Zionist Supporters Fund New ‘Independent’ ex-Labour Breakaway

In a not unexpected revelation it has now been revealed David Garrard, a multi-millionaire pro-Israel lobbyist is funding the UK Parliament’s new Independent Group. Although not yet registered as a political party the Independent group has created itself to be an LLC which allows it to hide any information about itself to public scrutiny. A well rehearsed way of lack in any sort of transparency.

Typical behaviour of a bunch of people dressed as MPs who find it more appropriate to back a criminal foreign entity than work for and support their constituencies in their own country. That they refuse to give upon their positions, now illegitimate, shows their true face – one eager to take the shekels as well as a hefty salary as Parliamentarians.

If they had the guts to stand for what they believed in they would find the public would kick them so far out even their cries and farts would be silenced.

…”Garrard has for many years been a major financial backer of Labour Friends of Israel, a front group for the Israeli embassy, and was recently appointed to its board.

Prior to left-wing Palestine solidarity activist Jeremy Corbyn becoming party leader in 2015, Garrard donated almost $2 million to Labour under former leaders Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband.

Garrard was so dismayed after Corbyn’s leadership election in September 2015, that he called in a loan of more than $2.5 million he had made to the party. ”
The Electronic Intifada

With Jeremy Corbyn running the show the Anglo Zionists are hell bent in crucifying him. Seems that habit has lasted thousands of years and crazy coincidental the two under the cross hairs bear the same initials!!

However at the same time the public has become far more informed as to the shenanigans behind the political puppets du jour. The arrogance and open in your face strutting of the criminal class has through its own hubris enlightened many more. It is hoped that relatively soon a change of government will be in a position to expose, punish and exorcise these evil backers of an even greater evil regime posing as a state.

That these criminal lobbyists feel they can spout with impunity such lies as socialism being a national threat and that Labour has “been hijacked by an ultra-left cabal” becomes an even greater joke and risible rubbish. Their anti semitism card is so worn dogeared and filthy that merely by playing it it is exposed for what it is – propagandised BS of the highest order.

The MSM toilet rags pretending to represent the free press are the greatest fake news artists today in media. They merely spout instructions and bias not only the Anglo Zionists tell them to but what the Deep State of Terrorist Israel ordains.

It will be a glorious day when these psychopathic criminals are thrown into prison/hung by the neck for treason or just disappeared, not necessarily in that order.

Too much of today’s daily life is ordered and maintained by these elements. The poverty, displacement, division and abuse rained down on the 99% is a direct result of all the history leading up to the choke points we suffer today.

When calling out the Labour Party for being grossly anti semitic, the people need to turn right round and face these disingenuous liars and deceivers and expose them for the real criminals they are – the true anti semites and traitors to a just and fair society.

As for the Friends of Israel both right left and indy – the whole caboodle needs to be disbanded and the State of Israel itself ostracised as an apartheid, racist and truly anti semitic entity which it has always been and continues to be so.

Schools in Britain Systematically Destroyed in Ongoing Purge

Over the past year the number of schools and educational establishments destroyed and buildings torn down by both civil contractors and units of the British Army have risen.

The attempt by the Government to destroy all vestige of educational facilities in the country, they illegally govern over and all rights for a free and open educational program are being forcibly staunched and any attempts by individual teachers and educational organisations to offer a sovereign educational platform are targeted.

The use of tear gas, rubber bullets and even live ammunition are being forcibly brought to bear on the young and teachers. Invasion into existing classes and beating up of both children and teachers is common place.

Proof here

Planning permissions for new schools and existing ones are being refused, under the criminal excuse to move in with heavy duty demolition equipment and destroy prior educational establishments.

Funding from the US administration to the tune of billions is syphoned into this illegal and criminal government’s plans to disallow sovereign citizens in their own land to be educated, let alone become privy to the truth the government is imposing its will and destruction. Refusal for this to become common knowledge is propaganda of the most terrible kind.

Because of the huge influence and monetary support coming from the USA, many of its ‘puppet’ allies remain silent as the travesties perpetrated in Britain become even worse.

