Self Identification Assumes Knowing Who You Are

Today’s fad, latest trend is to self identify with vigour. So many genders, facets of person status and little idea of ‘who am I’ to choose from. So many twists and turns of character, emotional states and proclivities. It encourages anyone with a penchant for forcing their ‘specialness’ or perceived individuality, on a world so distracted, it could not care less one way or another, to demand such acceptance as their ‘right’.

Under these circumstances, otherwise really boring, under developed folk  career towards the entrance marked, Celebrity for 5 Seconds status.

When anyone suggests all this attention seeking, craving for an identity other than the evolutionary one might just reflect an utterly confused, peer diverted lost soul, they are lambasted as being Anti Whatever  the proclamation is.

No one really bothers to ask why such a slender slice of the human family is indeed driven to the lengths to change sex, identity or whatever else is involved. Of course the whole neo-liberalist driven agenda is thrust upon a population, mostly in Western societies, as absolute, where the idea of freedom is pummelled into them as essential must be-ism in the forms they present.

Some might cry out there are genetic conditions craving this change or that. Really? Well perhaps it might be relevant also to ask how these ‘genetic conditions’ have come about. It is common knowledge certain species in nature hold Hermaphroditic tendencies and this includes humans. Yet forceful projection on those outside this sub group, as a right and demand is hardly organic.

Choice is a peculiar human condition, from the point where multiple emotionally driven choices  on the table, as opposed to selective survival choices, present a whole different set of potentials, not always in the best interests of personal development. When a group of determined (fanatic) people force demands on the whole, there surely must be questions concerning the legitimacy of such actions.

We humans feel and some humans feel their rights and feelings demand a higher importance within the structure of the hierarchy of needs. I am pretty certain Abraham Maslow, who laid before us in his 1943 paper “A Theory of Human Motivation” the postulate of Hierarchy of Needs, did not envision the determined push for myopic insistence on the sort of needs thrust front and centre in the way the ‘Me Too’ and neoliberal agendas place before us.

Examining briefly, Maslow’s five determinants needing to be addressed they are – Physiological, Safety, Social, Esteem and Self Actualisation. We can understand basic needs. Each of these needs are not meant to be separate or unique to themselves, nor are they to be seen as having to be complete, developed before addressing another. What they do encourage is the journey to a far deeper comprehension of the self.

Today we are shoved towards ‘instant’ fixes. Hollering immediacy towards a goal most times others have designated as “What you ought, should and must be” in order to become whatever it is. Respect for the individual and group is demanded as a set in stone determinant, within a strict set of regulations and rules. Little consideration to the fact that respect needs to be earned is aired.

Looking at Maslow’s five, the physiological needs are those sustaining basic human needs – food, clothing, shelter. These are then followed by need for safety and security – for self preservation. Beyond this is also the need for future security. These needs established, the social and affiliation needs emerge as dominant. When social needs become dominant a person strives for meaningful relations with others. These being relatively satisfied, the need for self esteem and recognition from others becomes the focus. Most have a need for high evaluation of themselves firmly based in reality – recognition and respect from others. This leads to self confidence, prestige, power and control. They sense their usefulness and effect on their environment and this in turn allows organic growth.

When people are unable to satisfy their need for esteem through constructive behaviour, what is reflected often in individuals is to resort to disruptive and immature behaviour. Many social problems we are faced with today reflect just this sort of immature and adaptive behaviour. Until these needs are addressed in a mature and self willing way and desire to know and accept the self, nothing much is able to be approached on a meaningful basis. The soup remains unpalatable for many and self actualisation needs are not adequately able to be addressed or developed. This fosters arrested and frustrated development to appropriate inappropriate and negative behaviour.

To paraphrase Maslow “What a person can be, he/she must be‘.

Some might jump in here screaming I am being pronoun biased or merely pronoun disrespectful, in spite of my replacing Maslow’s ‘man’ with person. Here we begin to address a fanaticism purposefully laid out to confuse, deplete and divide human beings. The right for an individual to denominate how they call themselves is totally fine.

To insist society must fall in line and maintain absolute adherence to respect that choice is a short cut path to authoritarian lunacy, so prevalent and growing under cover of equal and human rights.  One party demands respect yet is utterly intolerant towards any other choosing not to fall into line.

From the law makers and power entities, we are told tolerance must be afforded hierarchically and seemingly randomly. This creates a mirror of the rich/poor/have/have not divide they have constructed themselves. Keep division ever at the forefront reminding those beneath of their obligation and duty to observe powerlessness. Tinsel gifted offerings, by way of manicured rights and choice, merely are shallow hand-me-down crumbs to pacify.

Decent human interaction depends on tolerance, acceptance and respect. These are naturally nurtured responses developed through self education and self awareness. They are not developed through diktats, or worse, enshrined laws. The desire to become what one is capable of becoming lies at the root of knowing, accepting and nurturing the self within the whole spectrum of experienced life.

We live in weird times where respect for international law, civil relationship and societal appreciation and inter development of individual and cooperative living is being played by structures of power, developing obvious division, discord, hatred and control. At the same time the very opposite is stressed as taking place and demanded by edict rather than natural, educational development. This is the result of a world fed stunted and stupefying fodder as nurture, choice and needs. It also illustrates the abject absence of true development and desire from each individual for that evolution.

Clare W. Graves in his thesis entitled “Human Nature prepares for a momentous leap” (1974), contends human beings exist at different ‘levels of existence’.

At any given level an individual exhibits the behaviour and values characteristic of people at that level, a person that is centralised at a lower level cannot even understand people at another level”

According to Graves:

Most people have been confined to lower [subsistence] levels of existence, where they were motivated by needs shared with other animals. Now, Western man appears to be ready to move up to a higher [being] level of existence, a distinctly human level. When this happens there will likely be a dramatic transformation of human institutions.

As much as this is a laudable aspiration and hope, it seems from when he proposed this observation some forty six years ago, we have hardly seen its appearance on any meaningful level. It appears the struggle for survival, to attain basic physiological needs is still far too prevalent in Western society. Also we are witnessing a superficial and determined cover up of essential needs and progress through agendas majorly driven by propagandised, controlled manipulation that, like so much of our societal life today, is superficial, vain, ego driven and self serving.

