Money, Money, Money In a Criminal’s World

The interest payable by the UK Government on their spending was £8.2 billion ($9.25 billion) last month, which is £1.5 billion ($1.7 billion) more than in August 2021, and the highest figure for the month since records began in April 1997, the ONS said.

Annual inflation in the UK hit 9.4% in June, the highest rate in 40 years, but retreated to 8.6% in August.

The UK government borrowed nearly twice as much as expected in August, £11.8 billion ($13.3 billion) instead of £6 billion ($6.7 billion) forecast by the Office for Budget Responsibility, as the public sector spent more than it received in taxes and other income, the ONS explained.

Yet the UK Government is perfectly happy in sending our tax pounds abroad to support a fascist, neo-Nazi enclave in Ukraine that purports to call itself a democratic, freedom loving, genocide-committed regime that defies the words democratic and freedom loving.

The amount that has already been assigned/sent in deadly munitions and other warmongering aid is a staggering £2.8 billion, as of May 2022. A survey that includes a time period of January 24, 2022 to August 3, 2022 supports the total aid of €6.51 billion, of which over €4.2 billion is weaponry and support. These eye watering figures in pursuit of a fascist regime that has committed genocide constantly since 2014, seems to hold so much more importance and standing than the very country, Great Britain, that is presently suffering the injustices and illegalities by way of stripping its populace of their last vestiges of bare existence.

If anyone can see the legitimacy of such brutality on its own by the present regime in the UK, then they are either the corporate, rich of this and that benefit from the kickbacks and tax perks that are doled out to satisfy their compliance with the order to destroy what we have come to know as the British way of life.

The way of life I grew up in may have been the 50s and 60s, where hidden from my less that curious eye was the same shite being perpetrated, has altogether disappeared. The young generations have never known the semblance of freedoms we thought we carried. Now their lives are as controlled as any AI, through the handhelds, the mind-mashed information feeds that convince them they will be poor, yet happy. When you have no comparison as to what life might feel like. Let alone be like without the lockdown, propagandised mush they feed us, it is extremely hard to decipher, yet alone discriminate what life could really be all about.

So, when these extravagant, yet true figures are presented, they are merely brushed off as not my problem. Therein lies the fallacy. It is all our problem when we have dictatorial unlawful rulers, pronouncing expenditure on what is a never ending pit of waste and loss. Not our lives, not our lives indeed but the feeding of the criminal cartels, themselves used as patsies for a world order that will throw money on the puppet nation in season, to its last body, to win against Russia. Since we live in times of rank madness, this concept is a brilliant example of just that.

If all the people of the British Isles are happy to ignore this rape and pillage of their lives, this criminal irresponsibility, that plays with our ever-impoverished existences, for the betterment of the cartel’s rich pals and small, powerful elite, then let it take us to its obvious conclusion – penury and death, not necessarily in that order.

Money is what they think they control us with. They would be correct and incorrect at the same time.

Money and its very creation, let alone concept is by and large a mystery very few have engaged to unravel. If I can spend it, have the cash from my inured labour then I am satisfied, is the popular refrain. These poor souls exploited to their full disadvantage know nothing of how money comes into existence. Whatever it costs to create and then service, you can be damn sure it is us the people who will foot every last cent and penny.

There is a concerted push towards a cashless society. why do you think that is? A society without paper money and coins, becomes a society that can, through a flick of a switch, be disallowed access to any and all funds. Don’t believe that? Then study a prime example of this fact that has been operating way before we in the UK had any digital banking – Estonia. There, your whole funding life can be cut in an instant if even a small €10 bill is missed. Research it and see how that operates.

When they try and bring that into our lives, under the specious excuses of keeping us safe, for our convenience or other ridiculous excuses, just remember they NEVER have ever had your best interests at heart. They merely continue to rob and enslave you, to their gain.

Anyone who thinks this is all too far-fetched, then that very same arrant blindness and sheer impoverished ignorance will see them entrapped and imprisoned for the rest of their days. Now I am not saying they have no right to these ludicrous decisions and thinking. They have every right to follow their own choice. Just do not come bleating back saying, “Why was I not told, and why are they doing this to me!” Even stupid choices must take 100% responsibility for such ideocracy.

For some this may be totally obvious and knowing the game played on us these choose to never slip into becoming patsy players for such criminal behaviour.

For those who cannot envisage a different outcome, then this is the moment when solutions are offered, for contemplation and hopefully action taking.

Briefly, money is controlled under the direction of a single source. This source never truly reveals itself and thus virtually no one sees, feels or notices its insidious presence. What and who that presence is can be debated to kingdom come yet bearing in mind that the point of a pyramid looks down and recognises all that support it, we shall carry on.

Another point of fact to recognise, that helps our comprehension is that money in its innate state is neutral. How it is used makes that use between all degrees criminal, purposeful and beneficial. This is fundamental to dispensing with the personal, emotional attachments we have to money.

