot down.  And in that week, the S-300 systems can be installed, set-up, tested, and made active  . . . . which then allows Syria to shoot down planes as far away as INSIDE ISRAEL.

This was a “Red Line” for the Israelis a year ago, and their sneaky actions which caused a Russian plane to be accidentally shot down, have now come back to bite them in the ass.  With these new S-300 systems, Israel will no longer be able to attack Syria with impunity.

This is, by far, the largest escalation of events inside Syria in recent memory.  This is a DISASTER for Israel; and they’ve brought it upon themselves.

Ukraine? Stupid People Have Stupid Leaders

Originally published on Fort Russ

By Rostislav Ishchenko 

They say that, as a rule, the people choose their leader, whose intellect roughly corresponds to the average one. People, they say, do not like those who are much smarter than them and reluctant to vote for them. However, today we are not interested in the reasons for this phenomenon. Just note that the level of development of the people can generally be easily calculated by the level of development of their leader.

From this point of view, it is not surprising that Russia is friendly and negotiates with China, while the Western world only grinds teeth in impotent rage and can not in any way understand how Moscow was able to escape from the trap, which it was reliably captured in the 1990s years of the last century. With Ukraine it is very bad. There, even the first president Kravchuk was not an intellectual, but an artful scoundrel, and even the others, in comparison with Kravchuk, are victims of acute intellectual insufficiency. And each of the following was an order of magnitude stupider than the previous one.

The level of Peter Alekseevich is characterized by the “White House” built by him in the suburban area near Kiev, as well as a well-known fresco from the family chapel, which was given the unofficial name “The Holy Family of Poroshenko”. These are typical signs of ‘parvenu’, trying to be “no worse than others” and with the help of flashy luxury and frank kitsch to rise if not over the old aristocratic birth, then at least to their level. Moliere’s Jourdain, in comparison with Poroshenko – the British lord, the leading pedigree of the companions of William Bastard.

Until 2005, Peter Alekseevich demonstrated to the city and the world his “aristocracy”, with the help of a full mouth of gold teeth. In the remote Moldovan province, where Pyotr Alekseevich grew up, it was so fashionable. By 2005, the “outstanding statesman of Ukraine” had learned that for fifty years they had not been in a decent society, replaced crowns with porcelain, but built a house like the president of the United States and depicted his family in a church fresco (like the Yaroslav the Wise family). Before whom he was going to brag about the photo from the paid photo shoot with Trump is unknown, but given the pathological greed of Poroshenko (compared to which Gobsek is a patron), the plans for this photo were strategic (I understand that the money was formally paid by the state, but Poroshenko could have simply steal, so in a sense it was already his money).

No wonder that with this level of intelligence, everything that Peter Alekseevich does on his own, he does very badly. And do not give an example of his successful business. Poroshenko claims that his father was the boss (Alexei Ivanovich is also a colorful figure, by the way). Since this statement was not refuted by anybody, I have no reason not to believe that the starting business of the Poroshenko family is the money that Alexey Ivanovich “managed” in the USSR, where he held the posts of economic managers of the district level and where he served time for economic crimes.

Likewise, I have no reason not to believe Poroshenko’s allegations that his business has now been transferred to the management of the “blind trust”. Allegedly Poroshenko’s affairs are now handled by a company associated with the Rothschilds. In this it is all the easier to believe that since the formal transfer of assets to management, Poroshenko’s official revenues have started to grow at a rapid pace and over the past four years have grown by more than an order of magnitude. I emphasize that these are the incomes of its enterprises managed by a “blind trust” according to official reporting. That is, here it is not a question of what Poroshenko has cleared from the treasury, but about the income declared by the foreign managers.

Thus, it turns out that over the course of his life, personally, Peter Alekseevich only changed his gold teeth to porcelain (and then, ten years late), flew from the post of NSDC secretary to Yushchenko, because he tried too hard to squeeze out another’s business, stole from the treasury stupidly various public positions and was photographed with Trump for 600 000 dollars.

Is it any wonder that such a person decided to make himself a pre-election PR on the termination of the Treaty and friendship, cooperation and partnership with Russia through its non-renewal? Note the non-renewal, and not the denunciations, because even the nationally-conscious marginals sitting in the Ukrainian Rada and making up the government did not want to commit such a rare stupidity. Non-extension of the same Poroshenko signed personally, on the basis of the representation completely dependent on him Klimkin.

Why this stupidity?

From the point of view of foreign policy, the de facto situation has not changed. Ukraine has never observed this and other treaties before, motivating its behavior by the fact that it has been subjected to aggression by Russia and is at war with it, and the belligerent state can not be linked to a military adversary by treaties concluded in peacetime. Russia, for its part, not considering itself in a state of war (which Ukraine has not yet announced) has observed treaties. But potentially, since 2014 Moscow has had every opportunity to cancel any agreement at any time based on Ukraine’s position.

The fact is that in the modern world the war does not need to be declared, the state of war can be simply ascertained. Ukraine is quite officially, at the level of the Rada, the president and the government, ascertained the state of war with Russia. Russia could “notice” this situation for as long as necessary, but at any time it could be noticed. Thus, starting in 2014, the implementation of any treaty with Ukraine depended solely on Russia’s goodwill and on how it specifically implemented its interests and planned to achieve geopolitical goals.

