BREAKING! President-Elect Shoeon Anyfoot Set To Be Inaugurated in USA

Exciting as these times are we at Highly Likely News are proud to bring huge news of new leaders, changing situations around the world and instantly created leaders where no leaders existed before.

In the USA utterly out of the blue the government of Fiji supported by the Kuril Islands, Kurdistan, a motley crew of Pacific Islands and the Republic of Tradonia has proposed and backed a totally unknown hobo, Shoeon Anyfoot as the new President elect of the Undisputed Super A*Hole (USA) entity. A vagrant of few vestments he will be traveling to Wisconsin as soon as he has taken a shower and had a good scrub, for a tutorial in investiture and Purposeful Presidency.

The Federal Reserve Bank, a privately owned foreign entity presently squatting in Washington DC and other squats around the Barko Mad States is said to have confiscated any provisions Shoeon Anyfoot was alleged to have resource to.

Across the pond we also have news coming in that the sparsely United Queendom has given orders for all 30 of the Special Security Forces promoted and aligned to the ill named Integrity Initiative, a wholly owned shared subsidiary of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Blackwater Military Supplies (BMS) are to be placed on full alert.

alertThe possibility of reciprocal action to place an unknown Welsh woman, Rhonda Bout through the door of 10 Downing Street as acting Premier has garnered vast support from a dulled and ever more exhausted population who have given both Sky News and the BBC a huge raspberry and thumbs down in their futile media promotion of an ever increasing stagnating pond of Brexit, now fully frozen over.

Rhonda, in an interview with HL News spoke of her excitement and elation at being allowed into the pantry of 10 Downing Street. She said:

“It will be at last my hour to produce Taffy cakes for the nation, where my greatest hero David Lloyd George never quite made that cut! If only Marie Antoinette had given the peasants Taffy cakes her head would still be on her decomposing body!”


Rhonda Bout

Rhonda, now in her eighties will be seen as the youngest Welsh national to invade England in a bloodless coup this side of Caernarfon.

In celebration the Welsh rugby team, before its Six Nations match against France this weekend will hold a minute or three rendering of Cwm Rhondda (Bread of Heaven) in support of sanity flowing into Westminster and a brave attempt at gaining ever more copious teary eyed followers.

Across La Manche (Channel to all English peasants) the French continue to bring their weekly tutorial in how to dump a useless, cockroach engorging, tax grabbing elitist schoolboy. His granny queen, the unnamed pusher from behind blonde Brigitte, was captured recently by HL News snappers garnering even more of a shoe collection as she stepped off her yacht in the unnamed German port of Bremen.macron-shoes

In Germany, almost on cue the Rothschild imposed daughter of a dodgy illicit affair is nearing the end of her reign of almost uneventful tenure. A  position threatened to be up for grabs by her handlers. This inverted coup by the para psychotic Kazarian group, long known to fiddle with every conceivably important world government, will shortly declare to the world its tenure as Shit Stirrers #1 vacated and available to the highest bidder.

Both Moscow and Beijing have wisely stayed on the sidelines watching a West eat itself silly as they and selected partners make preparations and huge resourced financial gain for a far saner and egalitarian world. Their economic gains in spite of Western sanctions are awakening a world beaten down through austerity that there is a better way forward for all once their own elected idiots are disposed of.

Futility and humour stand side by side as new laws currently on the statute books of all nations in demise await their final approval in outlawing humour. The engagement  in meaningful talks with futility is highly likey to quicken the collective demise of said participating nations of collective lunacy. A stunned multi cultural population, drifting along within their respective borders not knowing which side of their collective bed they should exit, remind the sane of rabbits in front of oncoming headlights.

All in all a round trip in normality is noted from this august independent media outlet to be doing what it does best – continue the absurd to the last breath of pointlessness.

OUR ADVICE: Invest in snowploughs, crypto comments and a light hearted toss given with little hope of return. Oh, and eat healthy!

Editor’s note: Comments made here are entirely exonerated and agreed by the Highly Likely Press Organisation. All images used are for educational and informational purposes only. 

Cancer The Killer That Keeps On Giving -To Big Pharma

The more dying of cancer the greater profits corporate Big Pharma and its allies make. Cancer and medical profiteering are probably greater than even the US Arms Industry profits. Cancer and medical exploitation of humanity is the big payoff for a most evil criminal class on this earth.

I would like to state primarily, I am the first one to cheer on and wish human beings able as soon as possible to conquer the ills we have collectively created for ourselves and encouraged to proliferate. I wish we all can live healthy, long, fulfilling and creative lives. Yet this is not nor has it been the objective of those controlling us, our health and well being. Theirs is the sick greed, virulent profiteering and abuse of all the rest of us, camouflaged by a veneer of being the bringers of cures and championing the slaughter of all ills.

Do you suppose most of the money you are asked to donate towards beating cancer goes anywhere useful? I can definitively state the answer is YES! It goes into the deep useful pockets of avarice bound shareholders in the Pharma Industries, self interested profit creators, insurance companies and the medical profiteers who know damn well they would rather burn in hell than admit cancer is already a curable entity. The dribble going into useful research outcomes is pitifully small in the equation.

February 4th is upon us when you will witness another surge of the deluded good and great showing you how empathic and efficient they are in promoting profit for the elite few in the guise of curing cancer.
“We can beat cancer together!”
” Make cancer history!”

Two ridiculous tag lines giving the impression the cancer bloodsuckers are actually engaged in meaningful research. Yet even these tripe statements are enough to entice the blind, desperate public into once again stripping their assets in pursuit of a Ponzi scheme that has cure at the bottom of the list. Why cure when that would mean losing your cash cow?

This may seem cruel to all those who have been affected by cancer, personally or through friends and family and it certainly is a cruel, beyond a joke, reality. All that energy in endeavouring to subdue cancer and other trials through marathon, events bringing so many thousands to focus on solutions. Yet all that brilliant effort, that truly heartfelt engagement so often merely perpetuates the myth without meaningful results.

First of all I would like to state that dealing with a playing field stacked from the outset against the desire to find a cure flies in the face of what medicine and doctors’ care was all meant to be about.

Medical tendency has over the many decades been about profiteering with the lesser but meaningful achievement in  breakthrough discoveries allowed to dim the ogre of deaths. So many independent discoveries have, when found to advance the science of medicine, been either thrown out, had their patents bought up and disappeared alongside their inventors or notice of their sudden self suiciding. Unless it is owned and profited from by the few it will not pass in any meaningful and definitive fashion. That is the naked truth, no matter how it is dressed.

If there have been that many worthwhile breakthroughs why the hell are so many prescribed drugs to their eyeballs, made dependent on their daily ‘fixes’ and bottom line kept sick anyway? It is not because suddenly fate designates their illnesses. Hereditary tendencies may be responsible for some, unwarranted causes for others –  however the majority are stricken by the prescription we are served as life, efficiency, ease and freedom.

