Mandate Loyalty Pledge to Palestine or Mandate to No Foreign Entity

The US seems to be leading the way in mandating loyalty pledges to a terrorist regime. Already twenty eight states in the USA have mandated that loyalty to a foreign entity is more important than its own. Such actions are shutting down any dissent on the terror regime that is the State of Israel. It would seem that any questioning of this genocidal, criminal regime flies in the face of support for such criminal existence.

The hollow drum of ‘Land of the Free…etc BS… etc BS’ is banging to distract as many as possible from illegal and criminal slow genocide of a people we are supposed to accept as non-human, from a regime intent on wiping out an indigenous people. Sound familiar from a government whose near full existence has been just that?

The demand for mandating a loyalty pledge to an incarcerated and unjustly served people seems obvious. However such mandates fly in the face of free expression, obvious discussion from every side and basic human rights.

A far better and more human approach would be to mandate none of this rubbish, examine by their actions such states for promoting legitimacy, legality or illegality, and from that point demand support for or justice against adherence to or flouting of international law.

At present the USA, as self proclaimed leader of the free world, an oxymoron in itself, adheres to a threadbare set of international norms and laws. It does so purely on a level of self interest, not a desire for international co-operation. Such actions are usually pinned on juntas, facist, totalitarian and dictator-run states.

“This censorship of my talk based on forced compliance to anti-BDS laws in Georgia is just one level of a nationwide campaign to protect Israel from grassroots pressure.” Abby Martin

After refusing to sign a pledge of allegiance to the state of Israel, the state of Georgia shut down a media literacy conference featuring journalist and filmmaker Abby Martin at Georgia Southern University. Rightly so the journalist, along with two organisations, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF), filed a free speech lawsuit against such First Amendment rights to speak.

It is obvious to all those not living on a desert island for many decades, that the intrusive and illegal nature of the Zionist run State of Israel has exceeded all known norms of human behaviour and become the single most dangerous entity thwarting world coexistence and peace. Until such time as this pariah state and virulent pestilence is called out for what it truly is, we can expect any sense of humanity to be further stifled, reduced and subsequent illegal actions perpetrated on a world complicate with its actions – silence and non resistance being two obvious markers of such complicity.

Rather than loyalty to a foreign entity we need respect, tolerance and understanding to develop co-existence within a human race as diverse as it is peopled.

Coercion, BS, lies and authoritarian edict has never led to anything other than blood, enmity, death and destruction. Anyone is welcome to argue against this, however recognise you will be challenged and called out as the problem you really are.

And that starts with the present defilers in our presence.
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The Rats Run as USA Criminal Corp Exposes Itself

Today we hear the USA is pulling out of the parts of the Vienna Convention of Human Rights in order to protect its arse from being sued to The Hague and back.

The US is withdrawing from the “optional protocol” in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, John Bolton has confirmed. He said it follows a case brought by Palestine, challenging the US embassy’s move to Jerusalem.bolton1

“I am announcing that the president has decided that the United States will withdraw from the optional protocol and dispute resolution to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations,” Bolton said.

“This is in connection with a case brought by the so-called state of Palestine, naming the United States as the defendant, challenging our move of our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.”


The decision to relocate the US Embassy to Jerusalem was a direct sop to the State of Israel showing that entity whose lap dog it controls. It will see the US opting out of having to attend the International Court of Justice in the case of disputes, as outlined in Article I of the “Optional Protocol Concerning the Compulsory Settlement of Disputes.

 Article I  of that protocol states“Disputes arising out of the interpretation or application of the Convention shall lie within the compulsory jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice and may accordingly be brought before the Court by an application made by any party to the dispute being a Party to the present Protocol.”

The US is not alone denying acknowledgment of Palestine as a state. European allies also refrain from doing so, along with Australia and Canada. Most countries in South America, Asia, and Africa do acknowledge Palestine, along with the majority of Eastern Europe.

In July Iran filed a complaint against Washington with the court. That complaint accused Washington of breaching the Treaty of Amity, Economic Relations, and Consular Rights by pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal.

Yesterday the court ordered the US to lift sanctions on Iran which are linked to humanitarian goods and civil aviation. The US response was to pull out of the Treaty of Amity and from the protocol involving the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Set alongside the United States utter abrogation of any commitment or responsibility to abide by international law what presents itself is a rogue nation gone rogue.

The impunity with which the USA feels it is too big to have international justice apply to it merely gives the rest of the world the measure of criminality and intent played out by this pariah.

The media, whose reputation for being even handed and an honest broker as Fourth Estate holding power to account, is as complicit as a dagger used to kill the victim. Any shred of even handed restraint was slaughtered, its power usurped when the pro Israel, elite serving corporate owners took full and final control of information outlets.

Recently the BBC was too be found  at the bottom of a list of NATO nations broadcasters whose interest was to serve the public. In the States CNN, ABC and FOX to name three specifically also  prevent any facility for opposing views against the status quo. That has been solidly in place since way before the Iraq invasion of 2003.

