When Sovereign turns the Tide

It is an universal truth that all of us, in being born, are born sovereign beings. This fact is immutable. No one owns us, no one has authority over us, we are sovereign.

That this truth is cruelly thrashed out of us, by one means or another is the tragedy of life. Be it the ignorance of those we have chosen as our parents, guardians, teachers and mentors for those early years or merely the pressure and tyrannical execution of lives lived under laws, man-made and exclusively for the benefit of others, difference is incidental.

What is totally apparent for us all today, whatever background, culture or social standing, is that tyranny, in its most flagrant and transparent form is rife and pressing us all into an existence as far from sovereign as you could imagine.

There are only two countries that have retained, let’s say, over the last 500 years, their sovereignty. This is sovereignty on a national level, not personal. The difference being that, in as much as each and every human being’s birthright is sacrosanct as sovereign, a country’s sovereignty is a collective establishment of independent being and collective betterment.

The individual’s right and authority is their own. No other authority can or must impinge, prevent or endeavour to interfere with that God given right. A nation’s sovereign status establishes that on a national level, yet does not confer power to each individual, as sovereign. So if I was to inform you that the two nations who have maintained that over the last half millennia were England and Russia, you might be surprised.

You should be, as what we have playing out today is the pinnacle of a good 500 year battle for supremacy, that started the modern era’s battle for single dog supreme. In this struggle there is only one that became the aggressor, the other defending itself against all outside, flagrant aggression. The long term desire to conquer the land of Russia has been in English sights for centuries. Today’s manifestation of this age old struggle started in earnest in the Napoleonic era.

By way of conquest it started with the East India Company way back in 1600. It went on to become the largest corporation in the world, and the richest at that time. For the English, the natural resources, vast landmasses and abundant food stores of Russia were and still are, a coveted jewel in a tyrannical crown. From out of the Slavic lands came the unholy Khazarian tribe, whose own lands included what is now Eastern Ukraine. It was, before the English became embroiled in lusting after Russian lands, that Russia had to deal with, along with the help of the Persians, a haven for these criminal thieves and violent psychopaths. It was also to England and Western Europe that the descendants of these evil beings arrived and settled. From there they manipulated their vile infection into North America, not before taking control of the English financial system, won after falsely reporting the loss by the English at Waterloo.

I mention this as it is an important part of the overall infection of evil, the tyrannies that ensued, procured. 

So when today we are faced with a rampant hatred and Russophobia, most especially from the English towards the Russians, bear in mind this is no recent phenomenon. Since the take over of the Bank of England after Waterloo, by the Rothschilds, the modern face of Khazarian malevolence, the desire for the English to defeat and destroy the sovereign territories of Russia, have never been so exercised.

Those in these isles who are happy to sail on the vessel ‘Utter Ignorance’ in the fleet that includes “HMS Impotent”, HMS ‘Common Purpose’ and HMS “Fullon C*nt” will never see the rocks that will sink all trace of them. A blessing for both truth, justice and their damned souls.

So next we see the Ra! Ra! of utter prats not delineating, nor defining a space between one major psyop and the next. All we can wish them is a smooth journey to their very own self created hell and ultimate salvation.

What all those that do know is, that whosoever have not used and developed their God-given divine gift of critical thought, justice is swift, final and full of divine retribution of the learning kind. Compassion, enabling all those delusional enough to think their position is the single truth, is as magnanimous as it comes. Yet we shall surely witness resistance dressed as right, like never before.

Does that remind you of those digging deeper the holes they are preparing for their own fall?

When sovereign hits the present turf running, those that chose, through self-determination, the path of freedom, will enjoy such a life as they never could have dreamed. Their own choices, made from the very stuff of living under Natural Law, will deliver a joy, ease and ability to grow as has never been experienced for those presently living on earth.

Sovereign is and always will be the only truly lawful and natural high of worth!