So many illnesses and conditions we find people suffering from today are the result of a sordid, polluted mix of air, water, environment, technology and food. We are being poisoned to die, to be compliant, to become useless mentally in fighting these great travesties. The relative few who are wised up to all of this greater picture make sure they expose themselves to as little as is humanly possible. Yet even they do not always escape the results.

The belief that the industry has our best interest at heart is so naive as to be not even worth discussing. I shall just lay this at your awareness door. When the inventor of the now named MRI scanner, in the nineteen eighties came out with his invention it had damn little to do with what it does now. It was a machine using vibrational resonance balancing, equalising the human and natural resonances with a Hertz Earth resonance. This balancing was found to heal successfully a host of maladies and dis-ease. It seemed miraculous but in reality it merely balanced what was available to us everywhere.  I remember to this day how his invention was lauded and applauded in colour supplement articles and images describing how it all worked,  in the UK press – a press still relatively untrammelled by Big Corps and special interests.

It disappeared pretty damn fast and only reappeared in its present manifestation as a watered down, neutered and pale impression of what it originally heralded. This alone would have begun an end for the cancer tumours, as well as diseases afflicting a large part of the global population. Yet because it would threaten too much profit and herds of cash cows, it was neutralised.

There are too many tales of great inventions being ‘disappeared’ and so often their creators with them. Research and find many instances, they are out there still. Beware though, as in this strongly challenged field there are many snake oil salesmen, who encouraged by the profiteers, will create all sorts of monstrosities a craving, frightened public is only too eager to believe in and lap up. Discrimination is all.

Death comes to us all. It is as certain and proven as anything in our lives. Yet to play with it, profit from the fear of it is what the virulent few are all about. Psychopathic greed mongers could give not one shite for human life, unless it rolls a profit and power over masses. It is never money that has instigated health, it is mindset, wisdom, integrity and a desire for all people to be well. Money has always been there to achieve these aims, the will and consent of those monied has mostly been absent.

Many if not most of the charities masquerading as benevolent are merely tentacles of the money grabbers. There are so many within the medical industry, around those raising profiles of cancer and allied contributors who with their whole heart are as empathic and beautifully compassionate as any could possibly be. They would be the first to say how much progress is being made in their side of things. They would refute what is written here as heartless journalism, yet for them a cure is possible, is on its way and money is not the driver to keep people sick. Part of that is true. Part is not and other parts are so hidden as to shadow a reality as the travesty perpetrates ever deeper.

The difficulty we have in showing up the killing machine that is wireless technology is huge. The horrors of 5G about to roll out globally are horrors that will only reveal themselves once the gullible innocent die in greater and greater multitudes. Once the cancerous effects are shown to increase. These things are happening now as the campaign to demean these truths is ongoing.

Personally I was part of a small but independently professional group in the nineteen nineties that endeavoured to bring these facts to a public yet to be totally consumed in the technological wonder world of microwave technology. Even then we were abused, brow beaten and dismissed. Yet today the so called science industry admits all we said then is now shown to be true. Such a sad loss of time, knowledge and potential prevention.

EMFs, microwave technology was known in the fifties to be killing British troops in the field. That is why the military handed back the wavelengths they were operating with to the government. They in turn then sold it on to be used in a nascent telephony industry that is today our handheld nightmares and wireless poisoned smart meters, smart this and smart that.

Nature has in her cabinet every solution to every disease known to mankind. Why else are the corporates endeavouring to patent Nature’s storehouse for their own profit? Why do you suppose the illegal cannabis industry is now being synthesised, legalised by the very corporate criminals who at last see their profit margins increasing as they guide the law in their favour? So many elements of the cannabis plant are beneficial to human well being and I am not just referring to the uplifting spliff, a minute part of a healing healthy whole.

The medical industry is so rampant and owned by those with no sense of a Hippocratic code, it finds itself easy to traipse out lies, obfuscations and veils covering up truth.

Chemotherapy is proven to be a killer for so many. The occasional sufferer it can help but only in very narrow parameters. Invasive technology is more akin to medieval torture. Yet natural plants fast disappearing in indigenous forests and habitats are becoming more distant from our discovering them as they die through human ignorance and invasion.

The surgeon’s knife is, when used with knowledge and precision, a creator of miracles. Yet so often great men and women whose whole lives are devoted to the betterment of their fellows are restricted, denied and made blind to the potential for cure, health and rejuvenation.

Next time you are tempted to give the corporations and charities your money in the hope of cures and a better world, think long and hard and research where perhaps that money can be far better utilised. It demands a lot of thought, a better comprehension of the twisted world we live in but for all the evil intent out there there are far more individuals, groups and endeavours who truly have the best outcome for us all at the centre of their hearts. Find them, support them and then we may be able to gradually starve the greed mongers of their illicit and illegal trade in the rest of us!

It’s A Numbers Game for Evil Intent

When such anniversaries as Holocaust Memorial Day are proposed and foisted as our learning yard stick, it is right we all must do our utmost to make sure these horrors are not perpetrated on humankind again. Yet to make sure we focus on just one  horror as the premier be all and end all of horror holocausts creates a dubious and raucous air verging on insidious manipulation.
I find this constant drone of ‘look at this horrendous event as the living breathing proof of evil incarnate’ becoming more and more transparent as a perpetual mind game conditioning generations into believing one relatively small set of characters become the most put upon people in history. Challenging this assumption places myself and many others as a rogues gallery of racists and the good ol’ worn out charge of anti semites. That this is so far from the truth from a personal perspective becomes overridden roughshod by a tired narrative as full of holes as any common sieve.

Being told to believe one particular evil has to be the only evil to focus on allows a dystopian world where only certain self serving evils are tolerated, committed for the greater good and so often for ‘freedumandemokracy’. All others become mere mosquito bites on the atrocity scale for humanity. Over my long life I have watched as this narrative has gained ascendency, become a holy commandment and been the causus belli for all sorts of equal and greater horrors perpetuated.

The hollow phrase of “We must never allow this to happen again and must all learn from history” becomes a clanging bell of vacuity as all around we are shown the very proponents of that shallow imprecation, broken, forgetten and foregone. Inconvenient historical facts obliterated and erased.

In our collective shame we buy into this like so much of the propaganda we swim in today. I am appalled at how easy it is for otherwise sane people to trot off,  support conditions created by one small set of people while in the next breath they decry other peoples, countries and regimes for what they selectively support. Double standards run riot through the normal  scale. Far greater genocides and evil extinctions  are taken off the table, out of sight and mind as their presence, past and present, become inconvenient to an ongoing narrative.

The narrative is very, very specific. It demands adherence to a thought form acknowledging persecution of a minority as the benchmark of guilt and everlasting remembrance from the rest of us.