Governments are in full lying through their teeth mode. Under threat like never before, they increase the propagandised pressure.

An example of one such turncoat disgrace can be found in The Guardian. Having accepted Wikileaks and Julian Assange’s extraordinary uncovering of the duplicitous state, won awards including a Pulitzer Prize, they turned on him.

The personal attacks that followed were as savage and vindictive as any in the history of the press. The full force of the displeasure of the Guardian against Assange defies belief. It shocks even the independent journalists such as John Pilger who have recorded and reported a host of duplicitous stories and spun narratives.

It is no secret the media has become an absolute appendage of established power.

A war of perception conducted continuously and strengthened, using the news media is what is being called for by the powers that be.

Disgraced General David Petraeus is quoted as saying –

“The importance of concealment and deception is a vital part of any general’s  thinking…. even in the battles in which we were engaged in the post-9/11 campaigns, hiding intentions until the last possible minute often enabled at least tactical surprise, and that awareness very much informed the way our operations were conducted during the Surges in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Quoting Sun Tzu’s Art of War:

“The most refined form to give your troops is being without form or invisible. If they are invisible, a well-concealed spy cannot spy on them, and a wise man cannot make plans against them.”

Yet the amount of cock ups, overstays and collateral damage inflicted in all the specious adventures prosecuting this War on Terror cannot be hidden in the corporate jargon-filled conferences, press meetings the perpetrators culled in in pursuit of bending the minds of public perception

In January of 2018 General Sir Nick Carter made a revealing, horrifying and insightful speech about the need for the British military to change and prepare for the enemy’s actions. He said –

“… I was caught up in two wars: one fought on the ground with tanks and artillery, and an information war fought largely, though not exclusively, through social media. And counter intuitively, it mattered more who won the war of words and narratives than who had the most potent weaponry.”

Admitting that a war of propaganda is the most essential and effective weapon any force can use, opens up the reality behind much of the lies and programming being injected into the public consciousness through the likes of the BBC, CNN etc.

Identifying the true enemy for these people it is the people at home. In America the American people, in the UK the British people.

Targeting Russia, RT , Sputnik, Al Jazeera and other counter viewpoints is the West’s beating heart of their propaganda campaigns. The threat to the status quo is obvious to the power controllers as it is to all those wise enough to observe the games played.

The alternative voices are weathering the battering they are getting. RT continues to be a voice with lucid alternative untold stories. Alternative voices such as Pilger, Bealey, Craig Paul Roberts and others are highly rated and in demand by a people, starved of mainstream truth.

Recently on the BBC Andrew Marr show, the host confronted John McDonnell, one of the main opposition figures and opposition Chancellor of the Exchequer. He invited him to admit that appearing on non accepted organs of information such as RT was siding with the enemy. To his discredit McDonnell did not dispute that nor any news outlets or press.

Such manipulation and sowing seeds in the public mind that there are invisible puppet masters in the Kremlin directing campaigns of propaganda against the good souls of democracy and freedom smacks of rank bulldozing through the notion of free speech, let alone covering up the very propaganda used and abused through the state outlet BBC and mainstream organs.

Media has a contract out on any alternative offerings and especially on Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn represents a challenge supported by the people. The voice of sanity and reality. The people as in the US are the enemy identified by those wishing to hold onto control, thus any form of opposition to that view and appropriated reality is treason itself.

In America resistance similar to Corbyn’s effect in the UK is negligible. The force of the AIPAC lobby, the near 100% bought Congress and two faces of the same charade, namely Republican and Democrat sees to it that the ruling hegemony is the aired view.

When the people, no matter where in the world, wake up, wise up and recognise the treachery served on them then such organisations as the ICC and conventions put in place in easier times for international law and consensus become essential to be empowered fully and enacted.

The US knows its blatant criminal record. It always has done. Previously able to strut its swollen breast, beating it and screaming it is the one superpower, the only centre of control, it now has been found out by many more. Exposed, it lashes out, economically, militarily and criminally.

The downside for the USA and its allies is that the equation of people power, Russian, Chinese and other independent states standing up to the world’s bully could simply place it on its own self induced smouldering toxic pile far, far greater than the footprint of crime its criminal protagonists created at Ground Zero in New York in 2001, kicking their final solution off the mark.

Karma is the Motherload of all equalisation. The collective voice raises to thunderous response. “Bring it On!”

Up to Her Neck In Bull

They say when you’re up to your neck in alligators it’s hard to remember the initial intention was clearing the swamp. With Nimrata Randhawa sorry, Nikki, I’m not Sikh, Haley she has been spewing the swamp since sitting as UN representative for the United States.

Her latest diatribe of propagandised rubbish and exceptionalism rhetoric around the US’s painstaking concern for civilians in Idlib is the most trite load of comprehensive BS a UN representative has spoken. Their record in Raqqa and Aleppo is testament “they give not one f***” as an unnamed ambassador is reputed to have said – “Human Rights hypocrisy at its most transparent“.

