The Great British Brexit Swindle

I was a revolutionary, innocent less informed 22 year old when in 1972 Ted Heath and the Conservative Government took us into the Common Market. Enthusiasm for people unity and greater interactivity allowed me to accept much that was touted as good for us all. There was no referendum. There was and still is no written UK Constitution. There was always a gentleman’s agreement constitution available to misrepresentation and convenient reinterpretation. No one was asked to democratically vote on whether to go into this arrangement or remain a so called sovereign state.

Only after Labour and Harold Wilson came to power was a referendum called as to whether we stay in or get out. Sound familiar? With a 52.1% stay and 47.9% get out vote the ‘Remainers’ had it in 1975. How similar these percentages are when 2016 vote is laid alongside it in mirror image.

Yet these similarities  both rest on tenets of non sovereign machinations. The referenda held were, against the British way of governance, both held and accepted as advisory votes, yet touted as binding to those that knew little, having no legal necessity to be upheld or honoured. As long as the powers that be were satiating their own needs through the Emperor’s new clothes of referenda it all was sold down to the people as constitutional and democratic. Both these words being as abused as they always have been down the ages. It can be argued, we in the UK have never truly had a constitution nor a true democracy. The latter will engage screams of BS from so many who have been trained, taught and led to believe that it was that very democracy that laid our foundations and exceptional prowess as a nation going on to be fed to the world.

The cry “Magna Carta laid it down well and good for us all” is as sacred a chant as any religious fervour or tenet could be. Yet in truth most everything laid down in that historic charter has been ploughed, harrowed and decimated to merely remain a museum piece for us to gloat over, glorify, and make believe it still is our foundation and a critical part of a paradisiacal democratic fantasy.

In 1972 the government passed the European Communities Bill. This bill was presumed enough of an excuse to take us into the EEC (European Economic Community). The fact that at the time the fear that the majority of the population would have rejected such a move was the main driver for Heath to NOT propose a referendum. Before his election he even did what seems common practice today, he said the opposite of what he went on to propose. Heath declared that it would be….

“…wrong if any Government contemplating membership of the European Community were to take this step without `the full hearted consent of Parliament and people”

The turncoats and self interested never lose their pale pusillanimous pallor, do they!

Today we find ourselves being not only played like fiddles but also transgressed so gravely as for it to deserve revolution. History not learned is a fatal flaw to any true democratic desire. Thus the majorly unremarked European Union (Withdrawal) Bill 2017 came into the public awareness when published  13th July 2017. Its true meaning and content was never truly publicised nor forensically critiqued.

Its purpose was to repeal the European Communities Act 1972 which it will do, however it does contain, as the video below explains at the time, that EU will override any UK laws that endeavour to disapply, interpret or quash any law brought into UK law. This would not include the Charter of Fundamental rights. It states in the Act that :

“…5.. Exceptions to Savings and Incorporations 
1. The principle of supremacy of EU Law does not apply to any enactment or rule of law passed or made on or after exit day.
2. Accordingly, the principle of the supremacy of EU law continues to apply on or after exit day so far as relevant to the interpretation, disapplication or quashing of any enactment or any rule of law passed or made on or before exit day.”

The Great British Brexit Swindle

The meaning behind this bill when passed will mean that neither the Leavers, Remainers nor the third of the country that did not participate in the vote will get what they thought they would. Any perceived sovereignty will be merely a bauble of fantasy. Common Law of these lands will remain an ephemeral dream etched out as reality and told us it exists.

The whole House of Cards, supposedly enacting the will and votes of the people will continue to be the horror show we presently witness in the Houses of Parliament. What has been masterfully enacted is the greatest distraction show in town, the most successful act to pit people against people, with scenarios and sleight of hand pretending one position is better than another, freedom from the unelected EU autocrats is that dizzy dream hanging over the white cliffs of Dover.

We all have been suckered in via our individual proclivities and blinded ignorance. Neither left nor right have sussed it nor been truthful about it. Our so called Parliament has been outed, like Banksey’s famed Monkey Parliament, sold this week for $12 million. It shows presciently (done some 12 years ago), the chimps and chumps they all are.banksy-parliament-bristol

The sacred cow that is the British Parliament is no more than a televised pantomime. The People, unwritten constitution or not, are and never truly have been able to have their cherished Common Law as foundational, working principle of Law. The Barons and knights still have their castles, “King John” never lost its overarching rule over the peasants and the divide and rule we presently are yoked under remains the same with merely centuries-later colour and texture added.

