Rich Kids Sell What’s Left of Democracy at Unbelievable Price – The People!

The events of the past few hours in the UK herald a disaster few have even considered, let alone been aware of. It is the transparent sale of what is laughingly considered our democracy to the faceless, unaccountable megalomaniacs and political sycophants with so much money they merely seek to increase using us all as expendable economic collateral damage .

The Brexit farrago has little or nothing to do with self governance. It has everything to do with lining the pockets of the 0.01% that own our arses, rule our government and are hard wired to lie us into extinction for their profit.

Forget trying to justify your Remain or Leave qualifications. That was merely the distraction to gain control of the best of British. With the President of the Untied States telling us we have never had it so good under his look-alike Boris, in itself a totally out of order intrusion, we have that dumb arse, arrogant, self serving mop head juvenile leading us fast over a cliffs, which are neither white nor at Dover.


The leavers will rant, “It’s democracy that’s at stake!”

Well democracy as they believe still lives and breathes, is as dead as the Monty Python parrot. It is no more. You can Dad’s Army think we’re the isle of last freedoms – that is propaganda BS of the highest order. You can probably smell it from where you’re reading this! We cannot take back control as we never lost it. Just because we pay into a club we loathe in parts, does not mean we have no control over ourselves.

Immigration, that great spider thrown in the pit to get the xenophobics at each others’ throats in pompous, racist rage sees more than 250K pa immigration from the rest of the world than the minuscule number from the EU that keeps our social services alive. That the indigenous crowd find working too base of an option is an internal problem not external.

It’s the big corporations that will still pay no tax, will still rip off and squeeze the poor worker slaves for zero hours contracts while giving themselves £XXX million pay rises and bonuses.

We have a political system that is and has been for ages, not fit for purpose. Yet, distracted by Brexit we are dragged screaming about the non things while the rich walk all over our ignorant, supplicant corpses.

bring out yer dead-voices

“I’m not dead!, I’m not dead,!” screams the poor blighter dragged off on the cart in Monty Python’s ‘Holy Grail’ comedy, yet we are as good as dead by allowing ourselves to be dragged kicking and screaming at each other, off to the knackers yard of post Brexit. You wail all you like about chlorinated chicken and the purchase of the NHS (45% already done) by US Big Pharma et al, for what 17.45 million of us have done is opted for slow death, poverty and starvation controlled by post Brexit martial law, carefully positioned to control all moaning Remainers, Abstainers and Leavers waking to the lies.

Revolution against the present screwed, manipulated and purposefully divisive political system is so long overdue that it will have to have all the mould scrapped off it for it to be even visible.

The actions of a stunted Royalty in all this shows once more, any sycophantic morons who still dote on the Royal family’s worth have no clue as to how Her Majesty’s impotent assent to Parliament could never have been otherwise. Neutered comes nowhere near reality. Off with their proverbial heads and retirement paying back the wealth her subjects fed her and her entourage through taxes and hard earned survival with your head

Yes, folks as this article goes to press, we are royally screwed. Our own lethargy, apathy and ignorant belief in tooth fairies and Santa Claus has taken us to an almost unavoidable mega disaster. A disaster unmatched by the global warming con, the lies of war, Amazon roasting and genocide support.

We expect this article to be shadow banned like so much of our output. We expect attack from ignorant shouties and the usual fascist authoritarian followers, yet the facts change not.

Tally Ho! Let us, the collective drag hunt, be chased down and slaughtered.

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