Truth is the US wish to protect their assets in the form of Al Qaeda and its offshoots, want to disrupt any semblance of returning to a democratic sovereign state by Syria and in turn cause Russia a thousand and one headaches before pressing them toward a global war by invading Iran for their Israeli planners. Neatly it gives Trump a good reason to reverse another of Obama’s legislation toward cooling the Iranian waters.

Haley, as is universally known and in her own words, places Israel’s interests and needs way before the country she allegedly represents. It is also highly likely she has sold her Sikh genes for Zionist ones in a ‘trade one, get one free’ deal with her sugar daddy Bibi Netan….you know the rest.Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 20.53.38

Listening to the lies and insults she trades with such passionate conviction across the Security Council floor you would imagine she feels a huge swathe of the world listening supports her. On the contrary most people consider her barking mad. The poor Russian Ambassador to the UN had huge shoes to fill when Vitaly Ivanovich Churkin so suddenly passed however he has grown and grown and in his own right able to slap the bullcrapper down at a hundred paces. Vasily Nebenzya is an extraordinary eloquent and incisive speaker. The distance he is able to get under both Haley’s skin and the UK representative, Karen Pierce is theatre at its best.

Haley’s handler Jon Lerner certainly has briefed her well with the rubbish she so willingly proselytises like a failed drama student in the Council, she then makes herself even more ludicrous by feeding the baying hounds of press salivating for salacious anti Russian bait.

Haley said of Russia:

We don’t trust Russia; we don’t trust Putin; we never will. They’re never going to be our friend. That’s just a fact.’

Such ‘facts’ are the fiction she feeds on.

She is an avid supporter of Al Qaeda and its subsections and renamed parts. The U.S. government admitted last year that Syria’s last “rebel-held” province, Idlib is the “largest Al Qaeda safe haven since 9/11″.

Haley’s recent comments downplaying the Al Qaeda presence in Idlib follow those recently made by James Jeffrey, the U.S.’ new representative for Syria engagement, who told The Washington Post last week that “rebels” in Idlib are “not terrorists, but people fighting a civil war against a brutal dictator.” This line certainly must question the alliance to Al Qaeda the US has had since 9/11, let alone the convenience of turnaround they perform today like sick acrobats.

Any attack on Syria’s Idlib province is going to be “dealt with,” Haley warned, as Washington seeks to stop the Russian-backed Syrian army from retaking the last remaining jihadist stronghold.

The Trump administration, with the much heralded  imminent release of videos blaming the Syrian government for a staged chemical weapons attack, looks like a godsend to support their  illegal military presence in Syria “indefinitely.”  Such happenstance in these situations are nothing of the sort. They are carefully coordinated. With the mention of the Americans “redefining its goals” which would include regime change in Damascus and efforts to contain Iran’s regional influence, Haley is sent out to pour her accusatory nonsense onto all and sundry.

In an age where the US has rarely had any real diplomats, Nikki Haley is the very bottom of the pit of excrement parading as American diplomacy.

Whether the controversial White Helmets videos that have been made get shown will in no way alter the intention for military action to be ordered  without chemical-weapons accusations. The U.S. once again leaps into another quagmire, in a last-ditch effort to recast Syria and the entire Middle East in their own image as designed by the State of Israel.

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 20.39.18So the “Don’t test us” threat Haley throws out like some puppy on stilts to a Great Dane is merely another sign of the spent US power biliously letting off wind. Wind that emanates from the soiled mouth of the American Sikh upstart.

UK Plans Move of Embassy to Jerusalem

Anonymous sources over the weekend have allowed HLNews to believe it will be highly likely the British Embassy in Tel Aviv will be relocated to Jerusalem in a move that hopes to curry closer relationships with the US.

Until the UK leaves the EU, which is bound by a collective will to not move, it will not be able to action these things. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, although refusing to confirm plans had already been drawn up gave a generic answer implying nothing was on the table.

Within the context of the British Government’s proven excellence in the field of mendacious public announcements, it can be on past record judged to be exactly what they are planning.

Craig Murray, the ex British ambassador to Uzbekistan approached the FCO with direct questions on this subject. His email communication is below:

murray email

HLNews tried to contact the FCO but was thwarted as the civil service does work over weekends. We shall try during office hours and update on our success or failure.

Meanwhile members of the present Cabinet continue to spend their time infighting, committing adultery and hiding from any of the alternative press who still manage to pursue truth, accountability and justice.

News Just IN……..

Former Vice Consul to Addis Ababa, Adrian Trapman has filed some interesting reports from beyond the grave on the future plans the UK and US have for Mesopotamia (Syria today). For those wondering, Adrain was at the time of his assassination in Greece about to take up his post of Vice Consul in Baghdad. He also received postumously the George Medal for bravery whilst at Addis.

His reports and those of his father Capt. AH Trapman, whistleblower/journalist and subsequent Public Enemy No.1 for his exposé on the real culprits behind the Crash of ’29 have agreed to become contributing partners at Highly Likely News.