May we aspire to far greater evolutionary progress than presently administered! A meaningful and determined process towards self knowledge is a great start and one long overdue for so many, if only they could be bothered or care to do so.

Useful references:
Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor E. Frankl

Abraham Maslow – Hierarchy of Needs 


A Short History Of A Balloon In Search Of Its Self Identity

Following hastily on from the Precambrian Era, rubber trees came into existence and were found and sourced fro their latex sap. This was robbed of them, used to create all things rubber, including contraceptives. Yet inevitable the evolution of the balloon took preference.

Today the rainbow balloon has been inflated, pushed and pulled into front of house prominence where its self inflation and self importance has proudly projected its image and likeness onto a world bereft of any real news or import. (Stats from : World Gov Org)

Those whose ancestors robbed, pillaged and denuded the Amazon for the rubber they used for all kinds of devilish things, purposefully exploited (as is their genetic tendency)  rainbow promotions to divert the crowds from anything of any real substance and importance, allowing their tragic pillaging, rape and slaughter wrought around the world to continue unabated.

The balloon was itself happy to be made such a figurehead of importance and proceeded to demand it be taken as the most serious issue of the day by all and sundry.

Its launch towards the stratosphere of self importance was heralded as a new and civilised era in the history of overblown ego. Puffed, important and self identifyingly newsworthy, it filled vital gaps where BS was being slaughtered on the thresher of disbelief.

Inflated and tied onto its own emotionally charged canister below it, the launch heralded a first and saw an ever inflating rainbow balloon head heavenwards.

As any critical thinker is well aware, the higher it flies the harder it falls. The world carries on with its torpid introspection into its own vacuity and irrelevance and from a distant place on prime time viewing the inevitable bursting awaits a sound check.

Moral of the Tale: Everyone is equally important, none over any other:
Respect that and peace will thrive!

When Music Calls You Back From The Brink of Lunacy

I was 14 when Simon and Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence first hit the eardrums. Formative years in my musical life. Stunned by its brilliance, this number has remained close to my heart. Many others formed the emotional stability through years of love, life, tragedy, disappointment, loss and joy. That all these sounds hold an even deeper resonance and comprehension today is testament to greatness beyond all our years.sound-of-silence

The arts, music, painting, writing and creative expression of a variety too long to list, has always spoken truth, honest observance and a reminder to authority they never will be the overlord of the human spirit. When music, to take just one form, challenges and brings to account the terrors and influence imposed on a people, it will be the target of control, coercion, manipulation and force.

I was also blessed to be an energising part of the founding of one of the greatest groups of modern rock music – Genesis – and each of its original members were in their own way flagships of great transformational sounds for many generations. Mike Rutherford’s  The Living Years issued under his own group Mike and The Mechanics holds a special place in helping us understand through the power of music – the power of life.
Today’s music scene is a very audible example of how controlled a corner it has been hustled into. Helped by a corporatocracy of controlling interests refusing airtime and recording facilities to music that challenges, these entities encourage sounds (I cannot call it music) doused in mind controlling inference and shallow presentation. They promote accompanying videos to create and normalise sexual proclivities, exhort previously illegal visuals and pander to a train full of pedophiliacs.

The distance from my generation’s musical efforts to what is served today is galactic, sudden and dangerous. Music is always, rightfully, subjective yet I, along with so many  generations feel starved of a universal beauty we have previously been served.

SuperTramp Says It All


I recognise the younger generation is expected to shun their parents’ musical choices, yet today what is amply apparent is how many love choices that were ours in the 60s/70s and 80s. My personal hope is that the vibes these have planted in our own souls will migrate and become the saving grace and growth of the young today.

A revolutionary spirit as fired by the likes of Joan Baez, Dylan, Neil Young, Bob Marley, Nina Simone, Pink Floyd and on and on. Thank God all these greats blast their spirit into each the veins of new generations, showing how profound great music always will be.

We may be accompanying a mad, lunatic world as it lurches towards frantic self extinction, yet we can be grateful the soundtracks we choose to keep a calm serenity around us, feed us as they always did and live on, while we dance into a life of unknown expectations and foolish endeavours.

One thing’s for sure – most of us would never have imagined the world we see now, where hope and meaning are openly crushed in favour of self interest, callous disregard and cold calculated meanness.

It is therefore good to remind ourselves and be uplifted by REM’s stunning Everyone Hurts and remember we are all part of the whole healing processeveryonehurts

Remember we are Strong!
Remember We will not Fall
Remember We are Greater
For the Sum of All our Parts
We are The Many, including
the Deluded and Mind Controlled
Let the Wheel of Time
Turn For Us All
We Are its Engine

Link to your own particular tracks, reboot and know the strength of art will, as it always has done,  regenerate, rejuvenate and revitalise and  face off the psychopaths and those with little or no emotion. Prepare yourself for crossing that bridge of suffering and sighs lying in between.

Those were the days, my friends!

I’ll leave you with Liam Clancy’s The Band played Waltzing Matilda:

Here are the lyrics:

Now when I was a young man, I carried my pack.
And I lived the free life of a rover
From the Murray’s green basin
To the dusty outback,
I waltzed my matilda all over.
Then in nineteen fifteen, my country said son
It’s time to stop rambling,
There’s work to be done.
So they gave me a tin hat,
And they gave me a gun,
And they sent me away to the war.
And the band played Waltzing Matilda,
As the ship pulled away from the Quay
And amidst all the tears,
Flagwaving and cheers
We sailed off for Gallipoli

Well I remember that terrible day
When our blood stained the sand and the water
And how in that hell that they called Suvla Bay
We were butchered like lambs at the slaughter.
Johnny Turk he was ready
Oh he primed himself well.
He rained us with bullets,
And he showered us with shells.
And in five minutes flat,
We were all blown to hell
Nearly blew us back home to Australia.

And the band played Waltzing Matilda,
When we stopped to bury our slain.
And we buried ours and the Turks buried theirs,
And it started all over again.

Those who were living,
Just tried to survive
In that mad world of blood, death and fire
And for ten weary weeks, I kept myself alive,
While around me the corpses piled higher
Then a big Turkish shell,
Knocked me arse over head
And when I awoke in my hospital bed,
And saw what it had done,
Then I wished I was dead.
I never knew there were worse things than dying.