The Lobby Too Big To Question

Lobby groups are an endemic and often virulent part of political life. Many lobby groups are funded by self interested corporations, intent on getting their ‘special favours’ from the government in office. There are those laudable lobby groups only concerned and pushing agendas that are in the public interest or common good. The former far outweigh in success and proclivity the latter.

Yet above and beyond all these lobby groups is one so infested throughout our political and daily  life, so powerful politicians, press and people of influence are afraid to even speak its name, let alone tag it for its actions, for fear of reprisal, loss of influence and denigration of power.

It is the Israel Lobby.

Its name highlights it as a foreign entity, or at best working directly on behalf of a foreign regime, to influence, push agendas and in short control the decisions, actions of such lobbied countries. As much as there are multitudes of foreign and corporate interests constantly lobbying for attention, usually trade focused, this particular lobby group is intent and set upon gaining such control, such indivisible power through multitude arteries of the British and US system, that in any other context it would be seen as the grossest form of internal interference by a foreign entity on a sovereign nation. Not least, an act of war.

Under such circumstances, you might think any government, its intelligence services and sovereignty protection apparatus would be onto such devious ways and means in a trice. You might wonder why such a lobby is not immediately called out, across screen, print press and online. In any sane, self respecting sovereign state this would be the primary mechanism engaged. Yet somehow the lobby’s influence, power and creep is ignored. It is on most occasions embraced as part and parcel of sovereign life.

England would like to feel it was last invaded and conquered by an external force way back in 1066 by their French antagonists.



It was taken over and ruled by foreign entities in 1815. The Rothschilds had funded and backed both sides in the War, both French and British. They walked away from the table at Waterloo with the biggest single win any gambler could have made. Their messenger reaching London before any other, declared a British loss. Panic and depreciation of stock and Bank holdings wrought imminent bankruptcy. Rothschild’s secret bet on a British win, soon transpired to a bankrupting payment, settled only by the handing over of financial control of England and the bank to them. To this day it is how it operates.

Not only did all this lead to the eventual creation of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basle in the 1930s becoming the central bank of all global central banks, it secured direct control by Rothschild and its minion Eight Family directors, absolute global financial power. When, during the First World War, Rothschild persuaded the British not to sue for peace with Germany, by promising the certainty of getting the USA to enter, helping win the war the British were presently losing, a deal was struck.

That deal, as is well documented, became the State of Israel gifted in Palestine at a time and calling of Rothschild. In 1948 the State of Israel was created violently through the terrorist actions of those ending up to be the first leaders and government of the new founded State of Israel.

This invidious act of treasonous betrayal by Balfour in 1917 has led to what we face today – an impervious practitioner, outside international law, through contempt and arrogance – the State of Israel. Its shrill cries of God given rightness in occupying and denial of the ancient lands of others shows an arrogance and to what superior heights it places itself in a world seemingly acquiescent to such hubris.

Its tentacles of influence run rabid through the corridors of power in virtually all major Western countries. The quiescence and collaboration emanating from both the USA, UK and European states, alongside other vassal, corroborating states is the stain on everything that is good, just and honourable in this world.

The infestation is so deep and pervasive this entity has been able to change sovereign laws so as to vilify, prosecute and silence any and every point of opposition raised against it. Under cover of all sorts of deception, deceit and lies it has a stranglehold presently slaughtering anything close to democracy we so like to believe exists, operates and has its being among us.

oborne quote

It has made criminal and demanded all others do likewise, any questioning or discussion as to its right to exist in its present political form and statehood. At the same time it reaps havoc on any questioning its own use of force or other, on any state it feels obstructs its way or prevents any and all of its belligerent actions.

That the general public is utterly unaware of the scale of infestation and invasion is due to most mainstream organs being totally under the thrall and influence of the State of Israel, via amongst others, the Israel Lobby.

All independent journalism, any organisation asking hard pertinent questions of this lobby and its greater foreign master is violently, petulantly stamped upon and silenced with a raft of spurious, malign excuses for its actions.