You’ll be told European Communities Act is, as Professor Mark Elliott states:

It’s more of a “tidying-up exercise

Such a typical delusional soundbite to calm the masses. He then tellingly pronounces:

“…. Although the Great Repeal Bill will repeal the ECA, paradoxically it will not repeal — in the sense of getting rid of — any EU law. That is because the Government has — sensibly and inevitably — concluded that the vast body of EU law cannot simply be made to vanish overnight. The chaos that would ensue if it did would be profound. Against that background, the Great Repeal Bill, far from getting rid of EU law from the UK legal system, will preserve it.”

He overrides the tenure the EU will retain on our exit. The status quo in the UK is perfectly happy for this legal hyper nuanced cobweb to annoy and satisfy all sides, thus continuing the in fighting and distraction. We all, by our own proclivities, become the tools for Same Old, Same Old to continue its overarching control of a system suiting the elite Barons of our times and the usurping corporate sovereign we continue to interact, accede to.

If we truly wish to see a whole better system of governance, then Common Law in all its prime aspects must return to be the foundation of every law and governance in place for the People and By The People. A written, respected Constitution would further stipulate and serve the people as sovereign.

The cracking of a seemingly overarching behemoth is ultimately down to the People. Becoming informed of what that entails, what stand needs to be taken is the very mighty struggle needed for these times. Reflected in so many prior attempts in our history, today we are better informed, or at least have that information greatly improved for our research than any time in our history.

It must be a collective effort, not us looking for one leader and following mutely. It is our individual and personal responsibility to take action, stop arguing and actually make things happen. This revolution can most easily be achieved and won through the use of peaceful, informed means and specific targets. Violence, as much as it might seem to be medicinal, plays straight into the hands of those we are endeavouring to hold to account.

Inequalities are rife. One area of absolute action available, and substantiated in even these last few days looks proven to be on the cusp of completing. It is laid out comprehensively in The Great British Mortgage Swindle. This long term struggle for justice by a dedicated group of people to expose fraudulent manipulation of the people and their sacred right to their home, is coming home to challenge decades old malpractice and illegality in mortgage supply and banking.

Where better to start a revolution and betterment than by taking down the financial and mortgage arena and releasing trillions into an economy purposefully drained at the expense of the 99%, for the sole sake of the greed infested 1%.

Whether it be a BREXIT swindle, Mortgage Swindle or any other swindle unearthed, it is now time to gird our collective loins, and paraphrasing Shakespeare:

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;…
…Straining upon the start. The game’s afoot:
Follow your spirit, and upon this charge
Cry ‘Justice, Truth, and Common Law for All!’

The true Sovereign is ourselves, each of us for one and for all! Not just the British but for the whole of Humanity.

Rich Kids Sell What’s Left of Democracy at Unbelievable Price – The People!

The events of the past few hours in the UK herald a disaster few have even considered, let alone been aware of. It is the transparent sale of what is laughingly considered our democracy to the faceless, unaccountable megalomaniacs and political sycophants with so much money they merely seek to increase using us all as expendable economic collateral damage .

The Brexit farrago has little or nothing to do with self governance. It has everything to do with lining the pockets of the 0.01% that own our arses, rule our government and are hard wired to lie us into extinction for their profit.

Forget trying to justify your Remain or Leave qualifications. That was merely the distraction to gain control of the best of British. With the President of the Untied States telling us we have never had it so good under his look-alike Boris, in itself a totally out of order intrusion, we have that dumb arse, arrogant, self serving mop head juvenile leading us fast over a cliffs, which are neither white nor at Dover.


The leavers will rant, “It’s democracy that’s at stake!”

Well democracy as they believe still lives and breathes, is as dead as the Monty Python parrot. It is no more. You can Dad’s Army think we’re the isle of last freedoms – that is propaganda BS of the highest order. You can probably smell it from where you’re reading this! We cannot take back control as we never lost it. Just because we pay into a club we loathe in parts, does not mean we have no control over ourselves.

Immigration, that great spider thrown in the pit to get the xenophobics at each others’ throats in pompous, racist rage sees more than 250K pa immigration from the rest of the world than the minuscule number from the EU that keeps our social services alive. That the indigenous crowd find working too base of an option is an internal problem not external.

