Family Is Everything – Yet Do We Believe In Our Human Family?

At this time of year we gather round, meet up, get together and celebrate.

We do this most often as our own blood families come together. For many also the family does not get together as issues, resentments, unexpressed walls built up deny the unity of family.

The message that is traditional to this time of year is one of love, compassion, care for those less better off. Charity of heart and pocket is called up. Yet so much of the original message, the essence of what it is to call oneself a Christian celebrating the Christ message has been erased from awareness, desire and will. Replaced by plastic consumerism, divisive declarations of better than thou – we are left in a snow lacking mire of self adoration/hate/loathing vanity.

The irony is the message’s origins were never exclusive to Christianity. The day of Christmas was designated not actually a birthday. The message was a common cry and exhortation for the human family to unite, to love, care and respect each other as unique stewards of a totally interdependent and interconnected planet of all beings. It did and always will be way beyond religious connotation or ownership. No one owns this message, we all need to share it as daily observance, not merely at specified times.

As we are asked to celebrate and its promotion is thrust down our throats by those whose actions and life examples are so often in complete opposition to that message, we never seem to question more. Like good sheep we shop till we drop, we expend anxiety on meals and food that is so often created in such indulgence, we conveniently forget our true responsibility to the greater family, near and far.

Easy of a Christmas morning to greet others on the street, outside the home with “Happy Christmas!” often the only time of any year when actual speech is shared with many strangers. This may make us feel exonerated for our lack of social interaction the rest of the time, yet it keeps us in a loop of disconnect.

We are told of the starving masses. More often not told of the poverty, need, hunger and desolation of so many others. It is often considered by selfish people replete with their Christmas table, bad manners to speak about the reality of deprivation of every kind on this holiday. Yet the spectacle of ignoring it because it is Christmas is proof positive of the utter insensitivity and hypocrisy we have created this festival to represent.

So much money not existing for social programs goes to the war chest. No major country is exempt from this vile tactic. Peace becomes a commodity that does not pay well, according to the spenders and decision makers, therefore is avoided other than superficially. This action is reflected in the superficial “happy” face, smiles we draw upon each season of good will. We are so utterously treacherous to ourselves in so many ways as to be blind to the reality around us.

We are not a species lacking in compassion. Neither are we a species unable to love, cherish and support. Yet we chose so often that selfish path.

Perhaps remembering we are a human family and each and everyone of us matters might be the very best thought to drive actions from here. It requires us to rise far higher within ourselves than we are presently doing. Each of us can do so much better, love so much more, be far more tolerant of others, develop a deeper empathy taking us way beyond the skin deep processes we subdivide ourselves into at present.

If we are to avoid even greater separation and division, human contact must surely start with touching our own hearts and minds. Only by our actions selflessly employed can we even begin to address something that reflects the potential of what we as humans are capable of creating.

It is never the lack of ability or tools. It is always the propensity of will we carry within to implement positive, progressive change from the same old. Our lives depend on it, our actions towards that goal will define the true message we need to practice.

Let us hope we develop enough wisdom to make it so.

No Real News To Report But Weather Armageddon Heading Our Way

In the UK it is a national pastime, allegedly.

In the world it is a natural part of the whole. In the eyes and minds of those ruling over us, it becomes a distraction technique of the most insidious, callous and easily utilised imaginable.

It is The Weather.

The mainstream media’s MO is producing what they term as ‘news’,  saccharine coated fully serviceable redirection, propagandised spouting talking heads specifically chosen to tow mainstream lines through every hour and day. Each broadcast concluding with a candy covered, feel good item leaving the listener/viewer with a feeling of being ‘informed empathically’, while indoctrinated incessantly.

This is The News.