For no more I’ll go Waltzing Matilda,
All around the green bush far and near
For to hump tent and pegs
A man needs both legs
No more Waltzing Matilda for me.

They collected the wounded
The crippled, the maimed,
And they shipped us back home to Australia.
The armless, the legless The blind, the insane.
Those proud wounded heroes of Suvla
And when the ship pulled into Circular Quay
I looked at the place where me legs used to be.
And thanked Christ there was no one there waiting for me
To grieve and to mourn and to pity.

And the band played Waltzing Matilda,
As they carried us down the gangway.
But nobody cheered,
They just stood there and stared,
Then they turned all their faces away

So now every April, I sit on my porch,
And I watch the parade pass before me.
I see my old comrades,
How proudly they march.
Renewing their dreams of past glories
I see the old men, all tired, stiff and sore
The weary old heroes of a forgotten war
And the young people ask,
What are they marching for?
And I ask myself the same question.

And the band plays Waltzing Matilda
And the old men still answer the call
But as year follows year,
More old men disappear
Someday no one will march there at all.

Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda
Who’ll come a waltzing matilda with me?
And their ghosts may be heard
As they march by the billabong
Who’ll come a-waltzing matilda with me…





The Great British Mortgage Swindle

An overused  maxim in the English language is – An Englishman’s home is his castle.

It is becoming patently obvious to many thousands the bankers, mortgage industry and other players have been involved in a criminal exercise of such a scale as to convince everyone taking out a mortgage they have been treated legally.  This is as far from truth as you can imagine. Their castle was stormed, ravaged and sacked from the get go!

The fraud  perpetrated then exacerbated through the banking scandals and crash of 2008  illuminates how nearly 11 million mortgage holders in the UK have been traduced into accepting a financial charade literally robbing them in broad daylight of their hard earned cash. For many it has meant eviction, repossession and in several cases suicide through aggravated stress. If this sounds fantastical, illusory and full of “they would never do that to us” then read on and discover the nasty little and large habits and criminal activities stripping you daily of your cash, right to own outright with no mortgage and freedoms.

Two ultra determined individuals, whose stories drew each of them towards the light of truth through very dark and stressful individual journeys, have made it their mission and life’s work to expose a criminality that dives deep into the very foundations of our financial and economic systems. It enables the exposition of a criminal fraud affecting millions, far bigger than even the Government initiated PPI scandal recently. These two major justice, truth seekers and film makers –  Michael O’Bernicia and Michael O’Deira have initiated through their individual stories and those they came across, a process to challenge this illegal and obfuscating trompe d’oeil (trick of the eye) the banks have blindfolded us all for decades. Their film – The Great British Mortgage Swindle – records over eight years the depth of criminality enacted by mortgage companies, banks, financial and judicial

I recently went to London to catch a film presentation at one of the capital’s main cinema complexes. Here I met the Michaels, alongside many others who have been inspired to join this righteous movement and are determined to be part of the first wave of class action to the Supreme Court against this fraud.

The film and various links at the end of this article allow anyone interested to follow up  becoming another one of the near 11 million mortgage holders who are awakening to the truth they have been played big time and had money stolen off them.

In the wake of the US sub-prime mortgage crisis, the UK housing market collapsed, the reality of which was much more shocking that the public ever imagined.

Insolvent banks were lending money they didn’t have; mortgage fraud had been common practice for decades; conveyancing solicitors were giving illegal advice; whilst the police were violently enforcing the selective application of the law.

Then, when all seemed lost, a call to action rallied thousands from all over Britain, in support of the mavericks who took on the might of the banks, armed with nothing except the facts.

Nine years in the making, The Great British Mortgage Swindle is an urgently prescient, emotionally compelling and ultimately uplifting film, which lifts the lid on institutionalised mortgage fraud and the brutality of eviction by court order.

The literal translation from French of the word Mortgage is Death Pledge! That gives you some idea as to the dark nature of what so many have endured.

• Outstanding mortgage lending stood at £1.451 trillion in Q1 of 2019.
• There are 10.94 million mortgages in the UK.
• Making the average mortgage debt amounting to £132,633.

One of the primary conditions for a successful banking operation to launch itself, depends on drawing funds out of people’s income they have persuaded them to deposit. The banks hold the money, re-lend it along with an invisible nine times its worth. This is called fractional banking Due to ignorance, susceptibility, lethargy and blind sidedness people come to believe, when they subsequently ‘borrow’ from the bank, they are accessing real solid money. In fact they are being loaned fiat pieces of paper, promissory notes.

These promissory notes are illusory ‘money‘. In law they are acknowledged as currency, transactional worth. When a mortgage company/bank agree to lend you £X,000s all they are doing are adding a promissory note into a system that then generates a numerical value to said note. Out of thin air they ‘plant‘ that sum into your ‘account‘. You feel richer, they have created a debt and business is transacted as if by magic from that famed money tree. The way in which this is committed in the mortgage arena is such as to enact an illegal fraud. This fraud is covered by a code of practice, illegal in itself but accepted by the banking club as their legal interpretation by omission. It is this fraud that is now exposed, revealed to be endemic in the mortgage system and is legally proven to be what it really is. Such legal precedence lays the pathway for many millions of people to reclaim their true property entitlement, all monies already dispensed and the evisceration of an age old criminal fraternity.

In the links below these facts and full details are laid out in far greater detail and factuality. Suffice it to say we are all collectively standing on the edge of a mighty rupture we collectively are making in the financial, economic and banking system that has, for far too long held a stranglehold over the population.

Many have queried how is it possible to break this cartel of criminals. What actions are needed to  individually and collectively smash a system created for the Few and inured on the Many. Well, in this we have the perfect storm and potential to make the cracks already riven into the dam, enlarge and burst a flooded bubble too long inflated at our cost.

Change is inevitable. For those with mortgages round their neck this is a cost free opportunity to release yourself from these shackles. It is truly collective endeavour making waves turning into a tsunami.

Finally it must be acknowledged that without the work so painfully carried out, the sacrifices many have endured to see justice win over injustice and the selfless endurances and operations the Michaels have created and formulated for all our benefits, we would still be wishfully thinking some unknown deus ex machina to come forth and overcome our enslaved lives.

Support the gift these links offer by spreading this message and making others aware there is a way through, a way forward that shines light into the darkest and desolate places.

Together we are powerful, together we win!


