When a Parking Ticket Changes the World

Highly Likely News has taken a pause over the recent weeks, not from exhaustion but because new information, incredible revelations have been made apparent. So much so that we are tempted to change the name of our News resource to reflect that. However on reflection, the origin of the present name was formed from the humorous kick back at Theresa May’s ridiculous statements that everything conspiratorial from Russia (Skripal Affair) was highly likely….. fill in the blanks. I feel that the present Highly Likely Pandemic adheres so neatly into the Government programming, that no, we shall maintain the name, in recognition that the bastards are still trying so hard to condition the masses into mind control submission by the usually suspect specious methodologies.

What we at HLNews have become privy to is frankly so revelatory as to be termed an exclusive. One that has been only very recently published on our fraternal site The Freedom Cycle. Together we can truly say there is breaking news and an exclusive exposure of the precise tools that will finish, not only this faux government in the UK but all governments, corporations and elite plans for global domination.

“Wow! a grand statement?” I hear cries arising!

Yes, we are confident and yes, it is a grand statement. That it is a statement of FACT should also get and retain your attention.

Facts are the major and ultimate domain of any and every Law and legal system. Its precepts and operational efficiency are built on FACTS. Nothing less. So to inform you all that we at Highly Likely News can be definitive in telling you it is NOT highly likely but absolute FACT, should garner even more of your attention.

“So what is that fact that you are in possession of?”

I am very glad and happy you asked that question!

Actually, if I may continue there are several and important facts to present to you.

They are as follows and are taken from the Affidavit that trounces the Dark Side, the criminals grandstanding in full view.

A formal challenge to the 12 Presumptions of Law
The challenge to the presumption of the consent of the governed. It being:

  1. Illegal to act on any of the Acts and Statutes, without the consent of the governed where the governed have actually given their consent and that consent is presentable as material physical evidence of the fact that the governed have given their consent.
  2. Where this has not happened then any action taken constitutes an illegal and criminal action by the state.
  3. The criminal action is Malfeasance in a public office and fraud.

  4. Where there is no consent of the governed on and for the public record then there is no governed and where there is no governed then there is no government. The one cannot exist without the other.


  5. As this criminal activity is observed to be standard practice and has been for nearly 800 years, then this is clear observable evidence to the fact that LAW is a presumption and there is no such thing as LAW

  6. The material evidence of the FACTS.
    Rt. Hon. Lord Chief Justice Sir Jack Beatson FBA, on and for the record confirms: Whilst there is no material and physical evidence to the fact that the governed have given their consent. Then the office of the Judiciary has no greater authority than the local manageress of McDonalds. As the office of the Judiciary is a sub office of a legal embodiment by an act of registration. Where this act of registration creates nothing of physical material substance and is also fraud by default. Where the Rt. Hon. Lord Chief Justice Sir Jack Beatson FBA would then have to present the material and physical evidence that the governed have given their consent. As the office of the Judiciary is nothing more than a private commercial and fraudulent enterprise built upon fraud and criminal intent. This is by no stretch of the imagination a valid government by the people for the people as it is by default a private company providing a judicial service for profit and gain but where there is also and always a conflict of interests, where there is a conflict of interests between the needs of the people and the state (Company) Policy which has no obligation to the people or even the needs and wellbeing company staff.

  7. It is quite clear that there is due process for the execution of legal and commercial documents. Where these processes are not followed then the very presence of a document which does not comply with these processes then the document itself is physical and material evidence of Malfeasance in a public office and fraud.

  8. It is very clear that all instances of Taxation and Duty, VAT is not only not necessary but only serves to deplete and subtract from the population’s prosperity. Not only this but as we have shown it is also illegal and criminal to do so without the agreement or the consent of the governed. It is unconscionable and a recognised act of terrorism.