Any divergence from this formula and stated/forced intent is labelled ‘foreign agent in the pay and assisting enemy powers’ interference with legitimate democratic national interest, domestic terrorism or just coined through the soundbitten, easily digestible put down and shut up descriptor –  FAKE NEWS

The obsession with the weather has been an inculcated ‘norm’ on the British population for decades. It has, like the state funded (via coerced, forcible, public consent) broadcasting corporation, the BBC, been made a cosy, warm feeling, propagated as an essential in the British way of life. Thrust down viewers and listeners throats and ears, it is raised as high as any national emblem, a sacred right ritualised every hour of every day for copious monthly and yearly hours. Beyond irritating for cognitively sane movers and thinkers it remains the mind numbing conditioning for all those bought and paid up to having their lives ‘controlled’ by others.

Corporate TV and radio in the States exponentially uses precisely the same mind controlling methodologies. Yet let us focus on the British, since to all intents and purposes, they have never let go the reins of colonial and empire past. Thus what is good for the empire goose is good for all colonial ganders.

If one is brave enough to endure even a short period of research watching/listening to the delivery of the weather message it becomes obvious it is wrapped in so much cotton wool and Pollyanna whitewash that it caresses our critical faculties, becoming a toxic stroke and wet fish clout passed off as essential information.

The British media, especially the BBC prides itself as being our “Auntie” of essential information. Yet the reality is this state broadcaster, government biased output in news and current affairs is as specious as ninety-eight percent of its content. Bleating cries of “We are an unbiased source” is on par with any red handed caught criminal crying “It was not me, guv. I’m innocent!”

Yet the weather addicted viewing public, trapped in their own myopic acceptance of such falsehoods, punctuated by incessant weather updates, refuse to believe they are being played like third world made Strads.

Weather changes all the time. That is its nature. Yet creating this natural occurrence to have its own soap opera presentation using all the pathetic tricks in the book of location placement, viewer grabbed images subsequently ‘owned’ into their huge copyright abusing libraries, so called sensational ‘breaking weather’ updates keeps the twenty four hour schedules replete with even greater and more pernicious bullshit continuing the mind numbing of audiences.

Mainstream ‘News’ is rarely anything of the sort. Controlled by a handful of self interest, operated as fiefdoms to the ruling elites the minute by minute controlled incarceration of information feeding is way more dreadful and insidious than Orwell could have ever imagined. His written warnings, in the shape of such tomes as 1984 could never have imagined the depth a dull sensed, ignorant and compliant public could be willingly led into.

The arrival of the Internet, alternative news outlets and sources has at least given opportunity for some balance and redress. The war on such journalism is witness as both to its threat and the vicious, totalitarian-driven and lunatic reaction in both methodology and substance.

Truly this WW3 we are constantly warned about is in full swing and is actually a Global War on the Mind. Hidden for a greater part, mendacious, lying, covert and overt it ramps itself up as a fully transparent leviathan for good, while in reality being its antithesis. Two constants in the armoury of the aggressors are The News and Weather. There are many more larger and smaller obvious and  less obvious weapons. Yet when it comes to control of our thought processes, the nurturing of our self created ‘comfort zones’ these two are up front, personal and  ‘in yer face’.

It is fascinating to notice how many alternative sources are devoid of weather updates unless it is actually impacting and essential to real news reporting, as in tsunamis, firestorms, hurricanes and the like.

What is certain is that it will rain, shine, wind and snow on us to some degree, at every point of today, tomorrow and beyond. What is highly disputable is whether we need saturating in its performance beyond normal awareness and taking precautionary measures. Yet until enough people shout “STFU with your BS” it will be a major artery in our collective control.

Under cover of distraction news and current affairs real news of unreported evil, wars, coercion, control and abuse of power are smoothly avoided. When such real news is reported in the alternative outlets it is lambasted as Fake News.

While the criminal is allowed to cry innocent when obviously parading his own transparent guilt, such dystopian times will continue. Only individual actions of rebellion and informed rejection and revolt can stem this cancer.

Highly Likely News, heavily targeted by the evil forces to be silenced refuses such aggression and will continue to bring you the other side and hopefully stir the juices of critical thinking into lubricating inner awareness and change.