Britain Murders 51 Rioters 832 Injured 4979 Arrested

Another bloody massacre by British forces to add to a list as long as your arm and apparently too short or irrelevant to put in the history books. The inconvenience of showing how the British acted in the colonial period of occupation in Hong Kong stands starkly in contrast to the faux disgust they shower on China today.

Along with their regime change friends in the CIA and Deep State USA, fermenting opportunities for regime change in the province seems like a good idea to endeavour to reassert some kind of ‘ownership’ of some other sovereign state’s lands.

It may have been OK to them then in the days of Empire and seem to be accepted as OK strategy for a waning modern empire as the USA is presently, however in the real world, where multipolar norms are increasingly accepted as the way forward, it remains a criminal interference on a scale only matched by the arrogance and hubris these two dying powers parade.

China has its problems. France has its problems, as does the EU. The UK has its problems and most certainly the USA has its problems. Problems are never addressed or sorted by either blaming others to cover one’s own ineptitude and crimes, nor pretending to be the world’s policeman while breaking every law in the international book. Yet that is what is served up as righteous action.

While innocent women, children and men get slaughtered almost daily in Gaza, while the terror State of Israel uses its pathetic military might to occupy illegally Palestine, the UK,US and EU allow this and all the crimes against humanity to bleed innocence and blood out of a Middle East castigated by Western terrorism.

The organs that disseminate news for these criminal political, security and military entities always focus on the message they are bad we are good. The propaganda is a thick as gravy as it pours out of Broadcasting House, The White House, that illegitimate unelected booth in Europe and their media sycophants.

As the citizens of Western governments are restrained by austerity, stamped down upon when themselves rioting for legality and decent living conditions, the storm troopers trained by Israel’s Mossad are unleashed on these voices and crushed, in the name of democracy. Absurdity has never risen so high on its illegitimate throne.

Can one get any more ironic?

The history of the British Empire, replete with royalty, lording over it all is as despicable as any horror perpetrated today. In fact today’s horrors are, it can be said, the very outcome of historical precedence. The script has changed not one iota. Years have merely passed.

In spite of more information available to the masses now than ever before, people have been neatly dumbed, silenced and acquiesced through the use of food chain, environment, chemical and mind control. Placatory all seeing, hearing, spying technology offered as ease and pleasure.

The lies proposed, believed and accepted as writ are killing not only people but lancing mortal blows on the habitat. Nature will recover, she always does. She is far superior than any crazed psychopathic mindset, in her eyes a mere mosquito bite in evolutionary terms.

We, on the other hand, all and each of us took upon ourselves, when entering this foray the sacred duty of becoming. That is to investigate, develop and increase our awareness of what it is to be human, part of humanity and grow. So many have not only forgotten that contract, they have willingly disabused it out of wilful ignorance, arrogance and plain deaf dumb and blind adherence to an authority that pretends to be in their interest.

When sheep like this multiply, then surely the slaughter is not far behind.

The atrocities in Hong Kong, committed by the British in 1967 are mere footnotes now in our collective history, illustrating the true nature of  despotism, totalitarian and fascist rule , dressed as democracy accompanied by the never ending bullshit of righteousness thrown like dung in our faces, with orders to eat it or shut it!

Change has never been needed more seriously. Will it come about? Hope still breathes and exists on life support. May it never be the last casualty.

‘Allahu Akbar’ Fails to Sell New Campaign

Madison Avenue has lost its prized account, The Pentagon/Deep State Nation Change Enterprise. Having spent the best part of many trillion dollars on feathering its branch office supply factories, such as Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, the US Government’s military arm has found trigger words in a foreign language to have lost their kerb appeal.

Stranded in deserts, European and Far Eastern theatres, South China Seascapes and arid mountain impasses the machines of war, bogged down in dirt, lies and hubris desperately search for renewed outlets for their perceived hegemony around the globe.

In true response, the Master Controller, the Terror State of Israel has with the co-opted help from NASA, found a spot on an extraterrestrial body to crash land its excuse for space exploration. The craft’s demise on the lunar surface, along with a multitude of death defying pig bugs allows it to not only claim sovereignty over our only satellite but also allows for much of the military spend by its proxy military in the US, to divert to a home  targeted as new settlements and mineral mining off planet.

Ideal as it is, with no pesky Semites to wipe out while fast running out of local semitic people back on Earth to eradicate the ISA (Israeli States of America) will be looking to enlarge its influence, presently near 53% across the political globe, to lock down control of what remains of any foreseeable cogent population.

With the Arab Spring having turned a nasty shade of autumnal winter, new colour revolutions are being sought to dramatically up the ante. Hong Kong is not cutting it. Pedophilia, the oldest brewing new game in town, has offered a whole new lease of life and permissiveness through throwing under the bus, the snake oil salesman and conman, used by the Deep State to prove their next point.

