Death of the Quisling Celeb

As I cherish my seven decades on this blue marble with its manifest wondrous and inescapable experiences both good and growth ridden, I also look across the landscape of what I could have experienced.

I could have continued with one of the greatest rock bands of our generation and landed either into an early grave or a wrecked life. I could also have licked my way deeper into the sort of elitist A*holing my education would have open doors to. Again, I could have bought the freebie celeb ticket my eventual career choice would have offered. Yet in all of these choices the wise inner guided me, through a few harsh lessons, into the clearing that looked out on a landscape offering liberty, fine choice, a critical mentality drawing back the curtains of mist and obfuscation and showing me what real life is all about. Today I stand tall and silent, most of the time, observing the killing fields of celebrity culture, mendacious and Machiavellian media, the talking heads spouting BS from their ivory towers and the criminal classes, I could have so easily slotted into.

Instead I chose, as my allies and friends, those whose life hardly scratched privilege, yet gave the most outright life lessons enabling the forging of truth tellers, single minded explorers of justice and bullshit slayers par excellence. Some would call them the salt of the earth types, yet I know them all as the must have seasoning for the best life offers.

Looking and listening to, as I do for a few minutes in the day, the latest crapology emanating the TV, radio and other pernicious orifices, my duty as a journalist, investigator and seeker after solutions based on equality, empowerment and open mindedness, is possibly the most exhilarating and wondrous passion I could have imagined. I fear no fables and BS coming from those so secure in their belief they are invincible, yet I still witness the fall from grace of so many, perhaps I previously felt an affinity towards.

In the personal growth field, having spent several decades reaping the rewards I personally garnered from it, I see the likes of the Dalai Lama, Amma and other so called luminaries of light, fall down as they insist all must self jab for the salvation of their souls. There are, and this is where my breath is swiftly drawn from me, those professing to help and assist all those wishing to raise their consciousness to levels of growth never before dreamed of, yet before this nirvana is realised, they are forcefully encouraged to get jabbed. I mean, can anything red flag more grossly the nonsense purveyed by these ‘false prophets’?

Believe me I have seen such feet of clay displayed in my decades of investigation that have beggared belief, yet today, on steroids, we are witnessing the crash and crumble of the so called spiritual, body mind community falling into line with the coercive, criminals touting mass jabbing as the saviour of the world. I can tell you that from the inside it was relatively easy to spot the cash cows, the super inflated egos pushing their mind drugs of choice but today all I hear around me is the mighty crashing of paid clowns of spiritual counterfeiting, illuminating themselves as the frauds they were always trying to hide.

The plastic, media driven celebs so many swoon over are blatantly displaying their take of the thirty shekels, trousering it as if they need it, as they encourage all to jab, jab, jab. Such wastrels as Jeremy Clarkson, Prue Leith, (what a recipe for disaster), Andrew Lloyd Webber, Joan Collins, Sir David Attenborough – even though he has warned against extinction of the species, he heads the field – Willie Nelson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sir Patrick Stewart, Sean Penn, Harrison Ford, Jane Fonda, Brian Wilson (God Only Knows!), Christie Brinkley, Anthony Hopkins, Jeff Goldblum, Bette Midler, Elton John, Dolly Parton, Stephen Fry, Michael Caine, OMG the list goes on and on.

Now maybe some have had the ‘faux jab’ yet it does nothing to exonerate them from promoting the biggest fraud of history and the greatest mass murder by diktat the world ever saw.

What it does illustrate, on the positive side, is that the plastic people, those with hardly a brain cell to cultivate, will and have created their own extinction plan A. This not only swiftly depopulates, which is what the PTB wished for, but also leaves so many who either woke late, always knew this to be the game all along or are ongoing in taking down and holding to account those criminals and their acolytes who will rightfully be held to account and justice.

Personally, I am forever grateful I listened and followed my inner guidance that gave me knocks but also drew me out of the slough of despair and despond. With our armour of fearlessness, compassion and empathy, perhaps a world lacking in celebs and those void of any sort of courage and example, allows the verdant pastures ahead of us and the abundant forests and farmlands to work with us as we feed an evolution filled with wisdom, listening and loving kindness to all.

Feels far better than vacuous, self righteous, nobodies strutting their senseless stuff to millions of zombies!