It’s the big corporations that will still pay no tax, will still rip off and squeeze the poor worker slaves for zero hours contracts while giving themselves £XXX million pay rises and bonuses.

We have a political system that is and has been for ages, not fit for purpose. Yet, distracted by Brexit we are dragged screaming about the non things while the rich walk all over our ignorant, supplicant corpses.

bring out yer dead-voices

“I’m not dead!, I’m not dead,!” screams the poor blighter dragged off on the cart in Monty Python’s ‘Holy Grail’ comedy, yet we are as good as dead by allowing ourselves to be dragged kicking and screaming at each other, off to the knackers yard of post Brexit. You wail all you like about chlorinated chicken and the purchase of the NHS (45% already done) by US Big Pharma et al, for what 17.45 million of us have done is opted for slow death, poverty and starvation controlled by post Brexit martial law, carefully positioned to control all moaning Remainers, Abstainers and Leavers waking to the lies.

Revolution against the present screwed, manipulated and purposefully divisive political system is so long overdue that it will have to have all the mould scrapped off it for it to be even visible.

The actions of a stunted Royalty in all this shows once more, any sycophantic morons who still dote on the Royal family’s worth have no clue as to how Her Majesty’s impotent assent to Parliament could never have been otherwise. Neutered comes nowhere near reality. Off with their proverbial heads and retirement paying back the wealth her subjects fed her and her entourage through taxes and hard earned survival with your head

Yes, folks as this article goes to press, we are royally screwed. Our own lethargy, apathy and ignorant belief in tooth fairies and Santa Claus has taken us to an almost unavoidable mega disaster. A disaster unmatched by the global warming con, the lies of war, Amazon roasting and genocide support.

We expect this article to be shadow banned like so much of our output. We expect attack from ignorant shouties and the usual fascist authoritarian followers, yet the facts change not.

Tally Ho! Let us, the collective drag hunt, be chased down and slaughtered.

BREAKING! President-Elect Shoeon Anyfoot Set To Be Inaugurated in USA

Exciting as these times are we at Highly Likely News are proud to bring huge news of new leaders, changing situations around the world and instantly created leaders where no leaders existed before.

In the USA utterly out of the blue the government of Fiji supported by the Kuril Islands, Kurdistan, a motley crew of Pacific Islands and the Republic of Tradonia has proposed and backed a totally unknown hobo, Shoeon Anyfoot as the new President elect of the Undisputed Super A*Hole (USA) entity. A vagrant of few vestments he will be traveling to Wisconsin as soon as he has taken a shower and had a good scrub, for a tutorial in investiture and Purposeful Presidency.

The Federal Reserve Bank, a privately owned foreign entity presently squatting in Washington DC and other squats around the Barko Mad States is said to have confiscated any provisions Shoeon Anyfoot was alleged to have resource to.

Across the pond we also have news coming in that the sparsely United Queendom has given orders for all 30 of the Special Security Forces promoted and aligned to the ill named Integrity Initiative, a wholly owned shared subsidiary of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Blackwater Military Supplies (BMS) are to be placed on full alert.

alertThe possibility of reciprocal action to place an unknown Welsh woman, Rhonda Bout through the door of 10 Downing Street as acting Premier has garnered vast support from a dulled and ever more exhausted population who have given both Sky News and the BBC a huge raspberry and thumbs down in their futile media promotion of an ever increasing stagnating pond of Brexit, now fully frozen over.

Rhonda, in an interview with HL News spoke of her excitement and elation at being allowed into the pantry of 10 Downing Street. She said:

“It will be at last my hour to produce Taffy cakes for the nation, where my greatest hero David Lloyd George never quite made that cut! If only Marie Antoinette had given the peasants Taffy cakes her head would still be on her decomposing body!”


Rhonda Bout

Rhonda, now in her eighties will be seen as the youngest Welsh national to invade England in a bloodless coup this side of Caernarfon.

In celebration the Welsh rugby team, before its Six Nations match against France this weekend will hold a minute or three rendering of Cwm Rhondda (Bread of Heaven) in support of sanity flowing into Westminster and a brave attempt at gaining ever more copious teary eyed followers.