In a desperate attempt to keep the population looking the other way, the economic ball park has been cultivated more recently, through ploughing, to export more hot air and CO2 infected leaking into a propagandised biosphere of top notch Bullshite. A soon to be expected, long overdue, explosion of the financial bubble hangs, like some alien spaceship, over the global head. It is programmed to burst on cue. The bond markets around the world, inflated beyond any natural proportion will become the confetti to the imminent economic slaughter, expected soon down every Main Street across the Western world.

Although well shielded from economic meltdown, the Russian, Chinese and Eurasian economic models will weather the West’s self inflicted suicide, so obviously predicted from any sane position of observational outpost.

The bookies have taken a holiday. Their bags are sealed. The idiots carrying on as normal will, as always, wonder where and how the first blow could have fallen. The Trillionaires, Billionaires and upper ranking millionaires will lose several shirts, dust themselves down and rise up to either disappear down their earth burrows, fly off planet to prior built holding platforms or attempt another landing on an exoplanet far, far, away.

Solar Weather will then trip Her switch, throw the magnetic poles into free fall and Nature will wash away a pesky experiment that once more assumed its God-like omnipotence to be total.

Having learned nothing, or worse, been told nothing of the truth of Atlantis et al, we shall all return for a replay without half time and only a Stone Age to aid us. As dust we shall all return.

Sayonara, Allahu Akbar, God Have Mercy on Us and all other cries for supernal intercession and rescue will be lost in a calamity so foolishly ignored and as predictable as it was always going to be.

Paedo Prayers Not Enough To Save Rich and Famous

With the utterly expected ‘self suicide’ of Ball Breaker Epstein in his suicide watched (not) cell, the Rich Rats scurry round their palaces, castles, mansions and tax havens, hoping to avoid any further mention from his little black book. Their fear of greater exposure is apparent. Those now holding that evidence know it and will use these things as even greater arm twisting control tools.

Yet amongst all this the Royal Family of the United (not for much longer) Kingdom declares it is fully behind their paedo related son, the Prince Andrew. Whether being ‘behind him’ is a euphemism for strange Royal sexual activity, well… now you might very well think that , but of course this organ of truth couldn’t possibly comment:

Standing firm amid a blizzard of speculation, insinuation and downright guess work makes their standing an even greater travesty of integrity, morality and basic ethics. Royalty’s days as a tourist attraction look to be numbered. When the Republic of England rises from the ashes of centuries old overlording by the rich and privileged and Scotland, Ireland and Wales are freed, then we might hear the death throes of Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance and the rise of Gloria Republica by an as yet unheralded genius composer.

Meanwhile the distraction of the Epstein Episode  continues for a few days to ring through the rafters of the dafter media until such time as the next “look over here” event has been signed off by Deep State, whoever that may consist of. (Feel free to fill in the blanks).

What is being perpetrated here is a determined demonstration by the Hidden Hands to show us all they can do anything, kill anyone, silence who they wish and keep down any possible attempts at raising alternative viewpoints and objective questioning.

They adore social media chattering on and on and encourage the din from every armchair pundit telling us all exactly who and why this and similar events transpired. They clap hands and buttocks, in their silent halls, away from the great unwashed, at the sight of us all ranting and raving as to who killed Kennedy, Epstein, Seth Rich, Dag Hammarskjöld, Bin Laden etc. Their paedo parties gather pace as the little black book of their patsy Epstein is thumbed through to re-invite party goers to come (pun intended), bestialise and feast their worst depravities on small children and teens, abducted, kept prisoner before their own self suicided infant disappearances from an all too brief encounter with life as they will never never know.

We, the ill and uninformed people, will be caressed and encouraged to carry on our pathetic lives slaving through all hours, zero hours contracts, dead end jobs and austerity, satisfying the money lust of these nameless nabobs. The bread thrown by way of technological wonders and celebrity entertainers as always will be lapped up, salivated over and then Twitted, FB’d, Pintrested and Whatsapped all over the 5G networks. As this interpretation of technological advancement slowly kills the majority of GMO guzzling swine, these Gadarene swine masters continue to drive us all inexorably over the cliffs of extinction.

Some of you who contain a modicum of brain cells might ask – “How then can we stop this  inevitable disaster?

It has to start with each of us extricating ourselves from the claws of their bread and circus. Denying any part of entertaining their game. The need has never been greater to develop our own critical thinking, refusal to play their games of guessing the whys and wherefores of their nefarious playfulness.

Become masters of our own inner world before tackling what presently we are incapable of tackling in the outer world. What is done to and around us is and always has been in plain sight. Accept that and then detach from it. Only then can we truly ‘see’ the greater picture, the evil among us and by helping open others’ eyes and minds do we insulate ourselves from their clutches.

In this way we empower ourselves and disempower their game. The time is no longer for decoding, guessing, conspiring to work out The Answer. There is no answer, only our own solution!

That can only be realised in developing all we have within and living it.

Leave them to pray for mercy, salvation or whatever else they will beg for in their sick minds. Justice will reap its own vengeance at a time and place only it knows. Our responsibility is to become our true humanity within whatever framework we choose.