A government spokesperson, when questioned as to the legitimacy of such actions merely responded that…”Vermin need to be gotten rid of otherwise they infest the purity of the Chosen Race and its illegal occupation of sovereign lands not theirs“.

Not one column inch of the Free Press MSM sees fit to be engaged in reporting these violations, let alone challenging this vile criminality.

Life is great for the chosen few and the hope of a sing song competition arriving on its illegally taken shores looks like brightening things even further.

“Ignorance is Obedience”

Editor’s Note: If this feels repulsive and unbelievable then merely replace Britain with Palestine and Government with the Illegal State of Israel who have forcibly and criminally occupied and increasingly perpetrate these facts on a daily basis. Then ask yourself – “What Am I Doing to Help My Brothers and Sisters in Palestine?” What can I do to support ridding the world of this virulent cancer.

Try actively supporting and spreading the message of #BDS for starters and become more greatly educated to the truth!

Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3

Ian Dury, bless ‘is yellow socks, would have been way more cogent than this scribe when it came to blasting the powers that be and celebrating people’s magnificence but hey I have been brought low with the shenanigans of all the power brokers, psychopaths and self centred criminal elite who give not one nano f*** for the people.

As Eric Idle famously penned – Always look on the bright side of life.

Great advice yet looking around at what is thrown at us in the bread and circus crowd it can be hard identifying. Yet look closer and you can just about spy that thin ray of hope shining through. In the form of the bloody ridiculous you might catch the rantings of Mike Pompeo blowing up his hubris into balls rounded enough to be played at the Super Bowl, itself a disgraceful display of lies and max distraction. These clowns Bolton and Pompeo are archetypical idiots from the Alphabet shop whose utterances broadcast onto a world stage almost daily bring their ridiculous vacuum into view and earshot.

I am of the persuasion in believing much of the earthquake and destabilising weather is a direct result of these buffoons making the sane world laugh uproariously at their utterances and sheer folly. For those who still believe their words as gospel truth and justice, it is merely a short while before these sad delusionals fall into the bottomless holes of their own making.

Across the increasingly expanding ‘pond’ dividing these states from their masters in the City of London we are delivered a wretched scenario of so many shooting each other in the head, feet and orifices, otherwise named Brexit. The spectacle of watching so called humanoid beings spouting off the utterly unbelievable in the vain hope others will believe, set against virulently despairing on the opposite benches planting fear and despair into the lukewarm cuppas of the general hoi polloi is surely a sight for sore eyes.

As teeth are pulled, arms wrenched from sockets and facial smirks scratched into unrecognisable disfigurement, the laborious slow progress of a groundhog machine lumbers into the dark recesses of ancient times pre-Common Market. As time has moved on from these wretched years, we the British do the celebratory nostalgic recall bemoaning better days and less impoverished times. What we always gloss over on these faulty trips down memory loss lane is how bloody awful it was in reality then.

Yet the bright side was, we never had handhelds of any present day comparative size. We had no social media to throw slag around and across the globe in nano seconds. We either had the fist of the insulted in our face as it seared over the remnants of our pint or we were presented a miserable wet blanket admitting they were cowardly, weak and prepared to buy us the next round if we refrained from beating them shitless. In higher orders of the class system gloves may have been thrown down but more likely disdain would have been lacerated across the port and cheese as suitable put down.

Liam Neeson admits 40 years on he had wandered round looking for someone to clout. That that someone happened to fit the description of the perpetrator is  manically not contextualised decades down the line. That would never hold up against the lunatic politically correct culture spreading its fascist face through every orifice of contrived offence. Any excusable gut reaction for an unregulated young male avenger of wrongs committed is wiped clean from any argument or kangaroo judgement. Time in its reinterpretation is used today to conflate years into seconds and allow guilt to be retrospectively assigned ad infinitum.