Across La Manche (Channel to all English peasants) the French continue to bring their weekly tutorial in how to dump a useless, cockroach engorging, tax grabbing elitist schoolboy. His granny queen, the unnamed pusher from behind blonde Brigitte, was captured recently by HL News snappers garnering even more of a shoe collection as she stepped off her yacht in the unnamed German port of Bremen.macron-shoes

In Germany, almost on cue the Rothschild imposed daughter of a dodgy illicit affair is nearing the end of her reign of almost uneventful tenure. A  position threatened to be up for grabs by her handlers. This inverted coup by the para psychotic Kazarian group, long known to fiddle with every conceivably important world government, will shortly declare to the world its tenure as Shit Stirrers #1 vacated and available to the highest bidder.

Both Moscow and Beijing have wisely stayed on the sidelines watching a West eat itself silly as they and selected partners make preparations and huge resourced financial gain for a far saner and egalitarian world. Their economic gains in spite of Western sanctions are awakening a world beaten down through austerity that there is a better way forward for all once their own elected idiots are disposed of.

Futility and humour stand side by side as new laws currently on the statute books of all nations in demise await their final approval in outlawing humour. The engagement  in meaningful talks with futility is highly likey to quicken the collective demise of said participating nations of collective lunacy. A stunned multi cultural population, drifting along within their respective borders not knowing which side of their collective bed they should exit, remind the sane of rabbits in front of oncoming headlights.

All in all a round trip in normality is noted from this august independent media outlet to be doing what it does best – continue the absurd to the last breath of pointlessness.

OUR ADVICE: Invest in snowploughs, crypto comments and a light hearted toss given with little hope of return. Oh, and eat healthy!

Editor’s note: Comments made here are entirely exonerated and agreed by the Highly Likely Press Organisation. All images used are for educational and informational purposes only. 

In Out and Shake It All About – More Eeyore than EU

In the UK we are in unprecedented territory, as they keep telling us.

The log jam of all log jams of Parliament is crippling us all in real time. Stagnation is the unrepeated word. Futility is rampant. Sense has disappeared. The perfect division of a nation having taken decades perfecting is upon us. Shouting matches between each camp with Leavers, Remainers and that utterly ignored camp –  those that Abstained.

If truth be told full square and central the vote was not a definitive LEAVE from the British people it was in approximate percentages thus:

Remain: 16,141,000
Leave   : 17,410,000
Abstain: 13,000,000

That so many abstained, which includes a minute 25K of spoiled or blank votes, usually a sign of defiance, makes the colour of the so called victory a very knife edged nuance. Not the absolute will of the British people. A fact we have been bludgeoned to believe is.

Filled with so many lies, obfuscations and slants to defame any opposition to the reality that this whole exercise was enabled to create chaos followed by even more draconian lock downs, illustrates the precise way the deep state/elite works to control a nation. The shining light in all this, by way of Labour’s desire to focus people on the travesty of austerity, poverty of the masses, inequality driven stake like into the heart of the nation has been the adamant and attempted crucifixion of sanity by slander, mendacity and outright hatred of the greater good and needs of the people.

Winnie the Pooh has been an iconic fable and children’s tale replete with  idealistic representation of a country wrapped in its very own security blanket, served as countryside English romanticism. Yet within it we have Eeyore, the ass of the fable utter educational insights well worthy of reminder.


On people:

“No brain at all, some of them [people], only grey fluff that’s blown into their heads by mistake, and they don’t think.”

Hysterical, repetitive rubbish repeated often enough creates in those of unused intelligence mantras  supporting their own rubbish rhetoric. The country has been moulded into both large and small groups of dimwits, who if furnished a decent education, support and encouragement could well have added to their CVs a large dose of critical thinking. However as we are all aware an educated, intelligent, self thinking population is the very enemy of State control necessary in maintaining compliance actively and vibrant.

Eeyore, even in his debased state of being recognises motive and action.

“How did you fall in, Eeyore?” asked Rabbit, as he dried him with Piglet’s handkerchief.
“I didn’t,” said Eeyore.
“But how–”
“I was BOUNCED,” said Eeyore.
“Oo,” said Roo excitedly, “did somebody push you?”
“Somebody BOUNCED me. I was just thinking by the side of the river–thinking, if any of you know what that means–when I received a loud BOUNCE.”
“Oh, Eeyore!” said everybody.
“Are you sure you didn’t slip?” asked Rabbit wisely.
“Of course I slipped. If you’re standing on the slippery bank of a river, and somebody BOUNCES you loudly from behind, you slip. What did you think I did?”