RT’s Renegade Inc  interview of Michael O’Bernicia and Michael O’Deira

The Great British Mortgage Swindle Film
Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 22.45.48.png  – The FB page

Watch on Amazon Prime:

Buy the DVD on Amazon:

See the film in a UK cinema: https://www.thegreatbritishmortgageswindle

Mortgage Fraud Three Letter send

Visit Forged Signatures:   – So You want to join the Class Action – informs you the steps to take to get up to speed…
Beat the Bailiffs all things CCJ  – Parking BanditsBailiffsDebt Collectorszombie debt buyers

This is for all things non-mortgage where people get shit scared they will lose their pants – otherwise called irrational fear of criminal actions against you!! A place where instant professional advice and guidance is freely given.

Please feel free to spread this information to all who have and hold mortgages, have done so in the past or have been repossessed or otherwise interfered with

Khazakstan Leads The Way To Debt Jubilee


Kazakhstan’s capital city Nur-Sultan (previously Astana) © J Trapman / HLNews

In a move that reflects the ancient ways used to sort out toxic economies, the newly elected leader of Khazakstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, has opened up the way for a debt jubilee to be enacted in his country.

Following an ancient tradition that goes way back to Sumerian, Babylonian and Persian days, the President has declared bad debts affecting over one fifth of the population will be annulled, written off. He also went on to declare that support for bailing out the banks would end.

“My attitude is that there should be no governmental bailouts” for lenders, Tokayev told Bloomberg in an interview. “My assessment of this issue as a president is that the government should not get involved any more, any longer, with its loans as far as private banks are concerned.”

Such moves have been, over recent years, mooted by sensible and independent economists and strategists to be the only real and valid way to rid the global economies of their toxic self created nature and reset the economic clock and health. Steve Keen, professor of economics at Kingston University in London and author of Debunking Economics says:

The basic idea behind a modern debt jubilee is we’ve let far too much private debt accumulate by allowing the financial sector to exercise the rights of being able to create money without exercising the responsibilities that should come with it.

What they’ve done is do the brain-dead thing of funding asset bubbles because it’s easy to just give somebody money to buy a house. That causes the price of the houses to go up. And then you get nice large bonuses on that. And when the bubble bursts, who cares? You’ve already moved onto another company or you’ve taken out so much it doesn’t matter to you.

Khazakstan itself is in a prime position with its southern territories benefiting a direct road from Beijing to Europe, thanks to the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) that started in 2013 and is now attracting hundreds of partnerships and global interest. The old capital Almaty, whose financial centres already boast huge inward interest and investment looks to benefit even more, since the building by the ex President and founder of modern day Khazakstan, Nursultan Nasarbayev, the present capital Nur-Sultan (Astana)


In the West the thought of a debt Jubilee fills those controlling the economic veins of nations with dread and horror. That their blood sucking on debt societies might consider the masses ahead of their deep pocketed trousering of billions and their profit taking demise, is a step too far. They would rather run with their ill gotten gains and see the whole house of cards crash around them, confident their own position is water tight and sound than take selfless action.

However the likes of the Chinese, whose forward chess play demands working towards the benefit of all people, many generations down the line  rather than an elite look to check mate any ill found Western hegemony. Their Eurasian, Russian and Far Eastern partners are set on developing stronger and stronger economic powerhouses while the West, specifically the US, will be left floundering through disastrous car crash economies.

The world’s economic health depends on many parts, yet with one major sector having already created a gold backed insurance scheme against tsunami like depressions, it not only explains the Western interest to ferment unrest, wars by proxy and other jealous making knee jerks, but also highlights the denial these self seeking bandits display.

drop-the-debt-800In the UK there is a growing campaign for debt jubilee to be enacted. This practice of debt jubilee was utilised by the Babylonians, the Romans and others to disband debts that would otherwise cripple economies. Creating debt justice, as opposed to debt slavery, not only is just, it also places the Many at the head of the queue with their interests first rather than the few and their ‘banksters’. Far from ruining the economy it releases a whole flood of newly available spending power to revitalise and renew economic flotation.

The killer of growing inequality has to be addressed. No matter what propagandised lies are flaunted to demonise and image China and its partners in their march towards a multipolar world, the dying regimes of greed, benefit of the few and global hegemony are too far gone in their futile attempts at rescuing an impossible situation.

Hyper inflation, in itself a self rectifying modality, does not cause balancing in any longterm sense. It may work well to wipe out government debt but its concomitant misery poured on the people does the masses no favours at all. The Germans from 1921 to 1924 can attest to that.

Hyper inflation, as defined as a monthly inflation rate of more than 50% per month, has occurred in many other countries during the 20th century including Angola, Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Estonia, France, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Krajina, North Korea, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Yugoslavia, Zaire and Zimbabwe.

Advocating that a country deliberately go through a period of hyper inflation or force a debt jubilee appears irresponsible. However, the alternative is arguably not only worse but impossible to achieve: a crushing debt burden on societies and the loss of all services previously paid for by taxation.

Were hyper inflation to hit the UK, it is an interesting supposition to wonder whether an incoming Labour government, on the fall of the right,  could ride in on such pissedoff-unpopularity, create a massive debt jubilee, smash the banking cartels and start a rebuild that Labour of the 1940s and 50s could have only dreamed of.

Whether this would happen, one thing is for certain – the present inequality within those so called civilised states – must necessarily be wiped out and the people’s interest to be placed for once at the top of the agenda, where they should always have been from day one.


Bringing Minds Home and Under Control

In their ideal world all empires search for a total handle and control on their population, where only restricted thinking, a mindset of endless slavery, subservience and total obedience to the Empire is maintained.

Until the 20th century these aspirations remained in the Land of Dreams. Today we live in that land, most of us remaining unaware the transgressions perpetrated on us through a massively manipulated technological and ideological industry.

“I visualize a time when we will be to robots what dogs are to humans, and I’m rooting for the machines.” — Claude Shannon

How such ignorance has been inculcated and impressed on our global population is through incessant repetition of storylines depicting evil dictators going for world domination, finally being destroyed by the good guys. Through films and entertainment outlets we have drunk these in copiously. Yet these evil criminal entities are, in reality, those displaying themselves, like peacocks, as the beneficial good guys, intent on bringing all an ease, comfort and peace they are indoctrinated to dream of.