What happened in the Second World War was humanity at its terrible. Not only those acts perpetrated by the Nazis but also the horrors perpetrated by the Allies. The ownership of genocide in Dresden, deliberate starvation and death brought upon the losers, the utterly unnecessary, from an attritional point of view, nuclear bombing of the Japanese population and much more are varnished, scrubbed and labelled as war necessities.

Today we have witnessed an ever increasing host of slaughter and genocide that far outstrips the real numbers of the German holocaust. Saying that undoubtedly will incur the ire of those proselytising the sacred number, accusing me of heresy.

Daily we witness those who bleat their very special case, perpetrate injustice and criminal action on others they stigmatise as one of them describes as ‘no better and less than animals’. We see the specious, vacuous and downright evil of their own concreted rightness displayed in arrogance of the most abject absurdity.
Over the years I began to recognise the ‘trick’ being played on us all. For those who pride themselves with a critical mind it is only right and proper to stand up, face facts, question legitimacy and call out this virulent cant. When such questioning becomes a crime it is obvious to many the perpetrators of these insidious mind games will go the full distance to ostracise , obstruct and persecute all truth other than their own spurious, fabled version. Their crimes, their stories have been manipulated from the word go, let no one be fooled.

Many who have been caught up in these horrors have had perpetrated on their rightful sufferings an overarching wrong.

It’s a numbers game for a very good reason. Numbers can be used to establish a plot, a disfigurement in seemingly absolute proportions. They are able to easily and swiftly embed a narrative in their vastness, so often blinding us all from any actuality. That very numbers game however can equally be outed and shown to be the fabrication it was designed to be by time and history itself.

What do I mean by that?


Way back before The Holocaust was proclaimed to become the benchmark stigmata upholding a narrative of absolute control, the numbers associated with it were already in wide circulation for many decades before. Each time they were used to illustrate the subjugation of a minority, whose history has been overpainted as historical sufferers. Each time they were thrown into the written word, broadcast propaganda stipulating how decisive and evil was the travesty endured – their message became embedded. All questioning of these uses would be leaped upon like a wolf on its prey. No argument or alternative interpretation is allowed.

I look back through history, the true history, not that of the victors and it becomes apparent perpetration of cruelty, subjugation and genocide has been the hallmark of those calling themselves civilised.
To constantly repeat and adhere to a number in order to indoctrinate a narrative is crass in any sane assessment. That it is and has been challenged and publicly ‘written down‘ from its misinterpreted math is targeted as criminal. To suggest this sacred figure was erroneous not only challenges a manipulation but also destroys a mentally embedded construct lying at the centre of fallacies we are asked to believe.
No one is in any doubt evil acts were perpetrated, no one can and should deny any criminal acts in war. What has to be questioned is why the sacrosanct, absolute has any right not to be questioned, discussed alongside so many other ‘facts’ presented as our true history.
The world becomes a better, more intelligent and properly informed when people question more. To demand the exclusion of this process with certain events must raise the question:  “Why, what and for whose gain?”
Such pronouncements make an agenda more likely, and not a benign one at that.  Like a wounded predator the ‘victims‘ lash out endeavouring to expunge all and any criticism of divergent storylines. All the while they demand their own continued perpetration of illegality foisted on others to be ignored.
I would like to feel at this time of anniversary that we must include without exception the many perpetrations of inhumanity inflicted by us on humanity. Equal relevance cannot afford to be whitewashed, lessened or expunged.
Am I asked to believe one specific evil holds greater import than any other? Because if so then the demand for such nonsensical ‘specialness’ reminds me of those immortal words:
If you wish to know who rules over you then look to those disallowing any criticism or questioning of their actions

Let me leave you with a non exhaustive list of holocausts, genocides and inhumanity having taken place prior to and after the events during the Second World War. I am certain many more can be added, yet it is instructive to remind ourselves of the far less mentioned or scrutinised others at moments such as these:

Nazi exterminations
American Indians
Kazakh genocide
Albigensian Crusade

Irish genocide
Indian Famine instigated by Britain
East Timor
Soviet Gulag atrocities

Definition of holocaust – destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire or nuclear war.

Definition of genocide – the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group

Rome Burns Even as the Fiddlers Play Out Of Tune

The Northern Hemisphere is riddled in snow. The Southern Hemisphere bakes its bones. Climate changes constantly, irrationally for those not attuned to facts. Nature is blamed, others are shamed, the real sufferers told it is their fault for buying into consumerism.

Those that rule over us dictate our rage. Insidious and more transparent methodology is levelled against the unwitting public to make them believe it is all their fault, their problem and their just desserts. Like rabbits in the oncoming headlights we freeze obeying the indoctrination we are powerless.

All the time the psychopaths, greed mongers and self serving crew of the Few bleed yet more resources, make-believe money and wealth from the life blood of our planet. Destruction is a means to an end not a violence to arrest.

The voice of the prophets and free thinkers is shouted down, silenced through mass targeting. Fake News, fake this and fake that  used as a blunt instrument to dull the sword of truth. Families turn on families, loved ones fall out of love through ignorance and blind adhesion to false premise. Division, the great weapon of subjugation is lanced into minds at every level and predilection.

Suffering becomes the go to joy of life. Self inflicted, purposefully owned through an incredulous belief in self guilt. Difference is shunned like a treason, then shamed as against the nature of being human. Mass acceptance of all sorts of sodomy, sexual predilection and bent is forcefully planted as politically correct. The belief that there is a black and white thought construct that is right leaving all other divergences from that thinking  outlawed runs rampant over society.

The human symphony has been whittled down to a mere handful of out of tune instruments playing a dirge so painful, so mournful it is promoted as Joy! The few conductors do so with one hand while their other is counting their coffers. It is filmed in such a way as to show only the conducting hand and the forced smiles of an audience so stunned into blankness it neither cares nor knows who it is or what they are listening and watching.

The question must be asked – Is this entity a.k.a. Humanity worth continuing with? – it would seem certain conditions have already decided that, yet mercifully have left out letting humanity know. As the cosmic conditions advance themselves as they have continued to do so through time immemorial no burning fires of human vanity and ignorance will ever be enough to staunch the inevitable.

It would seem the time is well overdue to make one’s peace within, to speak truth to the self and rejoice that emotional attachment is a mere frippery of transient thought. It is time to remind ourselves we are greater than the experiences we create for ourselves every moment. Now is the moment to open our arms, laugh at the ludicrous and welcome annihilation as and when it comes.

To believe we can change things is folly. Change has its own agenda and we as supposed stewards of the changelings have failed miserably. All we can do now is ride the change so far out of our control, stop endeavouring to sit in the driver’s seat and rest peacefully as a passenger. The price of such a ticket is humility, an embracing of our own magnificence and to engage in the view of wonders as they pass.