We have all been bounced  into this predicament by a vile, wily and scurrilous group of schemers whose self interests are as huge as their egos. Care for the majority zero and the whitewashing of compassion with warm words their decades old signature trade. The poverty of it is most people have bought it hook, line and sinker. That British phlegm and stiff upper lip has turned to bite us on the butt. We have shown the world what a sorry bunch of has- beens we ever were. Empire exposed for its mendacious, self serving rapaciousness of rape, pillage and imposition of servitude, dressed neatly as educating, uplifting the native from primitive life. What turns out to be primitive are their methods and actions. This empire never died, it merely transmuted itself into the hydra of dissonance we all are blasted and spout.

“I didn’t bounce, I coughed,” said Tigger crossly.
“Bouncy or coffy, it’s all the same at the bottom of the river.”


As we head all and sundry to the bottom, the main lifeboat is attacked from every side with the fear and warning it is a depth charge waiting to explode and sink us all. Such arrant denial of our dire predicament is as huge a lie as the porkies spun us throughout the campaign for Brexit. With a country so divided and the abstention voice silenced from the get go, people imagine we all had a choice. We did but not the one we thought we had. It was choice as revolver to the head – to pull the trigger ourselves or have it pulled for us.

In his self effacing way of self reflection Eeyore identifies traits etched as truth:

Eeyore, the old grey Donkey, stood by the side of the stream, and looked at himself in the water.
“Pathetic,” he said. “That’s what it is. Pathetic.”
He turned and walked slowly down the stream for twenty yards, splashed across it, and walked slowly back on the other side. Then he looked at himself in the water again.
“As I thought,” he said. “No better from this side. But nobody minds. Nobody cares. Pathetic, that’s what it is.”
There was a crackling noise in the bracken behind him, and out came Pooh.
“Good morning, Eeyore,” said Pooh.
“Good morning, Pooh Bear,” said Eeyore gloomily. “If it is a good morning,” he said. “Which I doubt,” said he.
“Why, what’s the matter?”
“Nothing, Pooh Bear, nothing. We can’t all, and some of us don’t. That’s all there is to it.”
“Can’t all what?” said Pooh, rubbing his nose.
“Gaiety. Song-and-dance. Here we go round the mulberry bush. …I’m not complaining, but there it is.”


That the good people of this country do not complain is a serious flaw in our collective mindset. Our cousins across the Channel (we were inseminated by the Conqueror’s hordes) know a pretty revolution when they create one. We would be wise to learn their flair for revolt as it is more and more obvious this is what is needed. The old sore that “We are British and don’t do it that way” is the poorest of poor indoctrinations we have seared into our furrowed minds.

“They’re funny things, Accidents. You never have them till you’re having them.”

The sadness is that this ‘accident’ is entirely of our own making yet most are clueless as to this truth. So easy, far better to follow our leaders’ example and blame someone else, some other circumstance we had little or no say in. Such crass ignorance and denial deserves the full force of consequences we have ourselves taken us into, with no mercy, so we can learn from the pain and suffering we have drawn to ourselves.

Suffering is life’s gift to each and everyone of us. While we do not learn and embrace this  reality we just suffer ever more.

As Eeyore so effectively says and so poignant to us English who have created a god of it….

“Don’t blame me if it rains.”


Jonathan L. Trapman

Author and photographer writing since aged 9 and  photographer since aged 16. Beginning his professional career as a photojournalist, working for some of the top titles in Fleet Street among them the London Times, Daily Express and a very short and boring stint with the Sun newspaper., he became exposed to the amount of propaganda and half truths demanded from photo/journalists in the ‘70s and 80s. Deciding his soul was worth more than shekels earned from the news rooms of corporate cronyism, he went on to  become one of the industry’s foremost photographers. He enjoyed getting to know the world, its peoples and a far wider vision of life on earth on others’ behalf and at others’ expense. He has appeared on TV and radio including the BBC, France Inter and online radio. Invited to speak at creative and literary conferences across the globe, in early 2012, in partnership with his wife, having accomplished several translations of foreign writers they made the first ever English translation, in over 900 years, of 11th century Sufi founder and mystic saint Hoja Ahmed Yassawi’s Diwani Hikmet (Divine Wisdom) poetry and sacred verse. Currently he is working on a 7 volume opus The Freedom Cycle, Dreams and Realities being the first.


