Mayhem in No 10 – Theresa Gives Her Exit Speech and Falls Flat

A podium with Union Jack as background does nothing for gravitas, let alone faltering, note-read verbosity trumpeted as a mystery impromptu speech offered by an illustrious liar of a Prime Minister, Treasonous Theresa May.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 15.40.03On Friday morning the Prime Minister stood to no applause and much hidden risibility as she delivered what she undoubtedly felt was her Churchillian moment. It was in fact a flaccid fart of an annoyance never able to have delivered in all her tenure as PM. Her mouth movements, so reminiscent of one in the midst of suffering a stroke, plainly left the assembled dutiful mainstream media unable to report anything other than silent bravos, alongside a pay packet commensurate with best practice sycophancy.

British PM Theresa May demanded the EU bring to the negotiating table a set of new proposals to break the “impasse,” declaring she will not “overturn the result of the referendum nor will I break up my country.”

Rich coming from one who had already taken the government sledge hammer to every and each part of the country’s social pact and slammed it either into obvious poverty or into the hands of licentious corporate interests who know precisely how to bleed the last drop of life blood from a corpse.

She went on to warn (shaky boots time) that EU proposals concerning the single market would lead to uncontrolled immigration and “make a mockery” of the EU referendum result. May also claimed that the EU’s Irish “backstop” proposal is unworkable, which would threaten the “integrity of the UK.”

She did not mention the complete theft of integrity she has made alongside her Cabinet colleagues, ongoing since 2010.

As she spoke and with every vacuous, empty sentence pouring forth, the pound dropped.

Bloomberg reported heavy selling of the once valued pound. Its drop of 1.2% against the dollar was evidence of that. The dollar had at that time not  woken up to its own self bashing suffered by the sell off of trillions of Chinese get-back-at-you reserve account dollars.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 15.24.36

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 15.24.45

What was almost audible from the back of the room was the tune an Israeli piano (old fashioned till) clunked out clocking up the funds entering the Friends of Israel lobby fund, now certain they had utterly overcome the last hurdles to ruining the United Kingdom and offering Jeremy Corbyn a poisoned chalice so potent, even their fake Anti Semite slurs could take a rest, as it seemed like ‘job done’.

The Twitter Sphere went mental as a General Election looked the only positive outcome from this negligible offering at 10 Downing Street. It looks as if November, preferably the fifth of that month will see not only the Houses of Parliament go up in smoke but also the flames from the kamikaze fall of one of, if not the worst Prime Minister the country has had the rank stupidity to vote in, lighting the London skies. The fireworks could well herald an end to years of destruction and failure.

Tusk and the other bureaucrats in Bruxelles would happily rename Rue Wiertz to Rue Guy Fawkes – well there is hoping!

Twitter Boss Dorsey Bans Holistic Therapists

Jack Dorsey, CEO and founder of both Twitter and Square Inc has been found to be hassling and banning with rampant censorship many and varied contra Deep State (oops, Steady State) entities just  not buying into or wishing to be associated with their rampant agendas, censorship and freedom denial. He mirrors the likes of Google,  YouTube, FaceBook and Applejack-dorsey-what-(1)

42-yr-old Dorsey looks to be cow towing to Big Pharma pressure to annihilate all individuals and companies associating themselves or advertising themselves as Holistic therapies. This extrajudicial move by Square and Twitter to subvert any contrary opinion or practice deemed counter to Big Corps monopoly comes neatly on the already well publicised ostracisation of successful and well known businesses and news outlets.

This news outlet asks our gentle readers to research the irrational number of deaths by self suicide etc that can be found in the holistic health environment, especially in the USA. It is akin to the Clinton Foundation’s kiss of death on any ex employees or associates who decides to spill the beans.

An individual business owner, known to HLNews,  runs a very successful alternative health  life style operation with worldwide sales. Square Inc her payment portal, at the drop of the corporate hat, tells her to shove her company’s business off of The Square. When questioned as to why this had taken place and left her business without a payment portal, she was informed it was because she ran an holistic therapy operation. That she had been for several years with Square running precisely that seemed at odds with the draconian instant decision they took telling her that the matter was full and final closed!

We tried contacting Square for comment on this matter and were told to “**** off”.  Our investigator mused that their PR department and press relations personnel seem to lack diplomatic training and good customer etiquette.

So it is not only Australian cartoonists who get nobbled. Mark Knight, a cartoonist with the Australian Herald Sun was ‘disappeared’ from Twitter having got flak from the Lib left PC brigades. He told ABC on Tuesday that “the world has just gone crazy…. It was just about Serena on the day having a tantrum“.

Knight also rejected a suggestion that he would not draw a similar image of a man. As evidence, he tweeted his recent cartoon of tennis player Nick Kyrgios.

So the PC addicts and left liberal dundernuts are up in arms. The iron fist of censorship falls and JK Rowling, a sometime scribbler of fantasy comes out in favour of this madness. It is HLNews’s opinion that she will do anything for a few extra dollars of fame, but we could be wrong.
Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 20.26.00

We wonder where the Spitting Image, Scarfe cartoon humour of yesteryear went for these sad figures policing and staunching our freedom to make fun of the high and mighty. Hogarth would be turning in his grave to hear of such censorious, arrogant, pious, two faced pummelling.

The cartoon in question is illustrated here:


Michael Miller of  News Corp Australia for once gets our full support for his take. Dear readers it is not often we hurl praise at the MSM except when as in this instance they speak truth.
Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 20.37.43

Can we therefore suggest ways in which we can beat back against this virulent and growing trend to slap free speech down, block criticism and generally shut up any opposition to the pathocracy.

#1 – Tweet your disgust to Square Inc @square

#2 – Spread this article to friends and associates asking for them to do the same

#3 – Use Twitter, Facebook and every sort of social media to show the corporation they are not boss, the customer is King/Queen/and whatever any other gender preference you wish to adopt

#4 – Get Mad and show it in whatever way you can

#5 – Inform all holistic therapists you know to raise their voices and profiles to defend Holistic therapy across the globe.