No Project Fear, no overarching Doom monger can ever invade the Inner Sanctum of the Infinite Soul. Be joyful and laugh at the rats as they leap from the burning armada. Harbour and the Deep Blue are two facets of the same destination so unbuckle and enjoy the ride!

If Our Children Are Our Future, Why Are We Snuffing It Out?

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It is said that our children are our future. The generations to come are the world to look forward to. Yet we seem determined to fail not only our children but our future.

As our world develops ever greater selfishness, ever more preoccupation with its own myopic self centre, our children become a mere adage of our hopes and aspirations.

We seem to have lost so much touch with what it is to be a steward of not only our own creations, our children, but on a greater canvas, our world and all that is therein. How is it we have become so self centred, so absorbed in our wants without truly recognising the needs of our children, their planet and generations so soon to carve out parameters defining the next several generations?

Addiction, self absorption and inward looking holds an evil veil over us, it covers so much that is essential and obvious. It blinds us to real necessities. It shuns true lessons we need to be imparting our children. Yet all the time we remain addicted – to the television, media and their preposterous lies, smart phones giving us so much more than information, feeding our toxic lifestyles. We career down avenues of blindingly obvious dead ends.

Habits are a part of life patterning. Bad habits are our excuse for embracing tentacles constituting the self comforts of life. Becoming comfortable is a disease so virulent it poisons every sensory  part of our lives to the point of terminal toxicity. Yet we continue to inject ourselves with such poisons.

On the political front these poisons are vaunted as values, as codes of ethics to live by while all the time becoming so unethical as to inject into our mainstream a death inducing silence in compliance. Words and actions distance themselves from each other like a bad smell to the nose.

We complain how unruly the children whilst missing completely their actions that merely reflect everything we have taught them, failed them and shown them by example how to become even greater animals in nature than sentient evolutionary beings.

You want truth? Look around, see the world you live in. Feel you are not responsible for what you see, experience and interact with? Then feel free to completely negate any truth passing your way. You and all of us are individually responsible for the world we create, interact with or participate in or try escape from. Any refusal to accept these facts is pure deadly denial.

Look at the drugged kids on the street, the homeless, the neglected, abused. Where was the charity, love and compassion as you tut tutted walking by? Where was the enquiry as to how things came to this pass? Why the fear that involvement might threaten your cosseted life if engaged? So many questions yet so few responses, merely reactions. This is how we avoid our own personal responsibility by deflecting it across to others. It must always, it seems, be someone else’s fault, responsibility, cause or problem.

Well let me enlighten you – it is not. It is ours. Until we engage fully with empathy, responsibility and the challenge of stopping and saying out loud – ” Enough is enough!” it will merely continue to become an even greater and greater travesty of  and in our human life.

“When care flies out of the window the soft bed of vulnerability exposes her nakedness to pure evil in the form of exploitation”

The object of this short article is not to point blame, to assign guilt it is to point out the bloody obvious. We have failed each other. We have dropped the baton that was meant to be passed on to the next generation. Most importantly we have failed ourselves.

Perhaps a place to begin is to stop assigning blame on anything other. Maybe we can take the next step to look at ourself, how we have allowed in our weakness the situation to arrive at where we are. Unless we can stop and say, “No, it is from here, right now, from myself that everything must begin to change” then we are doomed.

If that sounds hopeless, a reason to fling the arms up high in despair, then you still have not got the guts to admit it is you that can change things, it is you that must accept and handle personal responsibility in what has been perpetrated on you, by you and against you. Until you can operate from that starting point, then the same old, same old will penetrate and persist throughout every crevice of your life.

Being human has been designed to become the pinnacle of magnificence. To bring it down, God knows how many notches, merely diminishes and dissolves the gift of life to the point of dissolution.

Let’s not go there, eh?


Jonathan L. Trapman

Author and photographer writing since aged 9 and  photographer since aged 16. Beginning his professional career as a photojournalist, working for some of the top titles in Fleet Street among them the London Times, Daily Express and a very short and boring stint with the Sun newspaper., he became exposed to the amount of propaganda and half truths demanded from photo/journalists in the ‘70s and 80s. Deciding his soul was worth more than shekels earned from the news rooms of corporate cronyism, he went on to  become one of the industry’s foremost photographers. He enjoyed getting to know the world, its peoples and a far wider vision of life on earth on others’ behalf and at others’ expense. He has appeared on TV and radio including the BBC, France Inter and online radio. Invited to speak at creative and literary conferences across the globe, in early 2012, in partnership with his wife, having accomplished several translations of foreign writers they made the first ever English translation, in over 900 years, of 11th century Sufi founder and mystic saint Hoja Ahmed Yassawi’s Diwani Hikmet (Divine Wisdom) poetry and sacred verse. Currently he is working on a 7 volume opus The Freedom Cycle, Dreams and Realities being the first.


In Out and Shake It All About – More Eeyore than EU

In the UK we are in unprecedented territory, as they keep telling us.

The log jam of all log jams of Parliament is crippling us all in real time. Stagnation is the unrepeated word. Futility is rampant. Sense has disappeared. The perfect division of a nation having taken decades perfecting is upon us. Shouting matches between each camp with Leavers, Remainers and that utterly ignored camp –  those that Abstained.

If truth be told full square and central the vote was not a definitive LEAVE from the British people it was in approximate percentages thus:

Remain: 16,141,000
Leave   : 17,410,000
Abstain: 13,000,000

That so many abstained, which includes a minute 25K of spoiled or blank votes, usually a sign of defiance, makes the colour of the so called victory a very knife edged nuance. Not the absolute will of the British people. A fact we have been bludgeoned to believe is.

Filled with so many lies, obfuscations and slants to defame any opposition to the reality that this whole exercise was enabled to create chaos followed by even more draconian lock downs, illustrates the precise way the deep state/elite works to control a nation. The shining light in all this, by way of Labour’s desire to focus people on the travesty of austerity, poverty of the masses, inequality driven stake like into the heart of the nation has been the adamant and attempted crucifixion of sanity by slander, mendacity and outright hatred of the greater good and needs of the people.

Winnie the Pooh has been an iconic fable and children’s tale replete with  idealistic representation of a country wrapped in its very own security blanket, served as countryside English romanticism. Yet within it we have Eeyore, the ass of the fable utter educational insights well worthy of reminder.


On people:

“No brain at all, some of them [people], only grey fluff that’s blown into their heads by mistake, and they don’t think.”

Hysterical, repetitive rubbish repeated often enough creates in those of unused intelligence mantras  supporting their own rubbish rhetoric. The country has been moulded into both large and small groups of dimwits, who if furnished a decent education, support and encouragement could well have added to their CVs a large dose of critical thinking. However as we are all aware an educated, intelligent, self thinking population is the very enemy of State control necessary in maintaining compliance actively and vibrant.