The Choice – Falling into The Vortex of A Dying Empire or Escaping via Truth

Sampling the vagaries and full/empty seated House of Commons over the past few weeks (excepting the Festive holidays) it portrays a rabble of raucous out of control adolescents. Occasionally interrupted by an elder statesman or two, both rare commodities, it portrays the British system of so called democracy more floored than on the ropes.

We witness a government, the Tories, right wing self serving bastards pretty much all, who care not one fig for the public they are supposedly representing. Across the Channel there is an assumptive Emperor-in-wanting discarding his public as if they are mere irritant mosquitos needing a good swatting. His disdain will advance the guillotine quicker than you could say Jaques Gelée.

Then further afield we are shown a comedy-cum-circus act of such dismal proportions crowing and beating its chest telling all and sundry – We are the Greatest. Muhammad Ali would have loads to say and it would have been in the most viciously truth telling way only he knew how to deliver.

The mud of Flanders field equally seems to have been transported, hopefully by French farmers’ tractors to the halls of Brussels’ EU parliament alongside the chatterbox twin, with effluent being sprayed all over, in Strasbourg for good measure.

The end of Empire is and always has been shown to be a very self centred, messy and vile looking thing. When the claws of the antagonists refuse to let go of their self created powers, it usually ends up with the people, traduced, taking final action. In the present day case this has been like watching paint dry. The retarded nature of the frazzled minds and actions of the general population has today been exacerbated through the careful use and manipulation of technology. Primarily the abuse of communication tools, amusement apps and the whole rigmarole around pleasure giving conveniences portrayed in the handheld wonders fed us all as choice and information.

The last vestiges of our sentient brains and mind processes have been dumbed down, fractured to such an extent as to make most people impotent of and indolent to the consequences of their apathy.

Brexit was and has always been prepared as a vast tool of distraction and disinformation so great as to befuddle the best of us. The lies, specious tales and outright porkies flung through the rolling presses and screens in our face have numbed any cogent thinking. It has addled, through a continual process starting well before the birth of Brexit, our ability to stand up straight, protest in any meaningful and coordinated way. It has allowed us all to be traduced through arguments that downright lie. The little truth in each argument is enough for the small cells still functioning in the populace to believe the whole is true.

That is how propaganda in any form works.

The French people have the right idea and have previous in the revolutionary stakes. We also have but have forgotten or been fed a traduced history lesson. Oliver Cromwell headed up our people’s revolution. He was a smart cookie. His Commonwealth was built on the common citizen, common law and order that brought most people to his side. A head or two rolling may well have inspired the French a century or so later. Though head chopping was a week;y event in most countries and a good frightener for many.

So where this world is heading is anyone’s guess with the odds about as good as the lottery win. One thing is far more certain. The press barons, all six of them, need chopping down instead of the trees they slaughter for the shite published. I feel deep sorrow for those trees sacrificed for such banality, excremental column inches and lies.

How you stimulate a public so blinded from reality becomes more beyond me each day we suffer in ignorance. Those telling far greater truths are shunned as the conspirators peddling lies. Then there are all those vanguards of otherwise ‘nice’ people convinced their belief in authority, media and what they ingest to be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, even if they admit they believe nothing of what they read or watch. That in itself shows the vastness of the divide between sanity and lunacy. Einstein was so right when he said doing the same old thing again and again hoping for better and different outcomes is the definition of madness.

I often hear people say “I don’t believe politicians, I don’t believe most anything I hear” – yet when you look at what they spout, think and their actions these people are precisely following what they have heard and ingested. A great rule of thumb can be –  when you hear a politician or person of alleged importance  open their mouths turn it into the complete opposite of what they say and that becomes a very good barometer as to where they are coming from, what their real intentions are and what is in the pipeline or has already happened. It can be most revealing. However the temptation to fall back into the comfy armchair of cognitive dissonance is great for those who rarely use their brain cells. Therein lies our greatest challenge.

