UK in Meltdown as Snow Falls Continue in Micro Millimetres

A few centimetres of snow having fallen across a variety of UK counties has given the Government serious fodder to accelerate their Project Fear into the arena of greatest UK interest – the weather and its chatterations.

Doom mongers, weather exaggerators, news talking heads and government ministers all plough in and add their take on disaster of the wrong snow, the inconvenience of a spattering of flakes and other variables seen outside the UK as minor irritants.

Snowflakes are the new terrorists. Not the leftist kind. Oh, no, this is the weather variant that has come to be so unpredictable in its winter anomalies as to challenge the legitimacy of the global warming narrative. A projected global warming of hellish proportions looks in danger of being outed as the Fakest of fake news. As the climate change narrative goes south and an inconvenient  Polar Vortex rolls in from the North, winter has been thoroughly disengaged and placed in its new compartment of Highly Unlikely/unable to be prevented/unforeseen disaster.


A minor inconvenience for Russian commuters

Due to the severe winters the Russian Federation endures many in the sterile manipulated press are blaming the Russians for raining down snow at such a profound depth of inconvenience as to be aggressive . Little did their lack of research show that centimetres of snow in Russia are considered Spring, not winter.

As that path of propaganda melts, the usual suspects fall back on the disastrous effect the Labour government’s management in office ten or fifteen years ago has now rolled over and caused the unforeseen headaches of no infrastructure to deal with present misery.

As snowploughs remain idle, all three of them, and the country searches the deepest parts of its pockets to fund the construction and implementation of better proactive measures, everyone sinks deeper into a slurry of almost visible snow.

Drivers on the main motorway arteries stop to admire snowfall as queues behind them decide travel to be impossible against this slight inconvenience. Panic ensues as TV cameras convey via portable satellite dishes, the utter stupidity that has come to define the British public when road surfaces get wet and pet vehicles become a smidgen dirty  from inclement backsplash.

siberia_759_ts-instaWeather forecasters multiply and become the latest pundit of choice. Mother Nature says “Fuck It!” and chills the North American continent enough to wake the sleepy dozy population to a natural truth – Winter can be cold.

In the British Isles stoic types gather a few logs and head for home. Idiots leave their vehicle doors open to elements soon to pervade the inner sanctums of metallic retreat. Government ministers churlishly appeal to all pavement sleepers and those unable to afford a roof over their heads to knuckle down, remind themselves we are all in it together and ” to effin’ get a job instead of wingeing.

Across the Channel the thirteenth weekend of strife and revolution pointedly tells Macron he cannot claim to be apart of the Gilets Jaunes movement on his claims he needs more income himself like they do.

An early February weekend looks like turning colder as people freeze out more bullshit from their leaders.

Bring on the cold I say, perhaps we shall instigate change quicker that way!

: Santa Claus:
Residing slightly north of north of the border. Living among a motley crew of height-challenged wee folk, he has for centuries offered make believe and presents to all those who historically have once having believed, thrown such fairy tales away during adolescence and come to believe in The Magic Bullet, the Tory Charity Party and being able to enter and exit at will, by dint of having been the foremost empire a couple of centuries ago, the European continent.


Rome Burns Even as the Fiddlers Play Out Of Tune

The Northern Hemisphere is riddled in snow. The Southern Hemisphere bakes its bones. Climate changes constantly, irrationally for those not attuned to facts. Nature is blamed, others are shamed, the real sufferers told it is their fault for buying into consumerism.

Those that rule over us dictate our rage. Insidious and more transparent methodology is levelled against the unwitting public to make them believe it is all their fault, their problem and their just desserts. Like rabbits in the oncoming headlights we freeze obeying the indoctrination we are powerless.

All the time the psychopaths, greed mongers and self serving crew of the Few bleed yet more resources, make-believe money and wealth from the life blood of our planet. Destruction is a means to an end not a violence to arrest.

The voice of the prophets and free thinkers is shouted down, silenced through mass targeting. Fake News, fake this and fake that  used as a blunt instrument to dull the sword of truth. Families turn on families, loved ones fall out of love through ignorance and blind adhesion to false premise. Division, the great weapon of subjugation is lanced into minds at every level and predilection.

Suffering becomes the go to joy of life. Self inflicted, purposefully owned through an incredulous belief in self guilt. Difference is shunned like a treason, then shamed as against the nature of being human. Mass acceptance of all sorts of sodomy, sexual predilection and bent is forcefully planted as politically correct. The belief that there is a black and white thought construct that is right leaving all other divergences from that thinking  outlawed runs rampant over society.

The human symphony has been whittled down to a mere handful of out of tune instruments playing a dirge so painful, so mournful it is promoted as Joy! The few conductors do so with one hand while their other is counting their coffers. It is filmed in such a way as to show only the conducting hand and the forced smiles of an audience so stunned into blankness it neither cares nor knows who it is or what they are listening and watching.

The question must be asked – Is this entity a.k.a. Humanity worth continuing with? – it would seem certain conditions have already decided that, yet mercifully have left out letting humanity know. As the cosmic conditions advance themselves as they have continued to do so through time immemorial no burning fires of human vanity and ignorance will ever be enough to staunch the inevitable.

It would seem the time is well overdue to make one’s peace within, to speak truth to the self and rejoice that emotional attachment is a mere frippery of transient thought. It is time to remind ourselves we are greater than the experiences we create for ourselves every moment. Now is the moment to open our arms, laugh at the ludicrous and welcome annihilation as and when it comes.

To believe we can change things is folly. Change has its own agenda and we as supposed stewards of the changelings have failed miserably. All we can do now is ride the change so far out of our control, stop endeavouring to sit in the driver’s seat and rest peacefully as a passenger. The price of such a ticket is humility, an embracing of our own magnificence and to engage in the view of wonders as they pass.

No Project Fear, no overarching Doom monger can ever invade the Inner Sanctum of the Infinite Soul. Be joyful and laugh at the rats as they leap from the burning armada. Harbour and the Deep Blue are two facets of the same destination so unbuckle and enjoy the ride!