Eeyore, even in his debased state of being recognises motive and action.

“How did you fall in, Eeyore?” asked Rabbit, as he dried him with Piglet’s handkerchief.
“I didn’t,” said Eeyore.
“But how–”
“I was BOUNCED,” said Eeyore.
“Oo,” said Roo excitedly, “did somebody push you?”
“Somebody BOUNCED me. I was just thinking by the side of the river–thinking, if any of you know what that means–when I received a loud BOUNCE.”
“Oh, Eeyore!” said everybody.
“Are you sure you didn’t slip?” asked Rabbit wisely.
“Of course I slipped. If you’re standing on the slippery bank of a river, and somebody BOUNCES you loudly from behind, you slip. What did you think I did?”

We have all been bounced  into this predicament by a vile, wily and scurrilous group of schemers whose self interests are as huge as their egos. Care for the majority zero and the whitewashing of compassion with warm words their decades old signature trade. The poverty of it is most people have bought it hook, line and sinker. That British phlegm and stiff upper lip has turned to bite us on the butt. We have shown the world what a sorry bunch of has- beens we ever were. Empire exposed for its mendacious, self serving rapaciousness of rape, pillage and imposition of servitude, dressed neatly as educating, uplifting the native from primitive life. What turns out to be primitive are their methods and actions. This empire never died, it merely transmuted itself into the hydra of dissonance we all are blasted and spout.

“I didn’t bounce, I coughed,” said Tigger crossly.
“Bouncy or coffy, it’s all the same at the bottom of the river.”


As we head all and sundry to the bottom, the main lifeboat is attacked from every side with the fear and warning it is a depth charge waiting to explode and sink us all. Such arrant denial of our dire predicament is as huge a lie as the porkies spun us throughout the campaign for Brexit. With a country so divided and the abstention voice silenced from the get go, people imagine we all had a choice. We did but not the one we thought we had. It was choice as revolver to the head – to pull the trigger ourselves or have it pulled for us.

In his self effacing way of self reflection Eeyore identifies traits etched as truth:

Eeyore, the old grey Donkey, stood by the side of the stream, and looked at himself in the water.
“Pathetic,” he said. “That’s what it is. Pathetic.”
He turned and walked slowly down the stream for twenty yards, splashed across it, and walked slowly back on the other side. Then he looked at himself in the water again.
“As I thought,” he said. “No better from this side. But nobody minds. Nobody cares. Pathetic, that’s what it is.”
There was a crackling noise in the bracken behind him, and out came Pooh.
“Good morning, Eeyore,” said Pooh.
“Good morning, Pooh Bear,” said Eeyore gloomily. “If it is a good morning,” he said. “Which I doubt,” said he.
“Why, what’s the matter?”
“Nothing, Pooh Bear, nothing. We can’t all, and some of us don’t. That’s all there is to it.”
“Can’t all what?” said Pooh, rubbing his nose.
“Gaiety. Song-and-dance. Here we go round the mulberry bush. …I’m not complaining, but there it is.”


That the good people of this country do not complain is a serious flaw in our collective mindset. Our cousins across the Channel (we were inseminated by the Conqueror’s hordes) know a pretty revolution when they create one. We would be wise to learn their flair for revolt as it is more and more obvious this is what is needed. The old sore that “We are British and don’t do it that way” is the poorest of poor indoctrinations we have seared into our furrowed minds.

“They’re funny things, Accidents. You never have them till you’re having them.”

The sadness is that this ‘accident’ is entirely of our own making yet most are clueless as to this truth. So easy, far better to follow our leaders’ example and blame someone else, some other circumstance we had little or no say in. Such crass ignorance and denial deserves the full force of consequences we have ourselves taken us into, with no mercy, so we can learn from the pain and suffering we have drawn to ourselves.

Suffering is life’s gift to each and everyone of us. While we do not learn and embrace this  reality we just suffer ever more.

As Eeyore so effectively says and so poignant to us English who have created a god of it….

“Don’t blame me if it rains.”


Jonathan L. Trapman

Author and photographer writing since aged 9 and  photographer since aged 16. Beginning his professional career as a photojournalist, working for some of the top titles in Fleet Street among them the London Times, Daily Express and a very short and boring stint with the Sun newspaper., he became exposed to the amount of propaganda and half truths demanded from photo/journalists in the ‘70s and 80s. Deciding his soul was worth more than shekels earned from the news rooms of corporate cronyism, he went on to  become one of the industry’s foremost photographers. He enjoyed getting to know the world, its peoples and a far wider vision of life on earth on others’ behalf and at others’ expense. He has appeared on TV and radio including the BBC, France Inter and online radio. Invited to speak at creative and literary conferences across the globe, in early 2012, in partnership with his wife, having accomplished several translations of foreign writers they made the first ever English translation, in over 900 years, of 11th century Sufi founder and mystic saint Hoja Ahmed Yassawi’s Diwani Hikmet (Divine Wisdom) poetry and sacred verse. Currently he is working on a 7 volume opus The Freedom Cycle, Dreams and Realities being the first.


The Choice – Falling into The Vortex of A Dying Empire or Escaping via Truth

Sampling the vagaries and full/empty seated House of Commons over the past few weeks (excepting the Festive holidays) it portrays a rabble of raucous out of control adolescents. Occasionally interrupted by an elder statesman or two, both rare commodities, it portrays the British system of so called democracy more floored than on the ropes.

We witness a government, the Tories, right wing self serving bastards pretty much all, who care not one fig for the public they are supposedly representing. Across the Channel there is an assumptive Emperor-in-wanting discarding his public as if they are mere irritant mosquitos needing a good swatting. His disdain will advance the guillotine quicker than you could say Jaques Gelée.

Then further afield we are shown a comedy-cum-circus act of such dismal proportions crowing and beating its chest telling all and sundry – We are the Greatest. Muhammad Ali would have loads to say and it would have been in the most viciously truth telling way only he knew how to deliver.

The mud of Flanders field equally seems to have been transported, hopefully by French farmers’ tractors to the halls of Brussels’ EU parliament alongside the chatterbox twin, with effluent being sprayed all over, in Strasbourg for good measure.

The end of Empire is and always has been shown to be a very self centred, messy and vile looking thing. When the claws of the antagonists refuse to let go of their self created powers, it usually ends up with the people, traduced, taking final action. In the present day case this has been like watching paint dry. The retarded nature of the frazzled minds and actions of the general population has today been exacerbated through the careful use and manipulation of technology. Primarily the abuse of communication tools, amusement apps and the whole rigmarole around pleasure giving conveniences portrayed in the handheld wonders fed us all as choice and information.

The last vestiges of our sentient brains and mind processes have been dumbed down, fractured to such an extent as to make most people impotent of and indolent to the consequences of their apathy.