As long as people chose the path of least resistance – that of backing off, not getting involved, reneging their responsibility as a part of the whole mess – we shall be sinking ever deeper into the Slough of Despond. The awakening when an individual is directly impacted will be harder and more painful than any would possibly imagine. Rather than deny, obfuscate or plain rescind responsibility, it would be better for one and all to pay attention, stand up and say “F*** this for a game of soldiers I am not taking any more!”

As hope is the last thing to die, I hope enough will.

Those who believe Jeremy Corbyn is utterly unsuitable for power, have been swallowed by the incessant incantations of fear those who truly fear his turn, gag on. He or any other who may hold a ray of hope is and can never be the answer. Yet his compassion, comprehension, empathy and understanding he holds for the people is precisely what is needed today more than ever. He will not break the economy. It is broken beyond repair at the moment through decades of misappropriation. He will however be able to set in motion not only a pathway, bitter though it may be, out of the crass abuse and failure we the people have been inured into. He will also begin the process of lifting a downtrodden people into a modicum of self respect and community so sorely lacking for so long. There will be others who will help set in motion reform of the whole political landscape. It will not be a walk in the park, however if people truly wish for change, a fair balanced society on all levels it has to start with something so different as to make a difference.

Anyone believing there to be a better counterweight in the present electoral process is sorely misguided. We are not yet in any position to have formed a National Government. Far less do we wish to maintain the destructive elements making up the present state terrorists raping, pillaging and abusing our people.

Again it is a choice we individually have and will have to make. Copping out is a choice. Same old, same old is a choice. If that path suits then you deserve all the opprobrium and disaster heading your way. Action must be the gear change for change. Sitting on the computer, twiddling digits on Twitter and absorbing yourself into the latest soap or reality show is a truly coward’s way, the quisling’s compliance. It will never bring the change you wish for.

This voice may be a cry in the wilderness and it certainly will not change anything much unless there are many others who equally hold truth, legitimacy and integrity high. Sacrifice is a sacred act – thus the word. Making sacrifices for greater good is a most selfless action. That many people refuse to sacrifice their precious overlong worn out baggage of thoughts and repetitive actions and inactions is endemic as to why the slow process change looks so negligible.

We the people are many, they the oppressors are few. Do you still believe you’re as helpless and incapacitated as they daily tell you? If so, stop that lie dead! The greatest enemy, and they know that better than anything else facing them, is that the people are their real enemy, their true nemesis and so they spend every effort they muster to ingrain impotency bollocks into our minds and belief systems.

Break out, break free and face them full square and centre and shout – “Enough is Enough” Far better than the meaningless slogan Brexit means Brexit, is it not?

End note: In or out is not the answer and never ought to have been, as the real question was never put to the people. Do not continue to rant each other with the In/Out distraction. The answer is never found in the past or in revitalising dead ducks.

The real question is – how much longer do you wish to be subsumed and held in bondage by systems and small elites who have zilch interest in your well being, yet will always reinvent ways to control, use and abuse you? Your humanity is at its most perilous. That ought to flag up a modicum of self interest. They’ll feed you their fear programs yet all the while allow the truly horrifying reality of their true intentions form and concrete silently and surely around your body and soul. Until you awaken to reality you will never see it coming until it finally covers your eyes for good.

Do not accept that, ever!

US Itching for War – This Will End Badly For Them

The US have created a whisper campaign proposing the intent to create a naval blockade around Russia. This would stop oil and energy imports and exports. It will also be a blatant act of war.

Russia has always said that it will only respond when its people, economy and country is placed in mortal danger. The US/UK and its puppet allies seem stupid enough to poke the bear in a place which will backfire on them terminally.

The US considering taking its embargo regime against Russia, which it stupidly misclassifies as ‘sanctions’, and ramping that up into a physical military blockade of Russian ports and underwater pipelines spells disaster.

Western countries have continuously accused Russia its activity in the Middle East is aimed at imposing control over energy resources in the area, yet what is proposed by the USA is precisely that.

It is what the US, Britain and France have been doing since the 1900s. Such jaw dropping hypocrisy seems to be the modus operandi of the Western powers in these heady days of lunacy.


Ryan Zinke

Speaking at an event in Pittsburgh on Friday, US Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said the US Navy could block Russia if necessary to prevent Moscow from controlling power supplies in the Middle East.