Do you notice how often the word dream is thrown into the crowd? The American Dream, (nightmare as George Carlin so rightly ascribed), your dream house, dream life, dream holidaydream girl/boyfriend. How the expectations are drilled into us, seemingly innocuously and projected equally innocently through the storylines in film, TV and media?

The invention of the moving image, the birth of Hollywood, television and now the Internet have all become the hijacking tools for dissemination of mind seeded ideals, dreams and visions of a future where humans are the pinnacle of their existence among the panoply of nature, its creatures and the environment. Ironically all the time it is the destruction of nature, its creatures and the environment that struts alongside these deceitful illusions.

In the days of the Roman Empire, it was the bread and circus that kept the crowds supplicant, satiated and most of all distracted from realities perpetrated against them. Today our technological bread and circus is no different towards means and ends, it just looks and acts shinier, more alluring and tempting. Like fish rising to pellets thrown them, we gobble up these trinkets, the distractive apps, the utterly mind numbing soaps and entertainment believing we are better off. We kid ourselves big time that we hold the precious flame freedom, live a life of ease and betterment our ancestors would be in awe of.

From this writer’s point of view, writing these truths and observations often feels akin to living a constant Groundhog Day, where no matter how many times truths are told, shared and explained the world’s dumbing down, servitude and silence on these matters stays stuck, like some old Anemometer, locked foretelling no wind, no disturbing storm brewing, just the occasional summer breeze, while all around a hurricane of control, enslavement and deceit finally gets screwed into place. Whipping us all into order where every breath, every movement both facial, actual and mental is recorded, noted and logged is their nirvana being processed.

Dystopian you might think. You’d be one hundred percent correct. Never happen really, you add. Wrong! It is here, embedded and embedding deeper as people persist in believing it could never  really happen. The protestation “I’ve done nothing wrong, so what harm is all this fear of surveillance?” must be the most heinous cognitive dissonance, ignorant appraisal and worse, utter refusal to admit the sheep in front, around and behind you offering these trinkets, are wolves disguised as convenience, more choice and greater personal freedom.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act attributed to George Orwell

We all can attest the encroachment of moving images, press media, television in its invasion of the deepest corners of our lives. So many accept this as one more marvel of entertainment, progress writ large, information spread widely and a greater opportunity for growth in knowledge.

Rethink! – Bread and Circus.

In Roman times the Frumentarii, whose original remit was to collect wheat tariffs, doubled up as the secret service of the Empire. Today we have, traversing through and into all areas of our lives, the CIA, NSA, IRS, GCHQ, MI5, JIO, Inland Revenue, FSB, CSS, RPS etc. Worldwide intensive connectivity where all and more of these entities link themselves, enable control of a global population.

The key to this jail cell we have willingly permitted ourselves to be locked into is in our own hands.

Truth has to be sought—in tears, in sorrow, in desperate revolt; here a little and there a little gained, and when gained held against all comers for the sake of humanity and sometimes at the cost of life itself – Charlotte Despard, The Great Conspiracy

The birth of social media platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and YouTube, offer the dream in extremis. All are owned and run by a technocracy of oligarchic, self serving psychopaths, who have all consciously and willingly sold themselves to the controlling powers. Its tech and owners’ souls swallowed into these national and international security services, combine and create a behemoth of such vast reach as to be all encompassing. Technology, both in physical and mental terms has reached a point whereby we are all suckered in on some level or other, unless of course we live in the wilderness, way off grid.

To whatever degree that suckering attaches itself by way of our needs, desires and impulses, we are trapped while connected. Collectively we have bought wholesale the proposition technology is good, when in actuality it is neutral until manipulated.The mantra it advances is that it brings us closer to that time where we humans need to sweat less, relax more and live our freedom out loud. This lie, as presently presented, reverberates like a tolling bell of doom, while sounding to the sheep like wedding bells. So many utterly fail to comprehend that buying into this belief, is buying into a phantom dream sold, a mirage portrayed and only able to operate because we turn off both individual and collective control and autonomous direction.

It may look like choice, yet it remains a superbly crafted lie. It may look like we are in control of our own lives, yet  when the plug is pulled leaving us incommunicado, without reach, fighting uncontrolled freezers, baby alarms, front door lock outs, the loss of television and computer interactivity, out of control autonomous cars, no street or public lighting and without any access to fiat and digital currencies, the truth is revealed. The ultimate prison with no bars visible; yet for a dumbed down utterly dependent population this is  terminal withdrawal of freedom and independence.

5g-russiaWe already vote electronically making our choices open to manipulation, to whatever lie is the delicious deception of the day. Crowd control is effected through levels of microwave frequencies within Active Denial Systems.  Augmented and virtual reality replace our true reality thanks to 5, 6 and their interminable Gs and beyond, invited through our insatiable desire for anything but reality. With the realisation of the harm and entrapment these portend the swift vocalisation of so many screaming they never saw it coming and their unremitting denial it was ever their fault is laughable and pitiful. Allowance and acceptance through a pathetic desire for easy entertainment and virtual connectivity encourages and drives the relentless domination of these modalities now seeded.

The Internet of Things sounds so palatable, so innocuous does it not?
It allows the ignorant to salivate on what it enables them to enjoy, create and get immersed in. All the time this ignorance to the reality drawing them in, like technological Sirens or arachnid magnets to a web far darker than any Dark Web. It blinds and fools them with impunity. This web looks light, glorious and the answer to all problems and challenges. All the time it is manipulated to continue imprisonment of all within a suffocating, unbreakable controlled environment that demands total submission and an adherence to unquestioned obedience.

Recently we have witnessed total blackouts across two vast countries in South America. Venezuela has been targeted through its energy grid to surrender itself to the Empire. Global drop out at various stages and intensity of social media apps demonstrate the ease of denial of services. Terrorist infestation of infrastructure grids in the Russian Federation set themselves on a quiet cyber war against those more likely to spill the truth. The list grows almost daily.

We are told to believe Huawei is set on infiltrating and holding to ransom the West’s infrastructure, while in reality the accusers are the very perpetrators of these actions, blaming their ‘enemies‘ while asserting they are the ones upholding and protecting us all from evil and criminality. How so many cannot see through this ever thinning veil covering these lies is astounding as well as down right frightening.

