Rich Kids Sell What’s Left of Democracy at Unbelievable Price – The People!

The events of the past few hours in the UK herald a disaster few have even considered, let alone been aware of. It is the transparent sale of what is laughingly considered our democracy to the faceless, unaccountable megalomaniacs and political sycophants with so much money they merely seek to increase using us all as expendable economic collateral damage .

The Brexit farrago has little or nothing to do with self governance. It has everything to do with lining the pockets of the 0.01% that own our arses, rule our government and are hard wired to lie us into extinction for their profit.

Forget trying to justify your Remain or Leave qualifications. That was merely the distraction to gain control of the best of British. With the President of the Untied States telling us we have never had it so good under his look-alike Boris, in itself a totally out of order intrusion, we have that dumb arse, arrogant, self serving mop head juvenile leading us fast over a cliffs, which are neither white nor at Dover.


The leavers will rant, “It’s democracy that’s at stake!”

Well democracy as they believe still lives and breathes, is as dead as the Monty Python parrot. It is no more. You can Dad’s Army think we’re the isle of last freedoms – that is propaganda BS of the highest order. You can probably smell it from where you’re reading this! We cannot take back control as we never lost it. Just because we pay into a club we loathe in parts, does not mean we have no control over ourselves.

Immigration, that great spider thrown in the pit to get the xenophobics at each others’ throats in pompous, racist rage sees more than 250K pa immigration from the rest of the world than the minuscule number from the EU that keeps our social services alive. That the indigenous crowd find working too base of an option is an internal problem not external.

It’s the big corporations that will still pay no tax, will still rip off and squeeze the poor worker slaves for zero hours contracts while giving themselves £XXX million pay rises and bonuses.

We have a political system that is and has been for ages, not fit for purpose. Yet, distracted by Brexit we are dragged screaming about the non things while the rich walk all over our ignorant, supplicant corpses.

bring out yer dead-voices

“I’m not dead!, I’m not dead,!” screams the poor blighter dragged off on the cart in Monty Python’s ‘Holy Grail’ comedy, yet we are as good as dead by allowing ourselves to be dragged kicking and screaming at each other, off to the knackers yard of post Brexit. You wail all you like about chlorinated chicken and the purchase of the NHS (45% already done) by US Big Pharma et al, for what 17.45 million of us have done is opted for slow death, poverty and starvation controlled by post Brexit martial law, carefully positioned to control all moaning Remainers, Abstainers and Leavers waking to the lies.

Revolution against the present screwed, manipulated and purposefully divisive political system is so long overdue that it will have to have all the mould scrapped off it for it to be even visible.

The actions of a stunted Royalty in all this shows once more, any sycophantic morons who still dote on the Royal family’s worth have no clue as to how Her Majesty’s impotent assent to Parliament could never have been otherwise. Neutered comes nowhere near reality. Off with their proverbial heads and retirement paying back the wealth her subjects fed her and her entourage through taxes and hard earned survival with your head

Yes, folks as this article goes to press, we are royally screwed. Our own lethargy, apathy and ignorant belief in tooth fairies and Santa Claus has taken us to an almost unavoidable mega disaster. A disaster unmatched by the global warming con, the lies of war, Amazon roasting and genocide support.

We expect this article to be shadow banned like so much of our output. We expect attack from ignorant shouties and the usual fascist authoritarian followers, yet the facts change not.

Tally Ho! Let us, the collective drag hunt, be chased down and slaughtered.

The Choice – Falling into The Vortex of A Dying Empire or Escaping via Truth

Sampling the vagaries and full/empty seated House of Commons over the past few weeks (excepting the Festive holidays) it portrays a rabble of raucous out of control adolescents. Occasionally interrupted by an elder statesman or two, both rare commodities, it portrays the British system of so called democracy more floored than on the ropes.

We witness a government, the Tories, right wing self serving bastards pretty much all, who care not one fig for the public they are supposedly representing. Across the Channel there is an assumptive Emperor-in-wanting discarding his public as if they are mere irritant mosquitos needing a good swatting. His disdain will advance the guillotine quicker than you could say Jaques Gelée.