  9. The Facts are the Facts. There is no money. The facts are the Facts. A great number of people live their lives in a world of make believe. Let us consider this. Two barristers or lawyers will and do enter into a court room and one of them will lose. For some reason which is beyond our comprehension, it is a professionally accepted practice to have a 50% failure rate. In a world of reality there are some people who service the aircraft at the airport between flights. If these people had a 50% failure rate then 50% of the planes would fall out of the sky. THAT IS A FACT. There is no money, just the illusion of money. There is legal tender and fiscal currency and commercial instruments and promissory Bank notes, but there is no money. It is not possible to pay for anything without money. You never paid for anything and you never got paid. That is a fact.


  10. There is no valid, legal or lawful government on this land.

  11. My rights end where your rights begin. Your rights end where my rights begin. Rights are not granted by government or the crown and they cannot be taken away or violated by government or the crown. A Judge does not have the right to trespass on my property so the judge cannot give a Bailiff or a civil enforcement officer or a policeman the right by means of a warrant or an order because the Judge, who is a company servant by default, does not have that authority unless I agree. A public servant is a servant by default with the status of servant and a servant has no authority above the one who grants that authority. Until the Judge can present the agreement or the consent of the governed then the Judge has no authority to grant a warrant or a court order.

  12. An Affidavit of Truth and statement of Fact stands on and for the record as FACT until some other can present the material physical evidence to the contrary which is valid.

In these and other words, not selected, for brevity, it is patently obvious that we have for centuries been sold and bought a lie and deception, whose only real beneficiary are those who own and run the corporations. We of course, by the very nature of having a capital letter name signed as our fictional identity at birth, have consented to become goods and chattels to these corporations. Their subsequent bleeding us of our wealth is what they enjoy and do best.

So if this has been going on for so long why has no one been able to suss the system, blow it apart, before now? Good question, yet it seems no one joined all the dots, created an opportunity to test it and thus walk away with the prize.

Yet the challenge to a parking ticket in 2013 in the town of Warrington in the UK, became that very benchmark. Everything subsequently transpiring, led the brave warrior involved, in the search for justice, to uncover, reveal and call time on a system of power control that has today brought this world to its crisis edge and misery.

No matter how powerful they consider themselves to be, it is now down to the people of this planet, the massive 99% to deal the coup de gras.

We all are very familiar with the fact that there is never an ‘everybody’ who will respond to a call to arms. It is always down to the few from that many. Yet those few will be recorded as banding together to bring this rotten empire and system down.

We will not dictate what is already laid out in very comprehensible form elsewhere. Suffice to say that building on this proven, successful action demands numbers. Numbers not to seal it, more to impress on the wicked, their time is up, they are found to be naked and the Law that will bring full justice to an unholy reign, is about to be thrown at them, with its fullest force. We could say the Force of all the Jedi Warriors for Justice and freedom!

Please go to The Freedom Cycle and get reading, learning and inwardly digesting.

Let us park up for good this criminal, minuscule part of humanity, so long controlling the many, that the many may form lasting evolutionary forms of self governance, community, sanity and the truly global family we are, thus illustrating the true potential of humankind.

Next article: Money: The Illusion we all Bought and were Sold – coming soon!



About the Author:

Jonathan L. Trapman

Author and photographer writing since aged 9 and  photographer since aged 16. A professional career as photojournalist, working for some of the top titles in Fleet Street among them the London Times, Daily Express and a very short and boring stint with the Sun newspaper, swiftly exposed him to the propaganda and half truths demanded from photo/journalists in the ‘70s and 80s. Deciding his soul to be worth more than shekels earned from the news rooms of corporate cronyism, he went on to  become one of the industry’s foremost photographers. He enjoyed getting to know the world, its peoples and a far wider vision of life on earth on others’ behalf and at others’ expense. He has appeared on TV and radio including the BBC, France Inter and online radio. Invited to speak at creative and literary conferences across the globe, in early 2012, in partnership with his wife, having accomplished several translations of foreign writers they made the first ever English translation, in over 900 years, of 11th century Sufi founder and mystic saint Hoja Ahmed Yassawi’s Diwani Hikmet (Divine Wisdom)poetry and sacred verse. Currently he is working on a 7 volume opus The Freedom Cycle, Dreams and Realities now published.


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