The Great British Brexit Swindle

I was a revolutionary, innocent less informed 22 year old when in 1972 Ted Heath and the Conservative Government took us into the Common Market. Enthusiasm for people unity and greater interactivity allowed me to accept much that was touted as good for us all. There was no referendum. There was and still is no written UK Constitution. There was always a gentleman’s agreement constitution available to misrepresentation and convenient reinterpretation. No one was asked to democratically vote on whether to go into this arrangement or remain a so called sovereign state.

Only after Labour and Harold Wilson came to power was a referendum called as to whether we stay in or get out. Sound familiar? With a 52.1% stay and 47.9% get out vote the ‘Remainers’ had it in 1975. How similar these percentages are when 2016 vote is laid alongside it in mirror image.

Yet these similarities  both rest on tenets of non sovereign machinations. The referenda held were, against the British way of governance, both held and accepted as advisory votes, yet touted as binding to those that knew little, having no legal necessity to be upheld or honoured. As long as the powers that be were satiating their own needs through the Emperor’s new clothes of referenda it all was sold down to the people as constitutional and democratic. Both these words being as abused as they always have been down the ages. It can be argued, we in the UK have never truly had a constitution nor a true democracy. The latter will engage screams of BS from so many who have been trained, taught and led to believe that it was that very democracy that laid our foundations and exceptional prowess as a nation going on to be fed to the world.

The cry “Magna Carta laid it down well and good for us all” is as sacred a chant as any religious fervour or tenet could be. Yet in truth most everything laid down in that historic charter has been ploughed, harrowed and decimated to merely remain a museum piece for us to gloat over, glorify, and make believe it still is our foundation and a critical part of a paradisiacal democratic fantasy.

In 1972 the government passed the European Communities Bill. This bill was presumed enough of an excuse to take us into the EEC (European Economic Community). The fact that at the time the fear that the majority of the population would have rejected such a move was the main driver for Heath to NOT propose a referendum. Before his election he even did what seems common practice today, he said the opposite of what he went on to propose. Heath declared that it would be….

“…wrong if any Government contemplating membership of the European Community were to take this step without `the full hearted consent of Parliament and people”

The turncoats and self interested never lose their pale pusillanimous pallor, do they!

Today we find ourselves being not only played like fiddles but also transgressed so gravely as for it to deserve revolution. History not learned is a fatal flaw to any true democratic desire. Thus the majorly unremarked European Union (Withdrawal) Bill 2017 came into the public awareness when published  13th July 2017. Its true meaning and content was never truly publicised nor forensically critiqued.

Its purpose was to repeal the European Communities Act 1972 which it will do, however it does contain, as the video below explains at the time, that EU will override any UK laws that endeavour to disapply, interpret or quash any law brought into UK law. This would not include the Charter of Fundamental rights. It states in the Act that :

“…5.. Exceptions to Savings and Incorporations 
1. The principle of supremacy of EU Law does not apply to any enactment or rule of law passed or made on or after exit day.
2. Accordingly, the principle of the supremacy of EU law continues to apply on or after exit day so far as relevant to the interpretation, disapplication or quashing of any enactment or any rule of law passed or made on or before exit day.”

The Great British Brexit Swindle

The meaning behind this bill when passed will mean that neither the Leavers, Remainers nor the third of the country that did not participate in the vote will get what they thought they would. Any perceived sovereignty will be merely a bauble of fantasy. Common Law of these lands will remain an ephemeral dream etched out as reality and told us it exists.

The whole House of Cards, supposedly enacting the will and votes of the people will continue to be the horror show we presently witness in the Houses of Parliament. What has been masterfully enacted is the greatest distraction show in town, the most successful act to pit people against people, with scenarios and sleight of hand pretending one position is better than another, freedom from the unelected EU autocrats is that dizzy dream hanging over the white cliffs of Dover.

We all have been suckered in via our individual proclivities and blinded ignorance. Neither left nor right have sussed it nor been truthful about it. Our so called Parliament has been outed, like Banksey’s famed Monkey Parliament, sold this week for $12 million. It shows presciently (done some 12 years ago), the chimps and chumps they all are.banksy-parliament-bristol

The sacred cow that is the British Parliament is no more than a televised pantomime. The People, unwritten constitution or not, are and never truly have been able to have their cherished Common Law as foundational, working principle of Law. The Barons and knights still have their castles, “King John” never lost its overarching rule over the peasants and the divide and rule we presently are yoked under remains the same with merely centuries-later colour and texture added.

You’ll be told European Communities Act is, as Professor Mark Elliott states:

It’s more of a “tidying-up exercise

Such a typical delusional soundbite to calm the masses. He then tellingly pronounces:

“…. Although the Great Repeal Bill will repeal the ECA, paradoxically it will not repeal — in the sense of getting rid of — any EU law. That is because the Government has — sensibly and inevitably — concluded that the vast body of EU law cannot simply be made to vanish overnight. The chaos that would ensue if it did would be profound. Against that background, the Great Repeal Bill, far from getting rid of EU law from the UK legal system, will preserve it.”