When Al Jazeera, a TV outlet showcased “The Lobby“, a series of documentaries investigating the influence of the Israel lobby in the United Kingdom and the Israel lobby in the United States and their relationship to the BDS movement, it was vilified and denounced as lies and fake news. No real references were made on MSM channels, no independent investigations were forthcoming. Yet within its fly on the wall discoveries was criminality, lobbying of the most insidious kind and blackmail. Watergate and other ‘Gates’ were a picnic in comparison.

The present take over of the Labour movement in the UK by sub groups of this Lobby show just how putrid self governance has become in the United Kingdom. The BDS movement is targeted like no other, portrayed as a criminal entity by a criminal entity of absolutely gross proportions.

That we are expected to cow-tow to a foreign regime and state by affording a political entity the genetic right to being Semitic is one of the most transparent forms of perversion of order yet manifested. Especially when no other political entity or country is afforded the same ludicrous ‘special’ status.

However what is transparently obvious and so pathetically subordinate, are the many public figures, politicians and leaders who accept, as an integral part of their sovereign being, such absolute obedience to this foreign entity as legitimate. The general term utilised in any other circumstance would be described as Totalitarian Dictatorship.

The most obvious question never asked, in public, is why any one country is allowed to wield so much power and influence over another without the slightest concern or worry about internal sovereign integrity. There can be absolutely no justification for one entity to have such an influence over and above any other entity, unless it is so rooted in the core machinery of governance and accepted as normal.

Under these circumstances, everything we have been led to believe to be sovereign, autonomous and sacred is merely a panoply of lies and corruption. That the regime of the State of Israel has at its core, an intelligence service, Mossad, trumpeting the motto:

By way of trickery (some translate as deception) thou shalt do war

demonstrates everything needed knowing.

The intelligence service, and by extension the State of Israel, place themselves on a constant war footing. Everything they do is geared towards attrition. Whether it be the seventy year old persecution of the State of Palestine, warmongering by proxy committed through their ‘allies’ and the endemic and constant interference into foreign governments through various Lobbies, they become, by these actions a cancer on the international stage.

When good people do not speak out, then evil reigns. That no one is allowed to question, counteract anything to do with the State of Israel, without being stifled, vilified and prosecuted, it perhaps shows that our collective Waterloo was lost in 1815, never to be rectified. That it begs questioning the instigations and outcomes of wars and events since then is an obvious corollary.

If we are to ever improve our collective lot, move evolutionary progress forward and bring peace to this world,  then present capitulation to this particular lobby must be examined, discussed and forensically opened and excised. As one of the major factors preventing global advancement of the positive kind, we must demand all actions, control of influence outside its own territory to be held to scrutiny, contained under a true implementation of International Law and justice. Nothing less will be acceptable and any demand this should not apply to the State of Israel, its lobby groups etc must altogether be denied and rebutted.

Ukraine? Stupid People Have Stupid Leaders

Originally published on Fort Russ

By Rostislav Ishchenko 

They say that, as a rule, the people choose their leader, whose intellect roughly corresponds to the average one. People, they say, do not like those who are much smarter than them and reluctant to vote for them. However, today we are not interested in the reasons for this phenomenon. Just note that the level of development of the people can generally be easily calculated by the level of development of their leader.

From this point of view, it is not surprising that Russia is friendly and negotiates with China, while the Western world only grinds teeth in impotent rage and can not in any way understand how Moscow was able to escape from the trap, which it was reliably captured in the 1990s years of the last century. With Ukraine it is very bad. There, even the first president Kravchuk was not an intellectual, but an artful scoundrel, and even the others, in comparison with Kravchuk, are victims of acute intellectual insufficiency. And each of the following was an order of magnitude stupider than the previous one.