The imprecation to ‘forgive and forget’ has been turned on its head. We are now asked to collate any piece of experiential growth process making it legal and absolute witness evidence pinned on anyone’s coat in place of the yellow ribbon, Star of David or black spot. In an age when pre-crime arrest becomes the new legal, all history becomes the evidence base of anyone foolish to live in the present day. The sins of the multi generational family tree are enough to criminalise each and everyone, so adjudged by the PC police. The judges and jurors are those desperate enough to wish bringing down anyone honest enough to reveal their former weaker, misaligned selves alongside knee jerk responses drawn from the cobwebs.

This comedy of erroneous thinking (aka dumbassing) does have its relief quotient. That is – it will decay, die and disappear sooner than the frost does against the morning sun’s growing heat, in spite of a dark night feeling like decades.

If life seems jolly rotten,
There’s something you’ve forgotten,
And that’s to laugh and smile and dance and sing.
When you’re feeling in the dumps,
Don’t be silly chumps.
Just purse your lips and whistle.
That’s the thing.

So laughter is enough to destroy the ‘preciousness’ these tyrannical few enjoy wielding. Smiling dissolves the ‘offended’ strategies and dancing and singing confirms to these myopic lunatics that there are those who are truly madder than any tack they pronounce.

If we can teach and hand down anything useful it has to be the repetitive incantation of these lines:

For life is quite absurd
And death’s the final word.
You must always face the curtain with a bow.
Forget about your sin.
Give the audience a grin.
Enjoy it. It’s your last chance, anyhow………

Life’s a piece of shit,
When you look at it.
Life’s a laugh and death’s a joke it’s true.
You’ll see it’s all a show.
Keep ’em laughing as you go.
Just remember that the last laugh is on you.

Yes yes
Dear dear
Perhaps next year
Or maybe even never
In which case
Reasons to be cheerful part 3

Why the Political Establishment Are So Very Crooked

It is a truism to say that the political interface is irreparably cracked. As Europe votes to condone an absolute nobody as the so called President of Venezuela, in the same breath they continue to allow their own ruling unelected elite to preside over 28/7 states.

In the USA they inject ever greater effort in vomiting out propaganda to besmirch a democratically elected leader of a sovereign state with a view of taking over not only their natural resources for themselves but as a lever to encourage a global conflict once again with the two most resilient and statesmanlike representatives of global partnership and respecters of international law – Russia and China.

Led from behind an ever increasingly transparent curtain, the United States bares its backside, frontside and every orifice in suppliant compliance to the mega terrorists of the world – The State of Israel. The UK with its fawning, orifice licking, bung taking parliamentarians, business and corporate associates swivel and bend to every threat this gnat’s bite of a psycho pusillanimous  state commands.

The vanguard of this pathetic, fawning movement of slime is a mainstream media of lost souls spewing out the bullshit ordered from the corridors of power. Be it television, radio, newsprint or internet delivery the 24/7 rolling line of shite is sprayed into the ears and minds of those unable and unwilling to question why they accept such virulent excrement as nourishment.

Why they take this without so much as a whimper or complaint is incomprehensible until you realise their weak minds have been infiltrated, conditioned and then programmed to accept any shit delivered. Given bread and circuses by way of entertainment (entrainment), celebrities, royals and horror events staged so as to make them quiver with fear, they give up the little critical mind they possessed to those that will run rampant over them with no consideration for life and limb.

When eight individuals including Bill Gates earn as much as 50% of the global population (Oxfam 2017) it must surely beg the question –  cui bono?

Of course the obvious answer is those rich few. The economics of poverty for the many and riches beyond belief for the few has been the single greatest board game on the global stage. That so many feel themselves impotent to make this change, to reset the board game is sorrow itself. Never in human existence have the many been powerless to take control. What has been indoctrinated is the thought that it is true. By starvation, lack, denial and forced inured servitude these ideas have been embedded.

From such a deep hole it seems nigh impossible to escape. Yet mathematically it is the easiest out you could equate.

