Greek Sailor Dies of Death

The Gates of Heaven were heard to slam shut earlier today as one of the major exponents of criminal filthiness was found to have died of both death and old age. The coroner, who undoubtedly will be called in, will pronounce death by Covid-1984.

There will be served a government edict to hold national mourning for one of theirs, a royal chasing Greek sailor, inveigling their place into a global criminal elite. On pain of fines and imprisonment all who defy the mourning regulation will be rounded up and incarcerated, to mitigate the responsibility of a criminal cartel whose alleged laws and diktats have been found to have been baseless and totally unsubstantiated.

Such are the desperate moves by an ever deeply encircled criminal cartel that their adherence to bullshit and lies grows ever more ridiculous as the days pass. Very soon it is expected the first four horsemen of the Covid Apocalypse are to be dragged out of their holes, incarcerated before their trials of the centuries. Yes, plural centuries, as this will be the start of the greatest legal case in the history of our isles.

Its impact will be world shattering, find out why here

Comments from the street are pretty much of one accord, when told an old, withered creature alleged to be called The Duke of Edinburgh had died:

“Did you hear of the death today of the Duke of Edinburgh?”


“Didn’t know Scotland had a Duke!”

“Duke Ellington died?”

“Aw, my gawd, how shocking! So the babies blood did not work?”

An American caught on vox pop, responded, “Heck we need less Dukes in this place, they are rampant. We got a Duke that fits all – Duke o’ Earl – why can’t you Brits be satisfied with a single Duke like us?”

Perhaps it is that he has a point. So many Dukes, Duchesses, Lords and Ladies is the reason we British never seem to get anything done in a timely manner. So perhaps one less will be a future blessing.

As for all those wishing to watch their hard earned income spent on a lavish, useless funeral and wake, we wish them closure as they rummage their back drawers to pay for the next meal or the bus ticket down to the jab centre where they will willingly sign their own death warrant, though they will never know or admit to that fact.

Royalty ought to be left to the Hollywood screen or fairy tale books as in the real life it offers only penury, theft and dereliction to those that worship such anachronisms. Each to their own, however this organ of truth falls on the side of “Who needs a Greek sailor to bring us the feel good factor?”

On a completely different tack, anyone wishing to donate to the Pedophile Trust, I fear you have happened upon the wrong article.

Executive Porno Pedo Privilege – The Norm and Rule Within Power

One of the ‘sacred cows’ of no speak, no tell is that of sodomy, bestiality and pedophilia within the ranks of  Elite, Political and Royal households. These areas are so indefensible as to bring fear of exposure to a nuclear level. Having a compliant and grovelling media circus keeping silent is very much an essential front line defence.

Yet criminality no matter how well executed or guarded will always break its own defences and spill out into public awareness. That it might be seen to be the ‘breaking of the dam’ moment, contains one huge remaining hurdle, no matter how truth is slipped into the collective consciousness.

It is that most people are inured into believing their Royals, politicians and celebrities are sacred, untouchable. The asset of royalty far outweighs any sins committed. Brainwashed to believe “they would never do such things” is an easy Pass Go and collect the billions ticket. Equally, elite money and mafia-style connectivity will silence any front daring to incriminate this element of hierarchy. In itself a torrid weather vane as to the divisive allowance our society has been fractured into.

There have always been ‘whistleblowers’ on these topics, yet so many never live to tell their story. Infamously Diana, Princess of Wales was unceremoniously and very publicity executed before she was able to explode the myth of royalty and its perversions. More recently the pathetic, pornographic figure of  Jeffrey Epstein


Pedophile exposé Epstein

has been found to neatly self suicide within a high security compound lacking the very basics of high security at the time. His black book, naming names is, god knows, in whose possession.


Profanation and violation are part of the perversity of sex, which never will conform to liberal theories of benevolence. Every model of morally or politically correct sexual behavior will be subverted by nature’s daemonic law.

Camille Paglia

Andrew Mountbatten-Windsor | Royalpedia Wiki | Fandom ...

Prince Andrew

The Prince Andrew, whose torrid relationships carried on within his marriage to Sarah Ferguson, has now been implicated and very publicly associated as a ‘friend’ of the pedophile and criminal, Epstein. Enough concern is felt within Palace walls as to issue a statement, a much repressed action, rebutting these associations. It becomes laughable as to how this man could be so horrified at the exposures, when his association with such low life could suggest he was ignorant as to the true nature of his so called friend’s activities. Stupidity is a trait of royal blood, even though money tries hard to conceal these genetic leanings. This organ of news has been privy for a long time as to the prince’s shenanigan’s within his first marriage. Thus even greater pornographic goings ons behind closed doors comes as no surprise.

One rule for Royals, princes, elite and corporate aristocracy of any colour and another for the plebs and great unwashed. A greater example of divide and subjection is hard to find.

The downfall of the Pharaonic empire was due in large part to excessive inbreeding. The madness found through royal blood lines and the psychopathic traits so prevalent today in the ruling elites is the hotbed driving the sexualising, depravity and bestiality so encouraged through entertainment, film and internet. The attempted legalisation of under age pornography, through treating it as an illness defies the last tenuous barriers to resident evil’s rule.


Newly released FBI files quote: Lord Mountbatten was “a homosexual with a perversion for young boys”. So called war hero and valued mentor to his great nephew Prince Charles, counselled the future king on matters of the heart. The Earl and his wife Edwina has been described by one source as “persons of extremely low morals”. The Earl himself admitted that we – “spent all our married lives getting into other people’s beds”.