The next stage to comprehend is that all of us without exception (alright, apart from a few non-money-oriented indigenous peoples) live in a debt based system that is by and large controlled through usury. Lend money, pile on interest and pay back both lent and interest. That is usury. None of us, except perhaps the previously mentioned indigenous, have ever experienced anything other, yet it is the other that was, until 1200-odd years ago the norm. Society that never needed money, its trade done through sweat equity (the stuff you could bring to the party/deal/whatever) or barter, in exchange for whatever the needs were. This created community, cooperation and peaceful harmony and existence. Wherever disagreement arose it was sorted in equity, fairness and balance within the community.

Only when the usurers came along did this flip out of balance and form, as we know well today. It became a powerful existence and ultimately single control mechanism. Them and us arose. Tyranny fast on its heels, part and parcel, and the rest, they say is history.

To imagine that there is no solution to this rabid, centuries long cult of debt-based societies would be profoundly incorrect. The power debt-based usury has wielded and thrived on has been majorly due to public acceptance by way of, “Well, that is the way it has always been,” attitude.

Until now this quisling acceptance had never truly been challenged, more so because the powers controlling that usury were local, (nation-wise) powerful and able to stamp out any local dissent. Today we are a global village and technology connects us, like money, in how we use it – for better or worse. Due to technology now controlling and running our lives, ironically, we are at a crossroads where we, the people, can take back that control that rested in the thrall of banks, money lenders and robber barons of finance. How that can be, to the uninitiated mind, would seem well-nigh impossible. However just because one individual cannot see the wood for the trees due to their personal lack of vision or proficiency, does not mean the next one cannot come up with the solution.

It is that next one, alongside many other perceptive and ingenious individuals, that has cracked the pathway to bringing us all back to a harmonious, balanced, fair and just way of conducting life for all. To take any of it on board, literally means clearing one’s head of pretty much everything we have ever been told, taught and had impressed on us. However, that is the hugely exciting part, as what refills empty space created is a wonder to behold, and as solid as the earth beneath us.

Nothing new created but a journey returning the world to where usury is non-existent. To comprehend what this means is to begin to comprehend life within a credit-based environment. First off, all means or imposition by taxation become illegal. It is and always has been an injury on the individual, thus outlawed. Also, there is the issue of an external authority imposing on you and telling what you must do or must not do. The imposition of vaccines against personal choice is a crime and prime example. It is injury personified. Under Natural Law these things and more are abhorrent. To retain authority over your body is one of the most profound rights we have. Only by consent can we be influenced by any authority than our own.

The innocent mind may say – ‘Well, how do I go about living and be protected?’ – that my friends is down to you. Being a sovereign being carries with it responsibility. Self-determination comes with taking one hundred percent responsibility for one’s action and outcomes of the same. Relying on nanny state or others to make those decisions for you is ceding your divinely gifted power.

We have lived and been told it is OK to blame another for our own choices. It is not, we are the one that must take or share responsibility. All injury and damage through another’s imposed unelected responsibility is criminal.

This can be seen as a challenge too far. If that is the case, then we are not challenging ourselves enough. We are refusing to clear out the old, the long-lost utilities that helped along the way. Change is up to each of us. If change is refused, most often due to it breaking our comfort zone we shelter under, then we stagnate.

This credit-based system is based on what you can add to the whole, not what you are worth. It acknowledges your worth, input, skills and aptitude. Everyone has something to offer, and that offer is worth as much as the next one. Having basic needs met, eventually releases the idea and reality of poverty, there being no need for disproportional wealth divides.

We have rarely been gifted the opportunity to develop ourselves as we might dream, we would. Money has always delineated what we can or cannot do. The rich allegedly able to do what they wish at a whim, us under the poverty cosh, hindered at every turn. Take that false barrier away and what is left is imagination of what can be and developing every part of ourself to make it reality.

If you cannot conceive that reality or whether you find it beyond your comprehension, then maybe it is time to read up as to how it is achieved. Achieved it has been, now it is up to you to make it your future.

A Nation under UCTTreaty in action

A Deep Yearning For A Civilised Humanity

In a hundred odd years a lot can happen. Yet again much seems never to change. Even across millennia there can be signs of little or no change. We all love to feel we become more civilised, growing exponentially as the years tick by. Yet if we were a tad more forensic we notice how stuck in the old ways we have allowed ourselves to be.

The only thing changing greatly is our illusions of personal development and by extension collective development.

Today we focus in on our ability to insult each other, find difference and use that as an insult tool, division methodology and cleave to prove ourselves better/worse or just superior. We massage our collective ego with a sense of civilised conduct in so many areas, while allowing our base reactions and instincts to run rampant over our public and private lives.

Learning from history was and always has been a practice of utter and complete solipsism. Religious indoctrination and control in the past laid out the ways and means people must conduct themselves to be seen as righteous members of the tribe. Deviation from that edict was considered barbarous, primitive and ignorant, not to say disobedient. Today adherence to political correctness, the absolutism of group think/theology, no matter how small a minority put forward, becomes a marker to the degree tolerance, emotional correctness and societal adherence are measured.

Shunning, shaming and ostracisation of any group, majority or minority has mostly, save perhaps for small indigenous groups been the manipulative tool of those in power. Presently those in power and those controlling those in power use every self created, well used practice to shame, debase, ostracise and ruin any carrying an ioto of desire to create an equitable society.