There is no longer any division between the entertainment and news industries. Seamlessly absorbed into each other, over and above incestuous breeding, Hollywood has, over many decades, inculcated as ‘normalmind control, pre-crime, the substantive coercive state interventions targeting non-imminent crimes, alien invasions, acceptance of pedophilia as a social particle and psychopathy as merely a disease able to be cured. While such absurd lies are projected and injected, they get obscured and ‘forgotten‘ through the delivery of newer and better tech toys offered to a deluded population. This age old technique keeps the truth as far away as possible while the addicts get even more addicted.

In reality these ‘toys’ join the prison cell dots invisibly, slaughtering, in the medium to long term, many and enabling a conditioning no previous bread and circus could have possibly dreamed of in their wildest fantasies.

The rabbit hole runs deep. The desire to change nothing, inculcated and programmed into so many minds as best option and easy out, is the evil elixir too many plump for. If they but knew how self administered their own suicide was, both physical and mental, they might think twice. Yet weak minds remain fallow fields for sowing all manner of servility seeds.

In a world saturated with confusion, division, redirection and full blown propagandised BS, taking the simplest action to release oneself is seen as a mountain too far. Simple now becomes complex, war peace, lies truth and so on and on.

The addict’s greatest challenge is to leave the needle, booze, snort, theft and curdled mind behind for good. The thought of retraining mental processes exciting these addictions, let alone physical abstinence, looms huge and seeming insurmountable, yet breaking oneself from technology that invades, takes over and redirects your every moment is exactly what needs to be enacted.

Grounded skills, artisanal expertise, wise counsel, common sense, self reliance and solid mental strength become the currency of sanity and equilibrium. In a world bankrupt of all these today, this foreknowledge is gold.

To kick the addiction is why we all are here. You can call it what you like but bottom line that is it. Whether we succeed cannot be judged good or bad. The mission is without colour or judgement. It is simply Mission Experience. We are all the result of efforts  encountering challenge, succumbing to or overcoming them. That the soul can never be jailed is a truth deserving first and foremost place in our mind, if we are to survive as whole beings and ultimately warriors in this world.

We will never move from our present state and place unless we awaken to what and who we truly are. We can never unlock our own self imposed jail time until we are prepared to take such action as is necessary to free ourselves. That entails dropping all preconceptions we have spent a lifetime holding to. To rely on others to do that for us is lunatic. We have to investigate exactly and precisely our own self, get to know and love it and be prepared to make changes when those parts no longer serving us, still hang around dementedly demanding centre stage.

It becomes imperative we dispense with any other telling us what to do. It demands questioning every imposition foisted on us, any good/bad thrust on us because we are told it is bad/good for us and that we need it or must avoid it. To ask every time that telling question –  cui bono (who benefits)?. It exhorts each of us grow up, be the adult we must become. The actions needed to retain an operational critical mind and develop our innate critical faculties become imperative. This can really only happen once we dispense with everything preventing our autonomous mind and output to function properly.

Orienting towards like-minded and positively driven minds, conscious communities, (tiny, small or large) built on trust, transparency, justice and tolerance executed through unconditional love is a starting point within both reality and our potential. Best encountered in the flesh, it demands getting out, meeting, sharing and forever questioning with an open mind and heart. Executing the off switch controlling tech is best practice.

Is this too much to ask of ourselves for a freedom where others cannot dictate what freedom should mean and where autonomy and knowledge bring forward a greater Ecology of Oneness and a life worthy of true explorers and pioneers?

For myself I know it is not.

‘Cause the line between
Wrong and right
Is the width of a thread
From a spider’s web
The piano keys are black and white
But they sound like a million colours in your mind


Highly Likely May!

This recent video we have created subtitles in English for from and their weekly show – Pilorama, International Sawmill has as quickly as it was put up been banned by Facebook. (so far, we’ll be watching if YT get the hump!)

Clearly obvious why they would not wish any humorous skit on Theresa May and the British political scene and I suppose it was highly likely it would be challenged and banned.

Hilarious is an understatement and we all must praise the Russians for their great sense of humour and lack of political correctness shown both to their own and international figures.

Here is the link to the video

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 00.45.18

Pilorama Interview with Theresa May

Highly Likely May – Bye Bye!

A superbly amusing summary of the parting of Theresa May and what and who might follow. The hilariously comic weekly show from , Pilorama – International Sawmill – is an absolute must watch for Russian and English speakers alike.

We at Highly Likely News will hope to bring you full subtitled editions of their superb comic spoofs on International News and Russian current Affairs in the near future. Bookmark and keep your eyes open!
Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 00.59.51

You gotta love the Russians, they really can laugh at themselves and others with panache. They shatter the Western narratives of highly likely BS and lies and show why so many Westerners just love Russia for a goodly dose of sanity, humour and keeping the world from disaster!

Enjoy and laugh!

BREAKING! President-Elect Shoeon Anyfoot Set To Be Inaugurated in USA

Exciting as these times are we at Highly Likely News are proud to bring huge news of new leaders, changing situations around the world and instantly created leaders where no leaders existed before.

In the USA utterly out of the blue the government of Fiji supported by the Kuril Islands, Kurdistan, a motley crew of Pacific Islands and the Republic of Tradonia has proposed and backed a totally unknown hobo, Shoeon Anyfoot as the new President elect of the Undisputed Super A*Hole (USA) entity. A vagrant of few vestments he will be traveling to Wisconsin as soon as he has taken a shower and had a good scrub, for a tutorial in investiture and Purposeful Presidency.

The Federal Reserve Bank, a privately owned foreign entity presently squatting in Washington DC and other squats around the Barko Mad States is said to have confiscated any provisions Shoeon Anyfoot was alleged to have resource to.

Across the pond we also have news coming in that the sparsely United Queendom has given orders for all 30 of the Special Security Forces promoted and aligned to the ill named Integrity Initiative, a wholly owned shared subsidiary of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Blackwater Military Supplies (BMS) are to be placed on full alert.

alertThe possibility of reciprocal action to place an unknown Welsh woman, Rhonda Bout through the door of 10 Downing Street as acting Premier has garnered vast support from a dulled and ever more exhausted population who have given both Sky News and the BBC a huge raspberry and thumbs down in their futile media promotion of an ever increasing stagnating pond of Brexit, now fully frozen over.