Then further afield we are shown a comedy-cum-circus act of such dismal proportions crowing and beating its chest telling all and sundry – We are the Greatest. Muhammad Ali would have loads to say and it would have been in the most viciously truth telling way only he knew how to deliver.

The mud of Flanders field equally seems to have been transported, hopefully by French farmers’ tractors to the halls of Brussels’ EU parliament alongside the chatterbox twin, with effluent being sprayed all over, in Strasbourg for good measure.

The end of Empire is and always has been shown to be a very self centred, messy and vile looking thing. When the claws of the antagonists refuse to let go of their self created powers, it usually ends up with the people, traduced, taking final action. In the present day case this has been like watching paint dry. The retarded nature of the frazzled minds and actions of the general population has today been exacerbated through the careful use and manipulation of technology. Primarily the abuse of communication tools, amusement apps and the whole rigmarole around pleasure giving conveniences portrayed in the handheld wonders fed us all as choice and information.

The last vestiges of our sentient brains and mind processes have been dumbed down, fractured to such an extent as to make most people impotent of and indolent to the consequences of their apathy.

Brexit was and has always been prepared as a vast tool of distraction and disinformation so great as to befuddle the best of us. The lies, specious tales and outright porkies flung through the rolling presses and screens in our face have numbed any cogent thinking. It has addled, through a continual process starting well before the birth of Brexit, our ability to stand up straight, protest in any meaningful and coordinated way. It has allowed us all to be traduced through arguments that downright lie. The little truth in each argument is enough for the small cells still functioning in the populace to believe the whole is true.

That is how propaganda in any form works.

The French people have the right idea and have previous in the revolutionary stakes. We also have but have forgotten or been fed a traduced history lesson. Oliver Cromwell headed up our people’s revolution. He was a smart cookie. His Commonwealth was built on the common citizen, common law and order that brought most people to his side. A head or two rolling may well have inspired the French a century or so later. Though head chopping was a week;y event in most countries and a good frightener for many.

So where this world is heading is anyone’s guess with the odds about as good as the lottery win. One thing is far more certain. The press barons, all six of them, need chopping down instead of the trees they slaughter for the shite published. I feel deep sorrow for those trees sacrificed for such banality, excremental column inches and lies.

How you stimulate a public so blinded from reality becomes more beyond me each day we suffer in ignorance. Those telling far greater truths are shunned as the conspirators peddling lies. Then there are all those vanguards of otherwise ‘nice’ people convinced their belief in authority, media and what they ingest to be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, even if they admit they believe nothing of what they read or watch. That in itself shows the vastness of the divide between sanity and lunacy. Einstein was so right when he said doing the same old thing again and again hoping for better and different outcomes is the definition of madness.

I often hear people say “I don’t believe politicians, I don’t believe most anything I hear” – yet when you look at what they spout, think and their actions these people are precisely following what they have heard and ingested. A great rule of thumb can be –  when you hear a politician or person of alleged importance  open their mouths turn it into the complete opposite of what they say and that becomes a very good barometer as to where they are coming from, what their real intentions are and what is in the pipeline or has already happened. It can be most revealing. However the temptation to fall back into the comfy armchair of cognitive dissonance is great for those who rarely use their brain cells. Therein lies our greatest challenge.

As long as people chose the path of least resistance – that of backing off, not getting involved, reneging their responsibility as a part of the whole mess – we shall be sinking ever deeper into the Slough of Despond. The awakening when an individual is directly impacted will be harder and more painful than any would possibly imagine. Rather than deny, obfuscate or plain rescind responsibility, it would be better for one and all to pay attention, stand up and say “F*** this for a game of soldiers I am not taking any more!”

As hope is the last thing to die, I hope enough will.

Those who believe Jeremy Corbyn is utterly unsuitable for power, have been swallowed by the incessant incantations of fear those who truly fear his turn, gag on. He or any other who may hold a ray of hope is and can never be the answer. Yet his compassion, comprehension, empathy and understanding he holds for the people is precisely what is needed today more than ever. He will not break the economy. It is broken beyond repair at the moment through decades of misappropriation. He will however be able to set in motion not only a pathway, bitter though it may be, out of the crass abuse and failure we the people have been inured into. He will also begin the process of lifting a downtrodden people into a modicum of self respect and community so sorely lacking for so long. There will be others who will help set in motion reform of the whole political landscape. It will not be a walk in the park, however if people truly wish for change, a fair balanced society on all levels it has to start with something so different as to make a difference.