The measure of expanse of any practice has always been conditional to the reach of the message, order or edict. Today with global reach in nano seconds this measure has become all encompassing. Its effectiveness also has increased its efficacy. Yet by these markers alone it does not define an evolved nor more developed mindset, let alone consciousness. It merely increases the power of the message, manipulation.

Fascinatingly, within indigenous cultures the act of shaming was used positively and effectively to aid an individual’s growth and better intergration into the tribe, not of totally ostracising him or her. Many practices in these cultures were and still are way ahead of what we love to preen our belief in imagining ourselves to be a civilised lot. Also worth noting is how easily we have marked these societies as being savage.

The madness, the mind controlling, manipulative ways in which we enforce in our so called Western civilised societies the ‘rights’ of all sorts of minority groups, of life style choices must seem most barbaric, inhuman and downright primitive to those whose respect for culture, the collective group with its differences has always been the bedrock of the group.

A most telling way in which these ageless cultures have been treated by the so called ‘modern man’ has been the brutal, genocidal and total desire to eradicate such examples of humanity from the face of the earth. Today holds no lessening of such practices. It is merely conducted with deadly efficiency and expedition. Any ideas of learning from these sectors is wiped away along with their souls.

We are witness today, as the practice of minority superiority gains more and more traction, to a concomitant rise in totalitarian, repressive regime. While the distraction of showering political correctness on each and every niche of divisive sub sectioning, the plan of lock down on civil liberties, individual expression and differentiation from the laid down line is tightened. Fascism, oligarchy, tyrannical rule and psychopathic power is covered in schmaltzy, sweet looking benevolence and care for the masses while all the time extinguishing them.

The stocks of olden days have been replaced by the social media shaming and naming. This process of seeming irreproachable ‘fruit and veg’ throwing or worse excremental insults is allowed to run riot over viral and cyber channels. The very organs supplying the vehicle are themselves total servants of their master controllers. Bait and switch, carrot and stick all confusingly wrapped in collective ease of communication and information availability.

Intelligent and tolerant discussion, sharing different viewpoints with civility becomes a dinosaur across communication media. Attention span having been driven to its nadir point of 5 seconds or less has aided mindless chatter and ostracised much of the written word beyond the length of a title or subtitle.

Hooking the well moulded belief structure to accept vacuous virtue signalling, incanted incoherent propaganda and even more mindless incongruous, sensible sounding paff is the daily diet spun, tweeted and woven into a collective stunned and dumbed through distraction, mind controlling, insatiably fed on disaster, fear and the next celebrity scandal.

One hundred years ago the Western world (considered to be the civilised world) was entering a decade of decadence, distraction, sexual liberation leading to yet another bloody rampage of humans slaughtering humans, under the auspices of a small elite psychopathic few who never considered life for the many an option.

Today technology has mercifully brought us to a place where that outcome will entail a far swifter result with the concommitent baggage of committing the whole of humanity to dust. Not so mercifully yet with no real surprises allowing perversion, degradation and the basest of human activities free rein is once again their drug of choice for the masses, led from the top.

When asked: What do you think of Western civilization?
Gandhi responded: I think it would be a good idea.

History repeats itself over and over and over. Lessons must be learned and other vacuous imprecations are mere catch phrases those powerful and self righteous use to gloss over truth, obfuscation and sheer bloody ignorance.

Division of people on every level is the guiding rule. Maintaining in-fighting through emotional and mental manipulation is managed at even greater and more persistent levels as the utter lack of a true education of the self is fostered.

One day perhaps when small pockets of humanity remain, most probably from the indigenous sectors, the slow process of reintegration into the balanced co-existence of all things will begin again as it has done so for eons beyond our own pathetic assumptions of life on earth.

Then perhaps peace on earth will reappear in a pristine and beautiful form it always has maintained within itself. I’ll be long gone but watching progress all the same from the viewpoint of profound love for every effort taken.


Jonathan L. Trapman

Author and photographer writing since aged 9 and  photographer since aged 16. Beginning his professional career as a photojournalist, working for some of the top titles in Fleet Street among them the London Times, Daily Express and a very short and boring stint with the Sun newspaper., he became exposed to the amount of propaganda and half truths demanded from photo/journalists in the ‘70s and 80s. Deciding his soul was worth more than shekels earned from the news rooms of corporate cronyism, he went on to  become one of the industry’s foremost photographers. He enjoyed getting to know the world, its peoples and a far wider vision of life on earth on others’ behalf and at others’ expense. He has appeared on TV and radio including the BBC, France Inter and online radio. Invited to speak at creative and literary conferences across the globe, in early 2012, in partnership with his wife, having accomplished several translations of foreign writers they made the first ever English translation, in over 900 years, of 11th century Sufi founder and mystic saint Hoja Ahmed Yassawi’s Diwani Hikmet (Divine Wisdom) poetry and sacred verse. Currently he is working on a 7 volume opus The Freedom Cycle, Dreams and Realities being the first.