Brexit was and has always been prepared as a vast tool of distraction and disinformation so great as to befuddle the best of us. The lies, specious tales and outright porkies flung through the rolling presses and screens in our face have numbed any cogent thinking. It has addled, through a continual process starting well before the birth of Brexit, our ability to stand up straight, protest in any meaningful and coordinated way. It has allowed us all to be traduced through arguments that downright lie. The little truth in each argument is enough for the small cells still functioning in the populace to believe the whole is true.

That is how propaganda in any form works.

The French people have the right idea and have previous in the revolutionary stakes. We also have but have forgotten or been fed a traduced history lesson. Oliver Cromwell headed up our people’s revolution. He was a smart cookie. His Commonwealth was built on the common citizen, common law and order that brought most people to his side. A head or two rolling may well have inspired the French a century or so later. Though head chopping was a week;y event in most countries and a good frightener for many.

So where this world is heading is anyone’s guess with the odds about as good as the lottery win. One thing is far more certain. The press barons, all six of them, need chopping down instead of the trees they slaughter for the shite published. I feel deep sorrow for those trees sacrificed for such banality, excremental column inches and lies.

How you stimulate a public so blinded from reality becomes more beyond me each day we suffer in ignorance. Those telling far greater truths are shunned as the conspirators peddling lies. Then there are all those vanguards of otherwise ‘nice’ people convinced their belief in authority, media and what they ingest to be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, even if they admit they believe nothing of what they read or watch. That in itself shows the vastness of the divide between sanity and lunacy. Einstein was so right when he said doing the same old thing again and again hoping for better and different outcomes is the definition of madness.

I often hear people say “I don’t believe politicians, I don’t believe most anything I hear” – yet when you look at what they spout, think and their actions these people are precisely following what they have heard and ingested. A great rule of thumb can be –  when you hear a politician or person of alleged importance  open their mouths turn it into the complete opposite of what they say and that becomes a very good barometer as to where they are coming from, what their real intentions are and what is in the pipeline or has already happened. It can be most revealing. However the temptation to fall back into the comfy armchair of cognitive dissonance is great for those who rarely use their brain cells. Therein lies our greatest challenge.

As long as people chose the path of least resistance – that of backing off, not getting involved, reneging their responsibility as a part of the whole mess – we shall be sinking ever deeper into the Slough of Despond. The awakening when an individual is directly impacted will be harder and more painful than any would possibly imagine. Rather than deny, obfuscate or plain rescind responsibility, it would be better for one and all to pay attention, stand up and say “F*** this for a game of soldiers I am not taking any more!”

As hope is the last thing to die, I hope enough will.

Those who believe Jeremy Corbyn is utterly unsuitable for power, have been swallowed by the incessant incantations of fear those who truly fear his turn, gag on. He or any other who may hold a ray of hope is and can never be the answer. Yet his compassion, comprehension, empathy and understanding he holds for the people is precisely what is needed today more than ever. He will not break the economy. It is broken beyond repair at the moment through decades of misappropriation. He will however be able to set in motion not only a pathway, bitter though it may be, out of the crass abuse and failure we the people have been inured into. He will also begin the process of lifting a downtrodden people into a modicum of self respect and community so sorely lacking for so long. There will be others who will help set in motion reform of the whole political landscape. It will not be a walk in the park, however if people truly wish for change, a fair balanced society on all levels it has to start with something so different as to make a difference.

Anyone believing there to be a better counterweight in the present electoral process is sorely misguided. We are not yet in any position to have formed a National Government. Far less do we wish to maintain the destructive elements making up the present state terrorists raping, pillaging and abusing our people.

Again it is a choice we individually have and will have to make. Copping out is a choice. Same old, same old is a choice. If that path suits then you deserve all the opprobrium and disaster heading your way. Action must be the gear change for change. Sitting on the computer, twiddling digits on Twitter and absorbing yourself into the latest soap or reality show is a truly coward’s way, the quisling’s compliance. It will never bring the change you wish for.

This voice may be a cry in the wilderness and it certainly will not change anything much unless there are many others who equally hold truth, legitimacy and integrity high. Sacrifice is a sacred act – thus the word. Making sacrifices for greater good is a most selfless action. That many people refuse to sacrifice their precious overlong worn out baggage of thoughts and repetitive actions and inactions is endemic as to why the slow process change looks so negligible.

We the people are many, they the oppressors are few. Do you still believe you’re as helpless and incapacitated as they daily tell you? If so, stop that lie dead! The greatest enemy, and they know that better than anything else facing them, is that the people are their real enemy, their true nemesis and so they spend every effort they muster to ingrain impotency bollocks into our minds and belief systems.

Break out, break free and face them full square and centre and shout – “Enough is Enough” Far better than the meaningless slogan Brexit means Brexit, is it not?

End note: In or out is not the answer and never ought to have been, as the real question was never put to the people. Do not continue to rant each other with the In/Out distraction. The answer is never found in the past or in revitalising dead ducks.

The real question is – how much longer do you wish to be subsumed and held in bondage by systems and small elites who have zilch interest in your well being, yet will always reinvent ways to control, use and abuse you? Your humanity is at its most perilous. That ought to flag up a modicum of self interest. They’ll feed you their fear programs yet all the while allow the truly horrifying reality of their true intentions form and concrete silently and surely around your body and soul. Until you awaken to reality you will never see it coming until it finally covers your eyes for good.

Do not accept that, ever!

Signs and Portents – Fearsome Guide to Life

Before an earthquake or major natural calamity you will see creatures fleeing well before the event. Natural instinct picks up strange and variable energies that alert the fauna to eminent disaster and danger.

We humans, so ensconced in our reliance on technology, lackadaisical attitudes towards imminent danger unobserved usually suffer the consequences of resultant events. These do take place in the natural world around us as with earthquakes, floods and war, yet when it comes to our own environment, our relationships, community or an individual’s actions and their outcomes we so often are blindsided, taken by utter surprise and again suffer the ensuing consequences.

Technology endeavours hard to solve the seeming irresolvable. We expect solutions to be invented, created out of necessity and most often look to others to accomplish these feats. That may be practical in many cases however denying our own resolving tools is folly at best.

Within each of us we have such repositories to draw on that can chart the progression of such events thus mitigating the oft felt calamity on us and those around us.

It is very hard to make someone hear who wishes to remain deaf to a proposal. It is nigh impossible to persuade another who staunchly sticks their head in the sand and refuses all outside advice and help. These end up being veritable lost causes, frustrating as that may be.

However each of us is gifted with insight. Insight needs respect of the highest order. It needs clarity gained through acknowledging it and demands determined work out to develop its sharpest features. A tool left in the potting shed to be ravaged by the damp and cold will never be brought out burnished. Likewise our intuition so often neglected and given little due as to its worth needs polishing.