We like to think we are thinking, intelligent and free beings yet the reality we have created is precisely the opposite. Some will say, “so what is your answer?” What a dumb question that is in reality. First off the answer is self apparent. Stop being a willing slave. Secondly, that anyone would ask that implies they have never given it any consideration let alone thought themselves. It is a fact that it is impossible to change anyone’s acts and attitudes unless they themselves hold a desire for change and action toward that end.

Spoon feeding usually stops after nursing. Feeding oneself is generally accepted to be fully functional around age three. So spoon feeding adolescents or adults is unnatural in the simplest meaning of that phrase.

When our political establishment continue to tell us what is best for us while merely creaming in what is best for them, you are going to have to be an utter moron of the lowest esteem and intelligence to accept that outright. Yet that is what most do.

Until we are able to own our own power, our own just being and leadership we will continue to allow self interested, powerful pathological criminals to determine what and who we are.

Instances such as Venezuela, Syria, Iran, Libya and Iraq to name but a few are reminders we have been and continue to be sucker punched into submission by excremental lies and deceit while accepting others place us in the front line and at death’s door.

For Peace’s sake we need to find our true mettle, our innate courage and power and for once stand up and say NO MORE! The we actively work together to reset, change and live interdependently, respectfully and supportively with each other. The alternative does not bear thinking about.

UK in Meltdown as Snow Falls Continue in Micro Millimetres

A few centimetres of snow having fallen across a variety of UK counties has given the Government serious fodder to accelerate their Project Fear into the arena of greatest UK interest – the weather and its chatterations.

Doom mongers, weather exaggerators, news talking heads and government ministers all plough in and add their take on disaster of the wrong snow, the inconvenience of a spattering of flakes and other variables seen outside the UK as minor irritants.

Snowflakes are the new terrorists. Not the leftist kind. Oh, no, this is the weather variant that has come to be so unpredictable in its winter anomalies as to challenge the legitimacy of the global warming narrative. A projected global warming of hellish proportions looks in danger of being outed as the Fakest of fake news. As the climate change narrative goes south and an inconvenient  Polar Vortex rolls in from the North, winter has been thoroughly disengaged and placed in its new compartment of Highly Unlikely/unable to be prevented/unforeseen disaster.


A minor inconvenience for Russian commuters

Due to the severe winters the Russian Federation endures many in the sterile manipulated press are blaming the Russians for raining down snow at such a profound depth of inconvenience as to be aggressive . Little did their lack of research show that centimetres of snow in Russia are considered Spring, not winter.

As that path of propaganda melts, the usual suspects fall back on the disastrous effect the Labour government’s management in office ten or fifteen years ago has now rolled over and caused the unforeseen headaches of no infrastructure to deal with present misery.

As snowploughs remain idle, all three of them, and the country searches the deepest parts of its pockets to fund the construction and implementation of better proactive measures, everyone sinks deeper into a slurry of almost visible snow.

Drivers on the main motorway arteries stop to admire snowfall as queues behind them decide travel to be impossible against this slight inconvenience. Panic ensues as TV cameras convey via portable satellite dishes, the utter stupidity that has come to define the British public when road surfaces get wet and pet vehicles become a smidgen dirty  from inclement backsplash.

siberia_759_ts-instaWeather forecasters multiply and become the latest pundit of choice. Mother Nature says “Fuck It!” and chills the North American continent enough to wake the sleepy dozy population to a natural truth – Winter can be cold.

In the British Isles stoic types gather a few logs and head for home. Idiots leave their vehicle doors open to elements soon to pervade the inner sanctums of metallic retreat. Government ministers churlishly appeal to all pavement sleepers and those unable to afford a roof over their heads to knuckle down, remind themselves we are all in it together and ” to effin’ get a job instead of wingeing.

Across the Channel the thirteenth weekend of strife and revolution pointedly tells Macron he cannot claim to be apart of the Gilets Jaunes movement on his claims he needs more income himself like they do.

An early February weekend looks like turning colder as people freeze out more bullshit from their leaders.

Bring on the cold I say, perhaps we shall instigate change quicker that way!