In this respect, almost nothing has changed. Russia and now can build relations with Ukraine at will. Poroshenko made a small present to Moscow, in the sense that he assumed responsibility for the formal destruction of the legal framework, but it must be admitted that if the geopolitical situation demanded the annulment of agreements and agreements with Ukraine, Russia would do it on its own. This is not a problem, and in comparison with the process of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, not even troubles. Poroshenko unleashed Russia’s hands, which were not connected.

RevContent InArticle SOLO

If Moscow has not stepped up the events in the Ukrainian direction (and now will not intensify, as Ukraine itself copes), then only because the planet has more strategically important points (like the Middle East), requiring concentration of attention and resources. Just in the queue of priorities, Kiev takes far from the first and even not the third place. Now that the decision is made to aggravate, Russia will have yet another argument in favor of the fact that Kiev “start it first.” Thanks to Poroshenko, but this is an absolute trifle, since, as we know, the West, when making international legal decisions, is guided not by facts, but by its own benefit. Therefore, the adoption / not acceptance by him of the Russian rationale for the Ukrainian problem depends not on the actual situation, but on whatsoever the West would like to see the situation.

In general, having initiated an international scandal and, thus, weakening our positions (France and Germany have long ago conditioned our support for Ukraine by Kiev’s constructive behavior in the Russian direction, and without external support, Ukraine (and all of its political elite) is nothing), Poroshenko does not influenced the already existing (and several years the existing) situation.

From the point of view of Poroshenko’s internal policy, at the beginning of the election campaign, which he is already losing with a bang, he was immediately substituted for two charges critical for modern Ukraine. First, the opposition immediately accused him of undermining the well-being of millions of working citizens of Ukraine in Russia. Given the poverty and hopelessness of Ukrainian life, this is not a joke, migrant workers working in Russia, together with their families, make up at least a third of the nominal population of Ukraine. Pressing this button, Moscow at any time can cause a social explosion in Kiev. Now the opposition and the people are blaming Poroshenko for this eventual threat. Secondly, the senselessness for Ukraine and the theoretical profitability for Russia of Poroshenko’s actions immediately caused his accusations that he was an “agent of the Kremlin.”

Thus, the event organized by Poroshenko did not affect the overall strategic situation around Ukraine, and he himself, instead of a spoon of PR, brought a barrel of anti-piracy.

Remember at least this, at least any other “strategic breakthrough” organized by Peter Alekseevich, when you hear the question often asked by the Russian people, as well as experts, journalists and politicians – the most widespread one regarding Ukraine: “Do not they understand?”

They do not understand. The level of intelligence of the leader of the state, as a rule, reflects the average national intellectual level. The level of Poroshenko in four years could be estimated even by a person far from politics. Meanwhile, he won in the first round, for him 54.7% of those who came to the polls in 2014 voted. And those who are eager for power in Ukraine now, the same “intellectuals”, and maybe worse. Smart man for the presidency on the remains of Ukraine will not fight.

It remains to answer the question, how could the people, in no way different from the inhabitants of Moscow, St. Petersburg or Volgograd, have been able to descend in just two decades?

By 2014, Ukraine has left over 8 million people (the sixth part of the population of the Ukrainian SSR in 1991). During the period between 2014 and 2018, Ukraine lost about 15 million people who had left and gone with the Crimea and the Donbas. In total, this is about 45% of the population of the Ukrainian SSR at the time of the collapse of the Union.

These are not necessarily the best people in the classical sense, but this is the most competitive, the most workable and the most popular part of the population. In addition, they are people who are able to make responsible decisions on their own, that is, independently assess the situation and not to shift responsibility for one’s life to anyone.

Left, in the majority, the slaves are the best of the worst. Trying to avoid the slightest risk to reassign responsibility for their fate to someone else. They do not believe in intelligence, and they are afraid to choose them, and fools deceive them, and themselves. At the same time, negative selection has gone so far that it can not be stopped by its own internal Ukrainian forces. The country in which Tymoshenko is the most determined, Medvedchuk the smartest, Boyko is the most pro-Russian, and Rabinovich is the most courageous critic of power, has no chance.

Saudi Arabia Bans 300,000 Palestinians From Mecca



(MEMO— Saudi Arabia issued new directives banning up to 300,000 Palestinian refugees in Lebanon from performing pilgrimage, reported yesterday.

Reporting the Palestinian Institution for Human Rights (Shahed), the Qatari news website said that Saudi Arabia stopped issuing visas for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon who do not hold a Palestinian Authority (PA) passport.

Shahed reported travel agents were informed by the Saudi embassy in Lebanon not to accept applications from Palestinians who do not have PA passports.

The rights group said it was worried about the “sudden” Saudi decision, calling on Kingdom to identify its reasons which have “dangerous consequences” on the Palestinian refugees and their future.

According to, Shahed could not reach officials at the Saudi embassy in Lebanon to get information about the issue, but said the PA embassy in Beirut did not receive official directions in this regard.

Shahed said the move adds further burdens on Palestinian refugees as it restricts their freedom of movement and limits their chance of obtaining jobs in the Kingdom, in addition to preventing them from performing the Hajj.

It is worth mentioning that thousands of Palestinians, who hold Jordanian passports, were banned from applying for Hajj visas this year.

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have been prevented from performing Umrah since the Egyptian military coup in 2013 saw the Rafah crossing on an almost permanent basis.