One visceral part of intuition, a helper if you will is the ever present signs and portents flying around us through such a multiplicity of avenues it can sometimes be bewildering. It is in honing our intuitive faculties through observation, critical thought and an ever present desire to question more that enables us to decipher signs and portents offered.

For many these two aids look as if they ought to be left in the entrails and mythic past where we are told they had their day. Foolish is the one who would believe these misguided advices. While all around us they show themselves in event presenting metaphors for life we ignore them at our peril, especially believing science can unravel for us what determined work on ourself would otherwise accomplish.

Nothing is ever a straight line, yet straight lines are part of the journey. Nothing is ever black and white, yet these two tonal areas are part of the whole. The spectrum of things is by its nature and design a map of full coverage in the visible and tangible parts.

What exists in the intangible, the unseen, the far too refined parts is anyone’s guess. Just because we cannot see it, does not negate its existence. What it does demand is our trust and faith that what we know, see, feel and experience is merely scratching a surface that contains far more depth and breadth than we could imagine. That in itself should be enough to blow our minds.

Why it may not is the result of our awe and wonder having been beaten out of us through frivolity, acceptance of superficiality and rank ignorance of the vastness of our individual and collective potential. We have allowed ourselves to be driven, like a nail, into the coffin of our self inflicted shortsightedness and smallness. This sort of neutering leads to mass extinction yet is never inevitable if we are open to learning about ourselves in a far more meaningful and passionate way.

The path is fearsome, in a positive awe inspiring sense of the word. We are adept at scaring ourselves shitless – we do it on a daily basis and allow others to feed our fears by the minute. This is our greatest enemy when it comes to wishing to develop our intuitive potency. It is what blocks our vision both inner and outer to the signs and portents that line the road we travel. They become the essential billboards advertising the potential ahead for success or failure.

Signs and portents are our guides, if we but knew it or accepted them as such, yet they need us to be willing to dig deep into ourselves and clear the dross of false belief, baggage preventing our vision seeing clearly and anything that would prevent us being objectively able to appraise information before us. It is this for many that makes them discard all this as itchy witchy nonsense. But as previously stated retraining a fool is as hard  as Sisyphus rolling his rock uphill for it to roll back down again and again.

The self serving fools who pretend to govern over us exude a power and control most accept as the right of the job, rarely questioning the sanity of what is demonstrated. Ego maniacs, psychopaths and all who abuse their power and position inevitably create actions spurring reactions leading to disasters, suffering and eventually their own demise. Wherever it may come from nature very often through utilising human interaction on whatever level delivers warnings, prohibitions and insights as to future results. In a way that much science happily kicks into the long grass while they hold no solution within their parameters of documentation, human and natural forces are so intricately entwined as to flag up when the human part goes against the grain and interdependence of such a relationship. When we push our arrogance to playing god within the natural arena, the discord created holds dire consequences. Arrogance and stupidity blind us from such consequences until only when the outcomes hit us full on do we begin to question whether our approach could be more sympathetic to the whole.

This article was spurred by witnessing a small island in the Maldives combusting, destroying the whole eco built paradise retreat for the rich and well heeled. As of writing there is little or no loss of life thankfully, yet the metaphor in the signs presented is of this sort of exclusive life style being as impertinent and able to be destroyed in an instant as anything.

There are far more obvious and telling signs and portents witnessed. The Grenfell Tower disaster, so man made, so fuelled by self serving greed and disdain for those far more deprived issued a stark and unequivocal reminder of our polarised society between the haves and have nots. These signs screamingly obvious to even those half asleep have yet to be taken on board and become a positive litmus test for deep problems boiling up like puss under the skin. Ignoring such signs build to create massive counter reactions.

As much as our abuse of our environment is a major disaster already in full throttle, we are forced to accept at it as ultimate cause of so many of our woes. Yet to contextualise it into a cycle as long and as natural as the earth itself might allow us to realise it is being used as a rod to beat us with far more than a carrot to lead us through the darkness of ignorance. That more is not addressed in this area is down to lack of foresight, desire to care for others born and unborn and sheer bloody selfish ways. We give away our power as if it was not ours to hold in the first place. Selfish wants supersede selfless need at every level of action and interaction. Cultivating blame, dividing each against the other are classic redirection tools avoiding the realities we share and face.

Why does it always have to reach a point where the creatures we are supposedly meant to steward  and care for wash up with more plastic inside them on our shores than food in their bellies? Even these signs and portents of our imminent extinction are brushed aside at this eleventh hour and a half as merely results of a poverty of invention.

An intuitive can feel, sense imbalance, developing sickness yet if that is overridden by staunch disbelief in the numinous and inner rather than accepting insight as part of the proactive measures to realign, it falls impotent on rocky ground. Intransigence and unwillingness to explore the inner as well as outer is a killer for anything approaching intuition and natural alertness.

Today is so filled with the noise of distraction, interference with natural resonance that it can be tricky to negotiate. We are brilliant at telling ourselves the things we cannot do, yet rarely decide on the can do path which always reveals what we can.

Belief in self, grounded in solid practice and practicality, determination linked to respect for our environment are solid foundations. Listening within and without for subtle change and direction, honouring space with as little interference from technology all leads to the development of heightened awareness. When we begin to feel as alert and receptive to our surroundings as the hare and antelope then we have opened a door that will only close when we fall back into dullness and stupor.

Synchronicity and happenstance are both instruments to be highly respected. That science may not place heavy weight on them is science’s loss. If we allow ourselves to open to the possibility and potential revealing itself to us through ways and means we had previously no idea of then this is one good sign that we are inviting intuition to take its rightful front seat in our lives. The rewards will always surprise yet will have been well earned and as natural as the air we breathe.

A Fairy Tale for 2019


A long, long time ago in a land far from trouble and strife there lived and ruled a rich king and his fair queen. Their offspring, one girl, one boy and three others of assorted gender who had absolutely nothing better to do than complain their gender differences mattered in the kingdom, all bickered and quarrelled with each other as had their father and rich king enshrined in their very privileged minds.

Their exceptionalism, the descriptor having been bestowed on them at birth by their king, allowed them to feel exceptionally aloof from the hoi polloi populating so much of the rest of the kingdom. It was so estranging, so total that even they with their privileges were encouraged daily to go into the public square and encourage the people to think likewise – exceptionally. After many decades it was soon abundantly clear their daily seeding of such thoughts brought about an exceptional degree of arrogance, assumption of greatness, prosperity, number oneism and general belief in their own creation. In their imagined fullness they totally missed out on the reality of things as they are.

Throughout the rest of the world, not contained within the king’s kingdom, a manifest realisation led to a globally echoed line now infamously burned into history.

There is something rotten in the State of Exceptionalia“.