Aleksei Pushkov

Zinke’s recent remarks produced a reaction in Moscow. Russian Senator Aleksei Pushkov commented on the words of the American secretary and opined that “besides being stupid, it is a threat that, if fulfilled, would become a declaration of war, as stipulated by international standards.”

Responding to the question of how the US should deal with Russia and Iran, Zinke further added when questioned as to how the US would deal with this by saying: “There are two ways”.

He then proceeded to explain that there was an economic and a military option.

090905-N-3165S-599Last week, Energy Secretary Rick Perry reiterated that sanctions against the Russian pipeline Nord Stream II could still be adopted.

It seems incomprehensiblly stupid to bait a superpower purely to make statements supporting the divine right of one state to wield over the rest of the world. The reality we are witnessing is the utter decrepit neutered state of an empire exhausted at point of delivery. When that empire is in the hands of psychopaths and the criminally insane the whole world needs to look out for the resultant blowback.

All the while the UK government, itself driven into a dead end, seems intent on handing over all the ‘family silver’ to the US as it hurries to send the departing EU member into the chill of the North Sea and Atlantic. Its minister for the armed forces, Gavin Williamson childishly and dangerously rants and threatens a country that has a military that is so way more advanced and could if goaded enough wipe the islands off the map.

Perhaps the financial crisis in the US and the disaster awaiting the UK on Brexit both have the same get out clause in mind. Blow each country to smithereens and head for the bunkers. It would seem the fate within those bunkers is going to be the same as the fate of Adolf Hitler whom both parties seem to enjoy modelling their rule on.

UK Government Desperate to Divert From Their Chaos

With the news that 50 UK MPs from the Conservative party have been huddled in a weekend burrow researching ways they can oust Theresa May, the Prime Minister it seems the present incumbents in Number 10 Downing St are looking for distraction bait with which to take the focus and heat off their plight.

180708-distraction-technique-dead-catAs has been the norm with this failure of a government when hit by inner turmoil, the search for distracting the general population with chemical poison attacks, opposition attacks on the their leader,  involvement in illegal sorties into foreign sovereign territories under the guise of freedom and democracy have been the go to positions of choice.

The bullhorn of choice for disseminating distraction news is as always the BBC, the publicly funded state propaganda outlet. Reported by them that representatives from the European Research Group (ERG) discussed “how best you game the leadership election rules,” a source said as cited by the BBC.

Since July when opinion polls began to show the overwhelming disapproval of the British public towards the handling by the Tories of the Brexit fiasco. So bad has the mood been that even a loud mouthed, erratic lunatic veering ex Foreign secretary, Boris Johnson has been preferred to May’s continual reversals of tactics. His referral to May’s Brexit plans being “a suicide vest” and detonator handed to Brussels ruffled many feathers in the Establishment around the viability of a successful exit.


David Davis

Brexit ongoing failures to resolve has seen a swathe of resignations, prominent among them was the chief negotiator Brexit secretary, David Davis. A no confidence vote submitted by Conservative MP Philip Davies to the chairman of the Conservative 1922 Committee of backbench MPs, Graham Brady, would require  48 letters from Conservative MPs need to be submitted.

With the meeting this weekend of at least 50 MPs we can expect reaction to be desperate and swift.

As the British stand by to launch an illegal strike along with their US terrorist loving allies on the democratic and sovereign state of Syria on trumped up, eye watering propaganda supplied by their alleged White Helmets unit aligned with the terror groups in Idlib, we can expect the well documented illegal set up to offer distraction and credence for such international law breaking.

The British people are, in spite of the venomous specious attacks on the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, hungry for a change of government. It may be that with the Conservatives biting their own, regenerating chaos and confusion at the beginning of the Autumn sitting, we could be in for a fast and furious General Election. One which despite Labour in fighting will return a truly socialist, for the many not the few Prime Minister and party. One able not only to ride into the economic tsunami ahead but which will cohere the whole nation to endure what appears to be oncoming – the roughest journey in living memory.

Change always brings with it pain on some level, however the suffering dealt by the last eight years of Tory policies will be seen to be far more injurious than surviving the upcoming world economic crisis to take place under Labour’s watch. Somehow the usual bitter pill left by the outgoing tyranny that is the Tories.

Seat belts on, popcorn at the ready. The biggest show looks like opening to a kaleidoscope of reviews and to run for some time being as entertaining as any we have so far experienced.