Anyone believing there to be a better counterweight in the present electoral process is sorely misguided. We are not yet in any position to have formed a National Government. Far less do we wish to maintain the destructive elements making up the present state terrorists raping, pillaging and abusing our people.

Again it is a choice we individually have and will have to make. Copping out is a choice. Same old, same old is a choice. If that path suits then you deserve all the opprobrium and disaster heading your way. Action must be the gear change for change. Sitting on the computer, twiddling digits on Twitter and absorbing yourself into the latest soap or reality show is a truly coward’s way, the quisling’s compliance. It will never bring the change you wish for.

This voice may be a cry in the wilderness and it certainly will not change anything much unless there are many others who equally hold truth, legitimacy and integrity high. Sacrifice is a sacred act – thus the word. Making sacrifices for greater good is a most selfless action. That many people refuse to sacrifice their precious overlong worn out baggage of thoughts and repetitive actions and inactions is endemic as to why the slow process change looks so negligible.

We the people are many, they the oppressors are few. Do you still believe you’re as helpless and incapacitated as they daily tell you? If so, stop that lie dead! The greatest enemy, and they know that better than anything else facing them, is that the people are their real enemy, their true nemesis and so they spend every effort they muster to ingrain impotency bollocks into our minds and belief systems.

Break out, break free and face them full square and centre and shout – “Enough is Enough” Far better than the meaningless slogan Brexit means Brexit, is it not?

End note: In or out is not the answer and never ought to have been, as the real question was never put to the people. Do not continue to rant each other with the In/Out distraction. The answer is never found in the past or in revitalising dead ducks.

The real question is – how much longer do you wish to be subsumed and held in bondage by systems and small elites who have zilch interest in your well being, yet will always reinvent ways to control, use and abuse you? Your humanity is at its most perilous. That ought to flag up a modicum of self interest. They’ll feed you their fear programs yet all the while allow the truly horrifying reality of their true intentions form and concrete silently and surely around your body and soul. Until you awaken to reality you will never see it coming until it finally covers your eyes for good.

Do not accept that, ever!

Inside the Vipers Pit of No 10 Downing St

This following article is written by an anonymous source, now known to Highly Likely News. Although its contents may not reflect the views and editorial commitment of HLnews we publish it in furtherance of public awareness and the greater good.

During the long dark days of political winter within the Conservative party my position within the hierarchy enabled me to curry favour and solidify trust at the highest level. Thus in 2010 when we were returned to power it came down to my position as the ears and eyes for not only the PM but also most closest advisors. From that honoured position I have been privy to much of what passes as insider and private power knowledge.

Over the past 8 years it has been a revelation and frankly enlightenment as to the true nature of political chicanery passing for governance.

At the outset I would like it  utterly clarified I had until recently been a dyed in the wool Tory, a Conservative with the largest capital C, a flag waver of the front line. As I write these words it still grieves me I could have been so blind, so abysmally ignorant of the transgressions committed in the name of party, country and global order. Perhaps this ignorance drives me to now be transparent as some form of confessional. However enough of my personal angst.

WIthin the confines of a public school coterie of ‘Bad Boys’ as they privately nicknamed themselves the likes of Cameron, Johnson, Hurd and others plied the well oiled practices honed within the walls and deep crevices of the highest halls of English public school education. To imply these contained practices of bestiality, slavery, buggery and bullying would, in the present PM’s parlance be highly likely.
You might very well think that; I couldn’t possibly comment:

With an array of life tutorials benefitting such education it beggars belief as to how so many could imagine the hierarchical psychopathic practices we witness today could ever have been otherwise.

That demented souls such as Douglas Carswell with an education from one hailing from outside the oft posed question: “Eton we know, Harrow we’ve heard of so who are you?” could have greased his ill tempered way out of the rank and file, into the UKIP corner and then disgraced himself into extinction is merely proof that he neither ought to have competed in such lunacy nor allowed a renegade Carthusian education to have been so widely abused.