Rhonda, in an interview with HL News spoke of her excitement and elation at being allowed into the pantry of 10 Downing Street. She said:

“It will be at last my hour to produce Taffy cakes for the nation, where my greatest hero David Lloyd George never quite made that cut! If only Marie Antoinette had given the peasants Taffy cakes her head would still be on her decomposing body!”


Rhonda Bout

Rhonda, now in her eighties will be seen as the youngest Welsh national to invade England in a bloodless coup this side of Caernarfon.

In celebration the Welsh rugby team, before its Six Nations match against France this weekend will hold a minute or three rendering of Cwm Rhondda (Bread of Heaven) in support of sanity flowing into Westminster and a brave attempt at gaining ever more copious teary eyed followers.

Across La Manche (Channel to all English peasants) the French continue to bring their weekly tutorial in how to dump a useless, cockroach engorging, tax grabbing elitist schoolboy. His granny queen, the unnamed pusher from behind blonde Brigitte, was captured recently by HL News snappers garnering even more of a shoe collection as she stepped off her yacht in the unnamed German port of Bremen.macron-shoes

In Germany, almost on cue the Rothschild imposed daughter of a dodgy illicit affair is nearing the end of her reign of almost uneventful tenure. A  position threatened to be up for grabs by her handlers. This inverted coup by the para psychotic Kazarian group, long known to fiddle with every conceivably important world government, will shortly declare to the world its tenure as Shit Stirrers #1 vacated and available to the highest bidder.

Both Moscow and Beijing have wisely stayed on the sidelines watching a West eat itself silly as they and selected partners make preparations and huge resourced financial gain for a far saner and egalitarian world. Their economic gains in spite of Western sanctions are awakening a world beaten down through austerity that there is a better way forward for all once their own elected idiots are disposed of.

Futility and humour stand side by side as new laws currently on the statute books of all nations in demise await their final approval in outlawing humour. The engagement  in meaningful talks with futility is highly likey to quicken the collective demise of said participating nations of collective lunacy. A stunned multi cultural population, drifting along within their respective borders not knowing which side of their collective bed they should exit, remind the sane of rabbits in front of oncoming headlights.

All in all a round trip in normality is noted from this august independent media outlet to be doing what it does best – continue the absurd to the last breath of pointlessness.

OUR ADVICE: Invest in snowploughs, crypto comments and a light hearted toss given with little hope of return. Oh, and eat healthy!

Editor’s note: Comments made here are entirely exonerated and agreed by the Highly Likely Press Organisation. All images used are for educational and informational purposes only. 

Rome Burns Even as the Fiddlers Play Out Of Tune

The Northern Hemisphere is riddled in snow. The Southern Hemisphere bakes its bones. Climate changes constantly, irrationally for those not attuned to facts. Nature is blamed, others are shamed, the real sufferers told it is their fault for buying into consumerism.

Those that rule over us dictate our rage. Insidious and more transparent methodology is levelled against the unwitting public to make them believe it is all their fault, their problem and their just desserts. Like rabbits in the oncoming headlights we freeze obeying the indoctrination we are powerless.

All the time the psychopaths, greed mongers and self serving crew of the Few bleed yet more resources, make-believe money and wealth from the life blood of our planet. Destruction is a means to an end not a violence to arrest.

The voice of the prophets and free thinkers is shouted down, silenced through mass targeting. Fake News, fake this and fake that  used as a blunt instrument to dull the sword of truth. Families turn on families, loved ones fall out of love through ignorance and blind adhesion to false premise. Division, the great weapon of subjugation is lanced into minds at every level and predilection.

Suffering becomes the go to joy of life. Self inflicted, purposefully owned through an incredulous belief in self guilt. Difference is shunned like a treason, then shamed as against the nature of being human. Mass acceptance of all sorts of sodomy, sexual predilection and bent is forcefully planted as politically correct. The belief that there is a black and white thought construct that is right leaving all other divergences from that thinking  outlawed runs rampant over society.

The human symphony has been whittled down to a mere handful of out of tune instruments playing a dirge so painful, so mournful it is promoted as Joy! The few conductors do so with one hand while their other is counting their coffers. It is filmed in such a way as to show only the conducting hand and the forced smiles of an audience so stunned into blankness it neither cares nor knows who it is or what they are listening and watching.

The question must be asked – Is this entity a.k.a. Humanity worth continuing with? – it would seem certain conditions have already decided that, yet mercifully have left out letting humanity know. As the cosmic conditions advance themselves as they have continued to do so through time immemorial no burning fires of human vanity and ignorance will ever be enough to staunch the inevitable.

It would seem the time is well overdue to make one’s peace within, to speak truth to the self and rejoice that emotional attachment is a mere frippery of transient thought. It is time to remind ourselves we are greater than the experiences we create for ourselves every moment. Now is the moment to open our arms, laugh at the ludicrous and welcome annihilation as and when it comes.

To believe we can change things is folly. Change has its own agenda and we as supposed stewards of the changelings have failed miserably. All we can do now is ride the change so far out of our control, stop endeavouring to sit in the driver’s seat and rest peacefully as a passenger. The price of such a ticket is humility, an embracing of our own magnificence and to engage in the view of wonders as they pass.

No Project Fear, no overarching Doom monger can ever invade the Inner Sanctum of the Infinite Soul. Be joyful and laugh at the rats as they leap from the burning armada. Harbour and the Deep Blue are two facets of the same destination so unbuckle and enjoy the ride!

Signs and Portents – Fearsome Guide to Life

Before an earthquake or major natural calamity you will see creatures fleeing well before the event. Natural instinct picks up strange and variable energies that alert the fauna to eminent disaster and danger.

We humans, so ensconced in our reliance on technology, lackadaisical attitudes towards imminent danger unobserved usually suffer the consequences of resultant events. These do take place in the natural world around us as with earthquakes, floods and war, yet when it comes to our own environment, our relationships, community or an individual’s actions and their outcomes we so often are blindsided, taken by utter surprise and again suffer the ensuing consequences.

Technology endeavours hard to solve the seeming irresolvable. We expect solutions to be invented, created out of necessity and most often look to others to accomplish these feats. That may be practical in many cases however denying our own resolving tools is folly at best.