Its repetition produced not fear but hilarity as those outside saw those inside the kingdom riding on the crest of their imagined wave oozing such pompous proportions they had no chance to perceive the tsunami of hubris racing up to meet them. While many in the rest of the world lived in abject poverty due to a trade embargo by the King’s men and staunching of the reserves of financial command , the people of Exceptionalia believed they lived The Dream. They felt so privileged to be living off the fruits of the land where freedom as the key progenitor equipped them to express their divine right as exceptionals into every orifice of life, land and liberty. That this was truly an illusion passed them by.

At times, well truth be told, all the time, they found themselves out there in the wider world bagging yet more rich resources or staging posts for expansion in an ill thought out, messy and collaterally devastating way. This as it happens meant nothing in the order of chaos sown. Chaos seemed to work so well for them they continued as they only knew fit, with bombs, decimation and distain. Back home the people, now fixated on their distractions freely offered and exceptionally available cared not one infant death as long as they had their toys. When doubt did sow its heady ointments into the still liquid minds of mostly Western state populace, the King’s eldest boy met with his psychopathic school mates from Cuckoonalia and created internal mayhem in the form of what became quaintly named false flag attacks. These involved often active shooters in schools, malls and anywhere the television ‘copters and cameras could reach in under three minutes. Always it had the effect of shutting up the nay sayers and doubters. Most never realised how many passports found at crime scenes, how many incantations to a foreign and strange god uttered moments before annihilation or membership to a rifle organisation indicated a thoroughly set piece set up delivered.

Such quiescence suited all especially the King and his men and erstwhile, cow towing women. In spite of ludicrous mini sub groups of the disenfranchised and disaffected of many colours crying foul and a rise in political correctness on a nano cosmic scale, the king’s lesser bred brood never really suffered any serious attention. Liberals, as they were laughingly referred to tried to fuel the bandwagon, but we all know a three wheeled bandwagon never really makes any appreciable distance.

As more and more adventures were made into and around the world outside the kingdom, it became apparent even to the lowly goat herders on the plains of far off lands and the river folk along the water arteries of the lands where dragons lived that something was so out of kilter, action was needed. The blood and treasure of the king’s men and hirsute women never really amounted to much even in their deathly throes, so any returning were cast onto a pit outside the royal domain where their grovelling and bemoaning their lot was taken up, recorded and turned into a sensational hit of the year in the Misery Moments, an overtly popular TV reality show fed the masses.

The fly in the ointment of global healing was as always a small sliver of land in the middle kingdoms where previously ancient territorial rights had been usurped, under false pretence and occupied by the most evil and rapacious liars, murderers and bigoted beasts. These creatures dressed themselves in a panoply of inured suffering at the hands of everyone else. This had worked for many years as cover for an unrighteous rightness and special privilege. It gained them places in the high offices of everywhere under sufferance of guilt imposed on the put upon parties. In the Kingdom, their success with this policy of attainment had been the literal crowning jewel in their achievements.

As much as the King of Exceptionalia was rich it was in no small part due to the deals he had struck with the upstart state of Cuckoonalia, as this Middle Kingdom was known.

Its name grafted onto it by dint of its ability to enter any place it wished to settle and cast out or subjugate the rightful brood whose nest it had been. These criminal cabals of ghastliness oozed into every artery of governance. Their storm troopers of guile were sent to train so many around the world in the craft of deception, cruelty and total lack of tolerance and empathy.

Their crown jewel, its King and the various arms of state became a unity for evil intention. As the stakes were raised, the ridicule becoming even more ridiculous, the mutterings from around an outside world became the strength of vocal disdain and dismissal toward the overarching Kingdom of Exceptionalia.

Out of the North East and Far East the twin beasts of ancient times awoke from a long slumber of millennia. The Great Bear and the Red Dragon stretched in the dawning, extended influence and sanity and stood in the way of a King whose powers had exceeded even his exceptional vision. No thanks to his lieutenants, his cohorts of secretive black organisations and other useful idiots, his power was met full frontal and with little opportunity to debase it.

Along with his friends in Cuckoonalia and anyone else too dim to see the inevitable outcome, he boasted about the greatness of all he had under him. The Bear mightily unimpressed, laughed and distanced himself from the inevitable implosion. The Dragon stood aside, silently observing, with assistance of so many eras of foresight and awaited the inevitable, life saving preparations for the changes ahead.

It was the disappearance into the dust of vanity of his three gender uncertain progeny that amusingly brought the King’s attention to the fact that not everything was fine and dandy in the land. His acolytes, self serving pedophile hangers on and mega rich supporters scurried off the sinking ship to be greeted by a mega tsunami of wised up savvy types who not only exposed this wretched motley crew but encouraged disparate bands of well armed revengers to cut their bodily functions off one by one.

Little was heard by way of cries for leniency. Such evil deserved exorcism in the most expedient manner.

As the King faced ultimate derision, alongside the utter dilution of a former military might funded by graft and guile, the Great Bear alongside its protected family of well cared for peoples finally showed its might. The Red Dragon, whose expertise in copying the best of the rest had amplified into an Eastern art form of incredible beauty and showed its true centuries old magnificence.

The clatter of plastic breaking along the length and breadth of the Kingdom of Exceptionalia could be heard across the globe.

Mutterings of discontent were stammered out in a lonely isle at sea, alone in the drifting Northern Floes. Tepid draught was drunk, lukewarm waters taken to assuage a misery of lost empires and ridiculed greatness on par with their exceptional cousins across the waters.

To the east a continent of squabbling natives never truly integrated, nor showing anything akin to backbone swiftly drowned in its own mess of potage it had tried so hard to implement union.

The only saving grace from both these also rans was their populace who rightly, vigorously and viciously exposed and dealt with the swine of Cuckoonalians among them. This exposure brought a veritable vengeance that for millennia would become source of many a fable forked out for children nestling in the laps of parents and elders, who in turn encouraged them never to support such deceptions again.

It soon became clear the fabled Exceptional Dream was just that. A mirage of masturbated madness forced onto enfeebled minds. The King, his eldest son and surviving acolytes were swiftly brought before the Global Register of Union, masterfully created through multipolar agreement, and were ridiculed until their tortured souls could handle no more.

The indigenous folk of the Middle Kingdom, whose reputation for endurance and tenacity was legend regained their lands, accepted all those who allowed fraternal and sororal bonding to stay and rejuvenate age old community prior to the invasion of the Cuckoonalia.

As the fair queen and her daughter sloped off back to their true roots to merge, mingle and play baubles, bangles and bling the Great Bear and Red Dragon raised their glasses and toasted sanity and its inevitable return centre stage.

The blue marble seemed in that moment from an ever present alien eye to be very pleasingly blue hued. It was time to recede into even deeper invisibility until the next cycle demanded its  overseeing.