He overrides the tenure the EU will retain on our exit. The status quo in the UK is perfectly happy for this legal hyper nuanced cobweb to annoy and satisfy all sides, thus continuing the in fighting and distraction. We all, by our own proclivities, become the tools for Same Old, Same Old to continue its overarching control of a system suiting the elite Barons of our times and the usurping corporate sovereign we continue to interact, accede to.

If we truly wish to see a whole better system of governance, then Common Law in all its prime aspects must return to be the foundation of every law and governance in place for the People and By The People. A written, respected Constitution would further stipulate and serve the people as sovereign.

The cracking of a seemingly overarching behemoth is ultimately down to the People. Becoming informed of what that entails, what stand needs to be taken is the very mighty struggle needed for these times. Reflected in so many prior attempts in our history, today we are better informed, or at least have that information greatly improved for our research than any time in our history.

It must be a collective effort, not us looking for one leader and following mutely. It is our individual and personal responsibility to take action, stop arguing and actually make things happen. This revolution can most easily be achieved and won through the use of peaceful, informed means and specific targets. Violence, as much as it might seem to be medicinal, plays straight into the hands of those we are endeavouring to hold to account.

Inequalities are rife. One area of absolute action available, and substantiated in even these last few days looks proven to be on the cusp of completing. It is laid out comprehensively in The Great British Mortgage Swindle. This long term struggle for justice by a dedicated group of people to expose fraudulent manipulation of the people and their sacred right to their home, is coming home to challenge decades old malpractice and illegality in mortgage supply and banking.

Where better to start a revolution and betterment than by taking down the financial and mortgage arena and releasing trillions into an economy purposefully drained at the expense of the 99%, for the sole sake of the greed infested 1%.

Whether it be a BREXIT swindle, Mortgage Swindle or any other swindle unearthed, it is now time to gird our collective loins, and paraphrasing Shakespeare:

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;…
…Straining upon the start. The game’s afoot:
Follow your spirit, and upon this charge
Cry ‘Justice, Truth, and Common Law for All!’

The true Sovereign is ourselves, each of us for one and for all! Not just the British but for the whole of Humanity.

Britain Murders 51 Rioters 832 Injured 4979 Arrested

Another bloody massacre by British forces to add to a list as long as your arm and apparently too short or irrelevant to put in the history books. The inconvenience of showing how the British acted in the colonial period of occupation in Hong Kong stands starkly in contrast to the faux disgust they shower on China today.

Along with their regime change friends in the CIA and Deep State USA, fermenting opportunities for regime change in the province seems like a good idea to endeavour to reassert some kind of ‘ownership’ of some other sovereign state’s lands.

It may have been OK to them then in the days of Empire and seem to be accepted as OK strategy for a waning modern empire as the USA is presently, however in the real world, where multipolar norms are increasingly accepted as the way forward, it remains a criminal interference on a scale only matched by the arrogance and hubris these two dying powers parade.

China has its problems. France has its problems, as does the EU. The UK has its problems and most certainly the USA has its problems. Problems are never addressed or sorted by either blaming others to cover one’s own ineptitude and crimes, nor pretending to be the world’s policeman while breaking every law in the international book. Yet that is what is served up as righteous action.

While innocent women, children and men get slaughtered almost daily in Gaza, while the terror State of Israel uses its pathetic military might to occupy illegally Palestine, the UK,US and EU allow this and all the crimes against humanity to bleed innocence and blood out of a Middle East castigated by Western terrorism.

The organs that disseminate news for these criminal political, security and military entities always focus on the message they are bad we are good. The propaganda is a thick as gravy as it pours out of Broadcasting House, The White House, that illegitimate unelected booth in Europe and their media sycophants.

As the citizens of Western governments are restrained by austerity, stamped down upon when themselves rioting for legality and decent living conditions, the storm troopers trained by Israel’s Mossad are unleashed on these voices and crushed, in the name of democracy. Absurdity has never risen so high on its illegitimate throne.

Can one get any more ironic?

The history of the British Empire, replete with royalty, lording over it all is as despicable as any horror perpetrated today. In fact today’s horrors are, it can be said, the very outcome of historical precedence. The script has changed not one iota. Years have merely passed.

In spite of more information available to the masses now than ever before, people have been neatly dumbed, silenced and acquiesced through the use of food chain, environment, chemical and mind control. Placatory all seeing, hearing, spying technology offered as ease and pleasure.

The lies proposed, believed and accepted as writ are killing not only people but lancing mortal blows on the habitat. Nature will recover, she always does. She is far superior than any crazed psychopathic mindset, in her eyes a mere mosquito bite in evolutionary terms.

We, on the other hand, all and each of us took upon ourselves, when entering this foray the sacred duty of becoming. That is to investigate, develop and increase our awareness of what it is to be human, part of humanity and grow. So many have not only forgotten that contract, they have willingly disabused it out of wilful ignorance, arrogance and plain deaf dumb and blind adherence to an authority that pretends to be in their interest.

When sheep like this multiply, then surely the slaughter is not far behind.

The atrocities in Hong Kong, committed by the British in 1967 are mere footnotes now in our collective history, illustrating the true nature of  despotism, totalitarian and fascist rule , dressed as democracy accompanied by the never ending bullshit of righteousness thrown like dung in our faces, with orders to eat it or shut it!

Change has never been needed more seriously. Will it come about? Hope still breathes and exists on life support. May it never be the last casualty.