: Santa Claus:
Residing slightly north of north of the border. Living among a motley crew of height-challenged wee folk, he has for centuries offered make believe and presents to all those who historically have once having believed, thrown such fairy tales away during adolescence and come to believe in The Magic Bullet, the Tory Charity Party and being able to enter and exit at will, by dint of having been the foremost empire a couple of centuries ago, the European continent.


Refuse To Supply State Of Israel With Any Oxygen of Propaganda

We live in spurious, lying, vicious hateful times where our ruling elites tell us all the truth is Fake News, all their BS, deceptions and illegal criminal and heartless acts are what we need and must accept, in some countries by law. They try and convince us they know best, their way is the highway and any divergence from these narrow lanes is countenanced as treason, treachery, un-(stick your country here) activity.

At Highly Likely News we endeavour to fight such rubbish through humour, direct challenge, truth and common sense. The power the powers that be, through their internet colluding corporations have over most alternative messages  broadcast seems at this moment in time to be huge.

Sometimes humour necessarily turns to anger at the transparent, outright injustices perpetrated on us all. This can rightly be described as righteous anger, though the PTB will castigate it as terrorist, undemocratic, revolutionary, anti establishment far leftist, far rightist, communist, nay sayers……. the list goes on.

Today that great organ of national propaganda, paid on pain of imprisonment by a witless public, the BBC, announces its refusal to boycott the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Israel this year. In spite of decades-long ongoing illegalities the State of Israeli regime entity traduces on the Palestinian people, those who profess to carry the flag for “Freedom and Democracy” collude, say nothing and endorse it in every which way.

Such anti semitism from them all is abhorrent.

They support the lies that front bench Labour and Jeremy Corbyn, their leader are anti semites, yet when they outright back illegal acts, murder and settlements in Palestine they never admit this is the real, true anti semitism in action.

The State of Israel was built on terrorism, created through coercion and strong armed tactics, bullying, deception by a bunch of Zionist terrorists, who went on to infect and infest all Western governments and mainstream media outlets with their weasel ways. Any questioning their criminal activities was and is always branded as anti semitic.

What a two faced, blatant hypocritical lie. No one is more anti semitic than the Zionist Israeli State. Its secret service apparatus is founded on deception by its own motto. To be coddled and blessed, though many would say cursed, in holding this farce of political correctness cod entertainment in their illegally obtained country is yet one more transparent, obvious marker of a callous, could not care less for anything legal, truthful and totally non-humanitarian approach. Its criminal leader and his ministers, to any sane, half intelligent human are monsters parading as innocent victims. This playbook has so passed its sell by date as to be comic if it were not so criminally insane.

BDS, the Boycott Divestement and Sanction movement so hated by these criminals is a voice of sanity, reason and truth in a global wilderness of lies, deception and illegality. Supporting BDS is the best action any could take in a world where they otherwise feel powerless. It demands sacrifice, intelligence to know what is on our shelves marked Made in Israel and demanding all creative arts, performers and anyone roped into supporting the Israeli myth be targeted and told categorically to stop supporting criminals, killers, despots and liars. It is today rewarding to see more and more people supporting this alienation of a specious state. It killed apartheid in South Africa as it will surely kill the State of Israel and its lunatics.

Self serving ignorance, apathy and I’m all right Jack attitudes become the un-conscripted army encouraged  and supported by the rank, anti semitic Israeli State. Silence is the enemy of truth. Complicity by any means, inaction being one, becomes the voice and vote for apartheid, racism, bigotry and hate towards sanity, legality and humanitarian response.

Time to wake up, act now and spread truth not lies!

Celebrities including designer Vivienne Westwood, Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters and 2018 Mercury Prize-winning band Wolf Alice’s Ellie Rowsell have called on the BBC not to support the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Israel this year.

Eurovision may be light entertainment, but it is not exempt from human rights considerations – and we cannot ignore Israel’s systematic violation of Palestinian human rights,” they write, in an open letter also signed by singer and Womad Festival founder Peter Gabriel, author AL Kennedy, actresses Miriam Margolyes and Maxine Peake, and film directors Mike Leigh and Ken Loach.