The level of Peter Alekseevich is characterized by the “White House” built by him in the suburban area near Kiev, as well as a well-known fresco from the family chapel, which was given the unofficial name “The Holy Family of Poroshenko”. These are typical signs of ‘parvenu’, trying to be “no worse than others” and with the help of flashy luxury and frank kitsch to rise if not over the old aristocratic birth, then at least to their level. Moliere’s Jourdain, in comparison with Poroshenko – the British lord, the leading pedigree of the companions of William Bastard.

Until 2005, Peter Alekseevich demonstrated to the city and the world his “aristocracy”, with the help of a full mouth of gold teeth. In the remote Moldovan province, where Pyotr Alekseevich grew up, it was so fashionable. By 2005, the “outstanding statesman of Ukraine” had learned that for fifty years they had not been in a decent society, replaced crowns with porcelain, but built a house like the president of the United States and depicted his family in a church fresco (like the Yaroslav the Wise family). Before whom he was going to brag about the photo from the paid photo shoot with Trump is unknown, but given the pathological greed of Poroshenko (compared to which Gobsek is a patron), the plans for this photo were strategic (I understand that the money was formally paid by the state, but Poroshenko could have simply steal, so in a sense it was already his money).

No wonder that with this level of intelligence, everything that Peter Alekseevich does on his own, he does very badly. And do not give an example of his successful business. Poroshenko claims that his father was the boss (Alexei Ivanovich is also a colorful figure, by the way). Since this statement was not refuted by anybody, I have no reason not to believe that the starting business of the Poroshenko family is the money that Alexey Ivanovich “managed” in the USSR, where he held the posts of economic managers of the district level and where he served time for economic crimes.

Likewise, I have no reason not to believe Poroshenko’s allegations that his business has now been transferred to the management of the “blind trust”. Allegedly Poroshenko’s affairs are now handled by a company associated with the Rothschilds. In this it is all the easier to believe that since the formal transfer of assets to management, Poroshenko’s official revenues have started to grow at a rapid pace and over the past four years have grown by more than an order of magnitude. I emphasize that these are the incomes of its enterprises managed by a “blind trust” according to official reporting. That is, here it is not a question of what Poroshenko has cleared from the treasury, but about the income declared by the foreign managers.

Thus, it turns out that over the course of his life, personally, Peter Alekseevich only changed his gold teeth to porcelain (and then, ten years late), flew from the post of NSDC secretary to Yushchenko, because he tried too hard to squeeze out another’s business, stole from the treasury stupidly various public positions and was photographed with Trump for 600 000 dollars.

Is it any wonder that such a person decided to make himself a pre-election PR on the termination of the Treaty and friendship, cooperation and partnership with Russia through its non-renewal? Note the non-renewal, and not the denunciations, because even the nationally-conscious marginals sitting in the Ukrainian Rada and making up the government did not want to commit such a rare stupidity. Non-extension of the same Poroshenko signed personally, on the basis of the representation completely dependent on him Klimkin.

Why this stupidity?

From the point of view of foreign policy, the de facto situation has not changed. Ukraine has never observed this and other treaties before, motivating its behavior by the fact that it has been subjected to aggression by Russia and is at war with it, and the belligerent state can not be linked to a military adversary by treaties concluded in peacetime. Russia, for its part, not considering itself in a state of war (which Ukraine has not yet announced) has observed treaties. But potentially, since 2014 Moscow has had every opportunity to cancel any agreement at any time based on Ukraine’s position.

The fact is that in the modern world the war does not need to be declared, the state of war can be simply ascertained. Ukraine is quite officially, at the level of the Rada, the president and the government, ascertained the state of war with Russia. Russia could “notice” this situation for as long as necessary, but at any time it could be noticed. Thus, starting in 2014, the implementation of any treaty with Ukraine depended solely on Russia’s goodwill and on how it specifically implemented its interests and planned to achieve geopolitical goals.

