Cancer The Killer That Keeps On Giving -To Big Pharma

The more dying of cancer the greater profits corporate Big Pharma and its allies make. Cancer and medical profiteering are probably greater than even the US Arms Industry profits. Cancer and medical exploitation of humanity is the big payoff for a most evil criminal class on this earth.

I would like to state primarily, I am the first one to cheer on and wish human beings able as soon as possible to conquer the ills we have collectively created for ourselves and encouraged to proliferate. I wish we all can live healthy, long, fulfilling and creative lives. Yet this is not nor has it been the objective of those controlling us, our health and well being. Theirs is the sick greed, virulent profiteering and abuse of all the rest of us, camouflaged by a veneer of being the bringers of cures and championing the slaughter of all ills.

Do you suppose most of the money you are asked to donate towards beating cancer goes anywhere useful? I can definitively state the answer is YES! It goes into the deep useful pockets of avarice bound shareholders in the Pharma Industries, self interested profit creators, insurance companies and the medical profiteers who know damn well they would rather burn in hell than admit cancer is already a curable entity. The dribble going into useful research outcomes is pitifully small in the equation.

February 4th is upon us when you will witness another surge of the deluded good and great showing you how empathic and efficient they are in promoting profit for the elite few in the guise of curing cancer.
“We can beat cancer together!”
” Make cancer history!”

Two ridiculous tag lines giving the impression the cancer bloodsuckers are actually engaged in meaningful research. Yet even these tripe statements are enough to entice the blind, desperate public into once again stripping their assets in pursuit of a Ponzi scheme that has cure at the bottom of the list. Why cure when that would mean losing your cash cow?

This may seem cruel to all those who have been affected by cancer, personally or through friends and family and it certainly is a cruel, beyond a joke, reality. All that energy in endeavouring to subdue cancer and other trials through marathon, events bringing so many thousands to focus on solutions. Yet all that brilliant effort, that truly heartfelt engagement so often merely perpetuates the myth without meaningful results.

First of all I would like to state that dealing with a playing field stacked from the outset against the desire to find a cure flies in the face of what medicine and doctors’ care was all meant to be about.

Medical tendency has over the many decades been about profiteering with the lesser but meaningful achievement in  breakthrough discoveries allowed to dim the ogre of deaths. So many independent discoveries have, when found to advance the science of medicine, been either thrown out, had their patents bought up and disappeared alongside their inventors or notice of their sudden self suiciding. Unless it is owned and profited from by the few it will not pass in any meaningful and definitive fashion. That is the naked truth, no matter how it is dressed.

If there have been that many worthwhile breakthroughs why the hell are so many prescribed drugs to their eyeballs, made dependent on their daily ‘fixes’ and bottom line kept sick anyway? It is not because suddenly fate designates their illnesses. Hereditary tendencies may be responsible for some, unwarranted causes for others –  however the majority are stricken by the prescription we are served as life, efficiency, ease and freedom.

So many illnesses and conditions we find people suffering from today are the result of a sordid, polluted mix of air, water, environment, technology and food. We are being poisoned to die, to be compliant, to become useless mentally in fighting these great travesties. The relative few who are wised up to all of this greater picture make sure they expose themselves to as little as is humanly possible. Yet even they do not always escape the results.

The belief that the industry has our best interest at heart is so naive as to be not even worth discussing. I shall just lay this at your awareness door. When the inventor of the now named MRI scanner, in the nineteen eighties came out with his invention it had damn little to do with what it does now. It was a machine using vibrational resonance balancing, equalising the human and natural resonances with a Hertz Earth resonance. This balancing was found to heal successfully a host of maladies and dis-ease. It seemed miraculous but in reality it merely balanced what was available to us everywhere.  I remember to this day how his invention was lauded and applauded in colour supplement articles and images describing how it all worked,  in the UK press – a press still relatively untrammelled by Big Corps and special interests.

It disappeared pretty damn fast and only reappeared in its present manifestation as a watered down, neutered and pale impression of what it originally heralded. This alone would have begun an end for the cancer tumours, as well as diseases afflicting a large part of the global population. Yet because it would threaten too much profit and herds of cash cows, it was neutralised.

There are too many tales of great inventions being ‘disappeared’ and so often their creators with them. Research and find many instances, they are out there still. Beware though, as in this strongly challenged field there are many snake oil salesmen, who encouraged by the profiteers, will create all sorts of monstrosities a craving, frightened public is only too eager to believe in and lap up. Discrimination is all.

Death comes to us all. It is as certain and proven as anything in our lives. Yet to play with it, profit from the fear of it is what the virulent few are all about. Psychopathic greed mongers could give not one shite for human life, unless it rolls a profit and power over masses. It is never money that has instigated health, it is mindset, wisdom, integrity and a desire for all people to be well. Money has always been there to achieve these aims, the will and consent of those monied has mostly been absent.

Many if not most of the charities masquerading as benevolent are merely tentacles of the money grabbers. There are so many within the medical industry, around those raising profiles of cancer and allied contributors who with their whole heart are as empathic and beautifully compassionate as any could possibly be. They would be the first to say how much progress is being made in their side of things. They would refute what is written here as heartless journalism, yet for them a cure is possible, is on its way and money is not the driver to keep people sick. Part of that is true. Part is not and other parts are so hidden as to shadow a reality as the travesty perpetrates ever deeper.

The difficulty we have in showing up the killing machine that is wireless technology is huge. The horrors of 5G about to roll out globally are horrors that will only reveal themselves once the gullible innocent die in greater and greater multitudes. Once the cancerous effects are shown to increase. These things are happening now as the campaign to demean these truths is ongoing.

Personally I was part of a small but independently professional group in the nineteen nineties that endeavoured to bring these facts to a public yet to be totally consumed in the technological wonder world of microwave technology. Even then we were abused, brow beaten and dismissed. Yet today the so called science industry admits all we said then is now shown to be true. Such a sad loss of time, knowledge and potential prevention.

EMFs, microwave technology was known in the fifties to be killing British troops in the field. That is why the military handed back the wavelengths they were operating with to the government. They in turn then sold it on to be used in a nascent telephony industry that is today our handheld nightmares and wireless poisoned smart meters, smart this and smart that.

Nature has in her cabinet every solution to every disease known to mankind. Why else are the corporates endeavouring to patent Nature’s storehouse for their own profit? Why do you suppose the illegal cannabis industry is now being synthesised, legalised by the very corporate criminals who at last see their profit margins increasing as they guide the law in their favour? So many elements of the cannabis plant are beneficial to human well being and I am not just referring to the uplifting spliff, a minute part of a healing healthy whole.

The medical industry is so rampant and owned by those with no sense of a Hippocratic code, it finds itself easy to traipse out lies, obfuscations and veils covering up truth.

Chemotherapy is proven to be a killer for so many. The occasional sufferer it can help but only in very narrow parameters. Invasive technology is more akin to medieval torture. Yet natural plants fast disappearing in indigenous forests and habitats are becoming more distant from our discovering them as they die through human ignorance and invasion.

The surgeon’s knife is, when used with knowledge and precision, a creator of miracles. Yet so often great men and women whose whole lives are devoted to the betterment of their fellows are restricted, denied and made blind to the potential for cure, health and rejuvenation.

Next time you are tempted to give the corporations and charities your money in the hope of cures and a better world, think long and hard and research where perhaps that money can be far better utilised. It demands a lot of thought, a better comprehension of the twisted world we live in but for all the evil intent out there there are far more individuals, groups and endeavours who truly have the best outcome for us all at the centre of their hearts. Find them, support them and then we may be able to gradually starve the greed mongers of their illicit and illegal trade in the rest of us!