Within each of us we have such repositories to draw on that can chart the progression of such events thus mitigating the oft felt calamity on us and those around us.

It is very hard to make someone hear who wishes to remain deaf to a proposal. It is nigh impossible to persuade another who staunchly sticks their head in the sand and refuses all outside advice and help. These end up being veritable lost causes, frustrating as that may be.

However each of us is gifted with insight. Insight needs respect of the highest order. It needs clarity gained through acknowledging it and demands determined work out to develop its sharpest features. A tool left in the potting shed to be ravaged by the damp and cold will never be brought out burnished. Likewise our intuition so often neglected and given little due as to its worth needs polishing.

One visceral part of intuition, a helper if you will is the ever present signs and portents flying around us through such a multiplicity of avenues it can sometimes be bewildering. It is in honing our intuitive faculties through observation, critical thought and an ever present desire to question more that enables us to decipher signs and portents offered.

For many these two aids look as if they ought to be left in the entrails and mythic past where we are told they had their day. Foolish is the one who would believe these misguided advices. While all around us they show themselves in event presenting metaphors for life we ignore them at our peril, especially believing science can unravel for us what determined work on ourself would otherwise accomplish.

Nothing is ever a straight line, yet straight lines are part of the journey. Nothing is ever black and white, yet these two tonal areas are part of the whole. The spectrum of things is by its nature and design a map of full coverage in the visible and tangible parts.

What exists in the intangible, the unseen, the far too refined parts is anyone’s guess. Just because we cannot see it, does not negate its existence. What it does demand is our trust and faith that what we know, see, feel and experience is merely scratching a surface that contains far more depth and breadth than we could imagine. That in itself should be enough to blow our minds.

Why it may not is the result of our awe and wonder having been beaten out of us through frivolity, acceptance of superficiality and rank ignorance of the vastness of our individual and collective potential. We have allowed ourselves to be driven, like a nail, into the coffin of our self inflicted shortsightedness and smallness. This sort of neutering leads to mass extinction yet is never inevitable if we are open to learning about ourselves in a far more meaningful and passionate way.

The path is fearsome, in a positive awe inspiring sense of the word. We are adept at scaring ourselves shitless – we do it on a daily basis and allow others to feed our fears by the minute. This is our greatest enemy when it comes to wishing to develop our intuitive potency. It is what blocks our vision both inner and outer to the signs and portents that line the road we travel. They become the essential billboards advertising the potential ahead for success or failure.

Signs and portents are our guides, if we but knew it or accepted them as such, yet they need us to be willing to dig deep into ourselves and clear the dross of false belief, baggage preventing our vision seeing clearly and anything that would prevent us being objectively able to appraise information before us. It is this for many that makes them discard all this as itchy witchy nonsense. But as previously stated retraining a fool is as hard  as Sisyphus rolling his rock uphill for it to roll back down again and again.

The self serving fools who pretend to govern over us exude a power and control most accept as the right of the job, rarely questioning the sanity of what is demonstrated. Ego maniacs, psychopaths and all who abuse their power and position inevitably create actions spurring reactions leading to disasters, suffering and eventually their own demise. Wherever it may come from nature very often through utilising human interaction on whatever level delivers warnings, prohibitions and insights as to future results. In a way that much science happily kicks into the long grass while they hold no solution within their parameters of documentation, human and natural forces are so intricately entwined as to flag up when the human part goes against the grain and interdependence of such a relationship. When we push our arrogance to playing god within the natural arena, the discord created holds dire consequences. Arrogance and stupidity blind us from such consequences until only when the outcomes hit us full on do we begin to question whether our approach could be more sympathetic to the whole.

This article was spurred by witnessing a small island in the Maldives combusting, destroying the whole eco built paradise retreat for the rich and well heeled. As of writing there is little or no loss of life thankfully, yet the metaphor in the signs presented is of this sort of exclusive life style being as impertinent and able to be destroyed in an instant as anything.

There are far more obvious and telling signs and portents witnessed. The Grenfell Tower disaster, so man made, so fuelled by self serving greed and disdain for those far more deprived issued a stark and unequivocal reminder of our polarised society between the haves and have nots. These signs screamingly obvious to even those half asleep have yet to be taken on board and become a positive litmus test for deep problems boiling up like puss under the skin. Ignoring such signs build to create massive counter reactions.

As much as our abuse of our environment is a major disaster already in full throttle, we are forced to accept at it as ultimate cause of so many of our woes. Yet to contextualise it into a cycle as long and as natural as the earth itself might allow us to realise it is being used as a rod to beat us with far more than a carrot to lead us through the darkness of ignorance. That more is not addressed in this area is down to lack of foresight, desire to care for others born and unborn and sheer bloody selfish ways. We give away our power as if it was not ours to hold in the first place. Selfish wants supersede selfless need at every level of action and interaction. Cultivating blame, dividing each against the other are classic redirection tools avoiding the realities we share and face.

Why does it always have to reach a point where the creatures we are supposedly meant to steward  and care for wash up with more plastic inside them on our shores than food in their bellies? Even these signs and portents of our imminent extinction are brushed aside at this eleventh hour and a half as merely results of a poverty of invention.

An intuitive can feel, sense imbalance, developing sickness yet if that is overridden by staunch disbelief in the numinous and inner rather than accepting insight as part of the proactive measures to realign, it falls impotent on rocky ground. Intransigence and unwillingness to explore the inner as well as outer is a killer for anything approaching intuition and natural alertness.

Today is so filled with the noise of distraction, interference with natural resonance that it can be tricky to negotiate. We are brilliant at telling ourselves the things we cannot do, yet rarely decide on the can do path which always reveals what we can.

Belief in self, grounded in solid practice and practicality, determination linked to respect for our environment are solid foundations. Listening within and without for subtle change and direction, honouring space with as little interference from technology all leads to the development of heightened awareness. When we begin to feel as alert and receptive to our surroundings as the hare and antelope then we have opened a door that will only close when we fall back into dullness and stupor.

Synchronicity and happenstance are both instruments to be highly respected. That science may not place heavy weight on them is science’s loss. If we allow ourselves to open to the possibility and potential revealing itself to us through ways and means we had previously no idea of then this is one good sign that we are inviting intuition to take its rightful front seat in our lives. The rewards will always surprise yet will have been well earned and as natural as the air we breathe.