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 13.37.26

Lord and Lady Mountbatten


“We mute the realization of malevolence- which is too threatening to bear – by turning offenders into victims themselves and by describing their behavior as the result of forces beyond their control.”
Anna Salter

It is stated that Ron Perks, the Earl’s driver in Malta claimed, “Mountbatten had something of a fetish for uniforms — handsome young men in ­military uniforms and beautiful boys in school uniform”.

In a twist of fate, the IRA assassination of such a creature could be seen as karma in action.

The perversions and peccadilloes of the political, corporate and aristocracy are an ongoing ‘normality’. Have enough money, influence and power and all these are well hidden. Many victims who have attempted to blow open the deceits, have met early deaths, disappeared or otherwise silenced. The media for all its salacious leanings have been a bulwark covering up these things. Empire has been built on deception, used its knowledge through its security apparatus to blackmail, shut up and rub out revelations.

The depth, proclivity and desecration of the human spirit is only scratched by the relations in the Epstein case. Whether it brings down the British Royals is yet to be seen. If this does transpire it would be no bad thing, as this illegitimate blood line has itself usurped the true line. An Australian farmer will testify to his rightful position as King of England. However all these ‘niceties’ merely cover a far darker, more torrid story yet to be revealed.

As the general public in the UK remain determined to allow such travesties to be maintained, under the pretence of their being a life blood of tourism, pomp and circumstance, the loss of humanity’s equality and dignity is further projected. Slavery still lives, breathes and has its criminal existence under whatever latest guise is proffered.

During total subjection, abject subservience and denial of personal power, pornography and pedophilia will be the dress code of kings, queens and their elite’s power. Keeping truth from the masses merely postpones the inevitable revelation. Allowing religious powers to not only cohabit these foul halls as well as hypocritically condemn them is further proof of the virulent sickness of society. Damnation lauded in plain sight.

There are so many areas of wrongdoing surfacing and revealed. Yet the debasement of humanity through these bestialities maintains a strong a pillar of power over people within this crude and criminal arena. The importance of this exposure, encouraging innate good within us to be actioned through resisting these ways, may hopefully lead to the denouncing of such demonic evil. Only thus may we be able to save our children, their children and generations to come from a perversity pestilently prevailing today.

Paedo Prayers Not Enough To Save Rich and Famous

With the utterly expected ‘self suicide’ of Ball Breaker Epstein in his suicide watched (not) cell, the Rich Rats scurry round their palaces, castles, mansions and tax havens, hoping to avoid any further mention from his little black book. Their fear of greater exposure is apparent. Those now holding that evidence know it and will use these things as even greater arm twisting control tools.

Yet amongst all this the Royal Family of the United (not for much longer) Kingdom declares it is fully behind their paedo related son, the Prince Andrew. Whether being ‘behind him’ is a euphemism for strange Royal sexual activity, well… now you might very well think that , but of course this organ of truth couldn’t possibly comment:

Standing firm amid a blizzard of speculation, insinuation and downright guess work makes their standing an even greater travesty of integrity, morality and basic ethics. Royalty’s days as a tourist attraction look to be numbered. When the Republic of England rises from the ashes of centuries old overlording by the rich and privileged and Scotland, Ireland and Wales are freed, then we might hear the death throes of Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance and the rise of Gloria Republica by an as yet unheralded genius composer.

Meanwhile the distraction of the Epstein Episode  continues for a few days to ring through the rafters of the dafter media until such time as the next “look over here” event has been signed off by Deep State, whoever that may consist of. (Feel free to fill in the blanks).

What is being perpetrated here is a determined demonstration by the Hidden Hands to show us all they can do anything, kill anyone, silence who they wish and keep down any possible attempts at raising alternative viewpoints and objective questioning.

They adore social media chattering on and on and encourage the din from every armchair pundit telling us all exactly who and why this and similar events transpired. They clap hands and buttocks, in their silent halls, away from the great unwashed, at the sight of us all ranting and raving as to who killed Kennedy, Epstein, Seth Rich, Dag Hammarskjöld, Bin Laden etc. Their paedo parties gather pace as the little black book of their patsy Epstein is thumbed through to re-invite party goers to come (pun intended), bestialise and feast their worst depravities on small children and teens, abducted, kept prisoner before their own self suicided infant disappearances from an all too brief encounter with life as they will never never know.

We, the ill and uninformed people, will be caressed and encouraged to carry on our pathetic lives slaving through all hours, zero hours contracts, dead end jobs and austerity, satisfying the money lust of these nameless nabobs. The bread thrown by way of technological wonders and celebrity entertainers as always will be lapped up, salivated over and then Twitted, FB’d, Pintrested and Whatsapped all over the 5G networks. As this interpretation of technological advancement slowly kills the majority of GMO guzzling swine, these Gadarene swine masters continue to drive us all inexorably over the cliffs of extinction.

Some of you who contain a modicum of brain cells might ask – “How then can we stop this  inevitable disaster?

It has to start with each of us extricating ourselves from the claws of their bread and circus. Denying any part of entertaining their game. The need has never been greater to develop our own critical thinking, refusal to play their games of guessing the whys and wherefores of their nefarious playfulness.

Become masters of our own inner world before tackling what presently we are incapable of tackling in the outer world. What is done to and around us is and always has been in plain sight. Accept that and then detach from it. Only then can we truly ‘see’ the greater picture, the evil among us and by helping open others’ eyes and minds do we insulate ourselves from their clutches.

In this way we empower ourselves and disempower their game. The time is no longer for decoding, guessing, conspiring to work out The Answer. There is no answer, only our own solution!

That can only be realised in developing all we have within and living it.

Leave them to pray for mercy, salvation or whatever else they will beg for in their sick minds. Justice will reap its own vengeance at a time and place only it knows. Our responsibility is to become our true humanity within whatever framework we choose.