A Short History Of A Balloon In Search Of Its Self Identity

Following hastily on from the Precambrian Era, rubber trees came into existence and were found and sourced fro their latex sap. This was robbed of them, used to create all things rubber, including contraceptives. Yet inevitable the evolution of the balloon took preference.

Today the rainbow balloon has been inflated, pushed and pulled into front of house prominence where its self inflation and self importance has proudly projected its image and likeness onto a world bereft of any real news or import. (Stats from : World Gov Org)

Those whose ancestors robbed, pillaged and denuded the Amazon for the rubber they used for all kinds of devilish things, purposefully exploited (as is their genetic tendency)  rainbow promotions to divert the crowds from anything of any real substance and importance, allowing their tragic pillaging, rape and slaughter wrought around the world to continue unabated.

The balloon was itself happy to be made such a figurehead of importance and proceeded to demand it be taken as the most serious issue of the day by all and sundry.

Its launch towards the stratosphere of self importance was heralded as a new and civilised era in the history of overblown ego. Puffed, important and self identifyingly newsworthy, it filled vital gaps where BS was being slaughtered on the thresher of disbelief.

Inflated and tied onto its own emotionally charged canister below it, the launch heralded a first and saw an ever inflating rainbow balloon head heavenwards.

As any critical thinker is well aware, the higher it flies the harder it falls. The world carries on with its torpid introspection into its own vacuity and irrelevance and from a distant place on prime time viewing the inevitable bursting awaits a sound check.

Moral of the Tale: Everyone is equally important, none over any other:
Respect that and peace will thrive!

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