Why Highly Likely?

playtime-is-overBack in the spring of this year – 2018 – Theresa May pronounced on no factual evidence whatsoever that the false flag poisoning of Serge and Yulia Skripal was “highly likely” to have been perpetrated by the Russians, moreover on the orders of President Putin himself.

This sort of guilty before evidence, let alone trial set a terminology in place that will forever haunt her and all who present specious propagandised clap trap as not only truth but serious news.

That these things can quite easily set off a chain of unintended events leading to the annihilation of the human species seems to be irrelevant.

Thus to counter the rubbish, the lies, the mendacious specious and downright criminal we have formed Highly Likely News, an outlet for flagging up such nonsense and doing the job the mainstream medias ought to have been doing but have rolled over, been controlled and generally prostituted their way into the criminal den.

That this pathetic MSM has thrown the independent towel in and willingly become the propaganda bullhorns for the criminals themselves leaves everyone with two ounces of brain cells left to critically think their way out of the disastrous cesspool created.

We at Highly Likely News like to feel we can be a signpost for those searching for reality. We hopefully deliver with a good dollop of humour – for without it we might as well all commit self suicide! – best effort writing and sharp insight.

We are always looking for like souls to share their pen so feel free to connect with us and join the team.

We shall overcome – We shall be victorious in this War for Our Minds


Fox News Helps Pentagon Attack Iran

According to Western Intelligence sources that reputable and highly fact filled Fox News entity has the illustrious position of helping the Pentagon, an impoverished, so it seems, information gatherer to launch attacks not only on Iran but the scourge and enmity of Western (read State of Israel) interests, Hezbollah, Syria and Russia.

An unnamed intelligence source (oxymoronic) told Fox News:

“The Iranians are trying to come up with new ways and routes to smuggle weapons from Iran to its allies in the Middle East, testing and defying the West’s abilities to track them down.” 

Highly likely that the Iranian airline Fars Air Qeshm has held two “rare and unusual” flights from Tehran to Beirut in the last two months. This seems to constitute a covert delivery of arms, supplies and pistachios.

Seyyed Hadi Afghahi, an Iranian political scientist and former Iranian diplomat in Lebanon, commented on the situation, reminding everyone that Fox News is funded by the Pentagon, while key positions in this entity are part of the American Zionist lobby directly funded by Tel Aviv.

“The question arises why the Fox News channel cites in its statements ‘Western intelligence services’ without naming any of them … Such a cover-up says everything.”

This obvious point is backed totally by ourselves at HLN and begs the question as to timing of this statement from the usual suspects. As we are all aware, or at least those of us paying attention, the imminent Idlib assault to clear the last vestiges of the US/UK/NATO backed troops, sorry, terrorist groups in Syria is about to be prosecuted.

It seems that having lost the final vestiges of credibility the rags of deception and support for those proxy parties furthering the Western agenda are hauled out for the ‘tenth time. The very same parties intent on causing as much bloodshed and confusion and steer world opinion in their direction. Those swallowing the MSM lies questioning little if at all,  remain befuddled and blissfully ignorant as to who exactly the real criminals are. Such aiding and abetting the intelligence gatherers merely clouds the real outcome, that of disaster and greater loss of an unipolar world rule.

It is the very fake news outlet Fox News that is happy to broadcast, stir controlled emotional reaction presented as fake news that supports all efforts to launch missiles and confusion against not only Iran but Hezbollah, Syria and the invited Russian support.

Such fakery is precisely why we at HLN have as our duty to flag up and call out such bilious nonsense.

(Full story can be found here)

Welcome to Highly Likely News

At Highly Likely News, lets shorten that to HLN, we endeavour to challenge the likely stories thrown out minute by minute, hour on hour, day through day, month… you get the picture…… by the usual suspects.

It is our task, set by our good selves and hopefully encouraged by others, to counter the news that programs, manipulates and steers pitifully weak minded souls into believing the unbelievable, the propagandised and the utterly incredible.

We stake our claim to a rickety mast of credible incredulity by questioning the unquestioned, the sheer ridiculous, the utterly unbelievable and the downright specious.

You may agree, disagree, be thoroughly offended, (we always welcome that) demand all sorts of lunatic actions for us to be silenced. Or you might just be impressed, enjoy or shout hurrah! for something a little different, lighthearted, heavyweight or how ever much you buy into our proposition.

We are not in any way PC oriented. You vote with your click away or click onwards. We endeavour to be a bastion of free speech, having little regard for any of the social media giants who may from time to time wish to or are ordered to silence us. If that does happen we know we are definitely irritating those powers that be and are getting our message out there.

Of course we rely on you to feedback whether we feed the need, or if it is appreciated so feel free to fill in the contact below and let us know.

We appreciate we need a tad of lead time to get the show rolling, so please be generous with your patience!

It’s all a huge experiment in upsetting the Usual Suspects’ apple cart in ways highly likely to create mosquitoes in their false recipes of soup and gruel.

“Highly Likely is the only way we know to describe our dissemination of lies as truth”. — highly likely attributed to Theresa May, British Prime Minister in dodgy times

both barrels of a shotgun that are pouring out smoke