However for this article’s purposes I shall confine myself to the Viper’s Den that is No. 10.

It need hardly be stated that the recent foray into perfect lunacy as per the Chequer’s Affray almost single handed makes my case for the ship of fools and lunatics steering this ship of state onto the rocks of self annihilation that is a few nautical miles outside the EU.

Even in the brief years of our return it was plain to witness at close quarters the insanity taking shape. Cameron’s utter disregard for any outcome was apparent even round the Cabinet table with such outcries from him as:

“Personally I have ordered my affairs to make as much from this debacle as possible. If any of you wish to challenge me on my commitment to selfish ends  then I shall merely throw in the towel and leave it up to you to fight over.”

Hardly surprising when it came to jumping ship along with that toad Gideon. who now secretly coordinates the sewerage flow from Fleet Street directly to Party HQ. His gross incompetence nearly lost our ship’s compass when he flailed around as Chancellor. A more inept and self serving tenure I cannot recall.

Some may feel my venom for my fellow Conservatives is ill founded and can easily be attacked as embittered redress for scores settled. My reply would be, as a life long, politically speaking, mole my righteous disgust is well placed and even better founded. No individual has better cause to ‘come out’ as it were and show the true colours of a disgusting party in power.

As our Trojan horse, Charles Lynton, who you recognise as Tony Blair so adeptly had manoeveured the MIC and personal ministerial interests into a war placement we would benefit from for years to come. That he went on to cream in his own personal war chest rewards suited not only his character but the Tories that took over the mantle of war bliarmachinery funding. All done under the guise of economic national pursuit was a blinder the public accepted with hardly a whimper. I have to admit he was good. He was even great with that synthetic smile and straight teeth as he cajoled the country into turmoil after turmoil with the incessant promise of “We’ve never had it better.” Old Harold would be reeling in his grave to know a Blue Labour Progressive had stolen and so abused his punch line.

Well that is today’s political landscape and one I am relieved to have extricated myself from. Of course I shall suffer the slings and arrows of revenge from those I shall expose in subsequent writings but when you have spent the better part of twenty years negotiating sewage courses of Westminster it is nigh impossible to exit clean and spotless. Only the showers of contrition can act as any sort of cleanser and even they are more bearable than the cold showers the Tory toffs endured in their formative years at Eton et al.

So as you have surmised I shall be an irregular voice on this august news desk spilling the beans from the outside of the inside.

In closing I would like to bring us fully up to date and project a few personal pointers as to how the next few months look like panning out. You may guffaw at the paucity of prediction but the life of political intrigue never ran a straight line, so I beg mercy for wrong calls. Just put it down as par for the course.

This monstrosity that our American colleagues have termed Russiagate will shortly blow back into Highly Likely May’s wizened, wretched face. I can reveal here that for many years I have held the ear of some impressive top Russian individuals. This covert knowledge building enables me to place myself in the corner where Russia is seen to be as collusive as a bacon sandwich at a bar mitzvah. The ability and ignorance both the Tories and their intel services have played a dud hand against the finest chess players in political life today is staggering in its arrogance, hubris and belief the general public swallow it.  It is as reckless and even more abhorrent in its sidling up to the 30 pieces of silver offered by the Kingdom of Saud for its partners in the war manufacturing industries.

More reckless yet utterly in line with the lobbying masterminded by the State of Israel is the short term manoeuvres and gains accepted and  tumbled over backwards in getting the press poodles to hype up the whole anti semitism charade. Unsurprisingly May’s Zionist background slithers nicely into the entity’s protective pocket and like all her predecessors she will be ‘taken care of’ as comfortably as hubby is grooming himself now.

I had to face that psychopath Netanyahu during his recent visit and those cold dead eyes spoke volumes to the depth of psychopathy ingrained in that form. Future articles will delve into this condition so virulent now throughout all corridors of power and one, incidentally fuelling the vast chasms of pedophilia we have over recent years so successfully covered for. Again lest we forget blowback, the tempest is nigh upon us.

So as readers of this august publication you will not need reminding, yet all the same I leave you with a final admonition – “Never believe a word the political and media class tell you – it is only lies basted with a dash of truth and roasted to a crisp.”

Next time: Distraction – the tool that never suffers from bulimia