In this respect, almost nothing has changed. Russia and now can build relations with Ukraine at will. Poroshenko made a small present to Moscow, in the sense that he assumed responsibility for the formal destruction of the legal framework, but it must be admitted that if the geopolitical situation demanded the annulment of agreements and agreements with Ukraine, Russia would do it on its own. This is not a problem, and in comparison with the process of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, not even troubles. Poroshenko unleashed Russia’s hands, which were not connected.

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If Moscow has not stepped up the events in the Ukrainian direction (and now will not intensify, as Ukraine itself copes), then only because the planet has more strategically important points (like the Middle East), requiring concentration of attention and resources. Just in the queue of priorities, Kiev takes far from the first and even not the third place. Now that the decision is made to aggravate, Russia will have yet another argument in favor of the fact that Kiev “start it first.” Thanks to Poroshenko, but this is an absolute trifle, since, as we know, the West, when making international legal decisions, is guided not by facts, but by its own benefit. Therefore, the adoption / not acceptance by him of the Russian rationale for the Ukrainian problem depends not on the actual situation, but on whatsoever the West would like to see the situation.

In general, having initiated an international scandal and, thus, weakening our positions (France and Germany have long ago conditioned our support for Ukraine by Kiev’s constructive behavior in the Russian direction, and without external support, Ukraine (and all of its political elite) is nothing), Poroshenko does not influenced the already existing (and several years the existing) situation.

From the point of view of Poroshenko’s internal policy, at the beginning of the election campaign, which he is already losing with a bang, he was immediately substituted for two charges critical for modern Ukraine. First, the opposition immediately accused him of undermining the well-being of millions of working citizens of Ukraine in Russia. Given the poverty and hopelessness of Ukrainian life, this is not a joke, migrant workers working in Russia, together with their families, make up at least a third of the nominal population of Ukraine. Pressing this button, Moscow at any time can cause a social explosion in Kiev. Now the opposition and the people are blaming Poroshenko for this eventual threat. Secondly, the senselessness for Ukraine and the theoretical profitability for Russia of Poroshenko’s actions immediately caused his accusations that he was an “agent of the Kremlin.”

Thus, the event organized by Poroshenko did not affect the overall strategic situation around Ukraine, and he himself, instead of a spoon of PR, brought a barrel of anti-piracy.

Remember at least this, at least any other “strategic breakthrough” organized by Peter Alekseevich, when you hear the question often asked by the Russian people, as well as experts, journalists and politicians – the most widespread one regarding Ukraine: “Do not they understand?”

They do not understand. The level of intelligence of the leader of the state, as a rule, reflects the average national intellectual level. The level of Poroshenko in four years could be estimated even by a person far from politics. Meanwhile, he won in the first round, for him 54.7% of those who came to the polls in 2014 voted. And those who are eager for power in Ukraine now, the same “intellectuals”, and maybe worse. Smart man for the presidency on the remains of Ukraine will not fight.

It remains to answer the question, how could the people, in no way different from the inhabitants of Moscow, St. Petersburg or Volgograd, have been able to descend in just two decades?

By 2014, Ukraine has left over 8 million people (the sixth part of the population of the Ukrainian SSR in 1991). During the period between 2014 and 2018, Ukraine lost about 15 million people who had left and gone with the Crimea and the Donbas. In total, this is about 45% of the population of the Ukrainian SSR at the time of the collapse of the Union.

These are not necessarily the best people in the classical sense, but this is the most competitive, the most workable and the most popular part of the population. In addition, they are people who are able to make responsible decisions on their own, that is, independently assess the situation and not to shift responsibility for one’s life to anyone.

Left, in the majority, the slaves are the best of the worst. Trying to avoid the slightest risk to reassign responsibility for their fate to someone else. They do not believe in intelligence, and they are afraid to choose them, and fools deceive them, and themselves. At the same time, negative selection has gone so far that it can not be stopped by its own internal Ukrainian forces. The country in which Tymoshenko is the most determined, Medvedchuk the smartest, Boyko is the most pro-Russian, and Rabinovich is the most courageous critic of power, has no chance.