We Bombed You To Save You – The Virus that is Psychopathy

In the long line of duty that demands all opposition to the status quo be brought to book, bombing them is the most favoured in the playbook of the present collection of psychopaths running roughshod over our planet.

The US Imperial Regime is the absolute epitome of what is so replete with degradation, annihilation and genocide. Yet its acolytes are always so keen to trot out the dictum, lick orifice and make sure the ‘bought’ media has juice in its tank for the morning press.

‘We bombed you to save you’ – NATO head Stoltenberg speaks about 1999 bombings on visit to Serbia

ens_StoltenbergAnswering questions about the bombing and the NATO campaign against the government of the former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, during a meeting with the students of Belgrade University., NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said:

“I stressed that we did this to protect civilians and to stop the Milosevic regime,” utterly disregarding the painful memories locals have of those events. But then again psychopaths are not known for retaining any empathy.

NATO has a great relationship with Serbia, respects her decision not to join the Alliance

The sort of respect they have is shown with the shameful remarks he littered his visit with.

We strongly support the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, as well as all efforts  leading to a reduction of tensions and resolve disputes. We need a political solution. This is the dialogue, which is closely monitored by the European Union, and NATO was part of initiatives that led to this dialogue. We dialogue and continue to monitor and support. 

He reminded that Serbia has “clearly stated” that her goal is not to become a member of the Alliance. Well pretty obvious with the sort of charm offensive he put on for them.

In March 1999, NATO launched airstrikes in what was then Yugoslavia, without the backing of the UN Security Council, after it accused Belgrade of “excessive and disproportionate use of force” in a conflict with insurgent Muslim ethnic Albanians in the region of Kosovo, which unilaterally declared independence nine years later, in 2008.

During the bombings, NATO dropped “between 10 and 15 tons of depleted uranium, which caused a major environmental disaster” and prompted Serbians to sue NATO over its actions, linking them to a rise in cancer-related illnesses across the region.

“In Serbia, 33,000 people fall sick because of this every year. That is one child every day,” a member of the international legal team that was preparing the lawsuit told Russia Today in 2017. Back in 2015, Stoltenberg himself expressed “regret” for the civilian casualties of NATO’s 1999 bombing.

Warm words mean zilch when slaughter is the objective. NATO parades itself as the white dove of Hell.