Census 2021 – Response Before Submission

That dreaded ten year anniversary of a national census arrives on March 21st 2021 to roars of Hurrah! Hurrah!

Well not exactly. In these times of tyranny and totalitarian overlording, it seems they finally wish to collect as much data as they can before it is too late. Too late for what some may cry. Too late for being uncovered as the the criminal types they are and the criminality their masters are forcing them to implement.

So we thought you ought to have the opportunity to stand up and tell these snoopy busybodies where they can go. This can be done in two ways:

Way One: Throw the census invitation down the toilet
Way Two: To ask them some salient questions before agreeing to comply with their dodgy ways

In this way we own our sovereign right to not be coerced by any authority having absolutely no right over us and secondly, to show a middle finger to such authority that wishes to rip the last vestiges of freedom from us and enchain us into eternal bondage and death.

Just notice how they are drooling for us to complete these tasks on the Spring Equinox – both a glorious day toward the Light and a Luciferian nudge toward the Dark Side

Here is a template you can use to your heart’s content, created by nobody for everyone. Remember always use the name they used to contact you – i.e. The Householder and then the address it arrived at. No more is needed!

The Householder
Any St

Sir Ian Diamond,
alleged National Statistician
PO Box 1020

Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent

Dear Prof. Sir Ian Diamond,

There has been delivered to this address a letter sent to ‘The Householder’. It seems that someone somewhere believes there is someone of that name residing here, or at least contactable here.

First of all I would like to say that this neither my name nor anyone I am aware of within this property or my address Rolladex.

I am keen however to assist you, as you are asking said Householder to assist you with what you charmingly call “a census”. You also continue your imprecation with an advisory that all those so named as Householder should complete said census on Sunday 21 March 2021.

I imagine that such a profoundly important date, the vernal equinox, must presuppose some sort of magical incantation celebrating the collective harvesting of the people of Britain’s mass data. I will not further try and guess its purpose, as I wish to be of immediate assistance to your search and discovery, in the most expedient way possible.

Yet you follow your very kind ‘ask’ that the Householder’s help is proffered, with an implicit threat of not only a horrendously large fine of £1,000 but also stating that the completion of this “census” carries a legal requirement.

Sir Ian, in my book I have always found that a request followed immediately by a threat, is mostly found to emanate from the criminal fraternity, rather than from the pen of an alleged statistician, despite him working on behalf of an arm of an increasingly proven criminal fraudulent regime, calling itself government.

First of all may I say that in spite of attempts the present overlords coercing you to be the ‘hitman’ for this incredibly egregious unlawful attempt at forced entry into the private lives of millions, I would still wish to assist you in whatever way I can. I will therefore attempt to convey this request to said ‘Householder’ in the swiftest manner I am able, even though I have no idea where I might uncover said “householder”. I will, for expediency sake, perhaps call upon my friend M. Hercule Poirot, who in matters of solving unsolvable mysteries, is as you may be aware, an expert: Before I am able to do so, I will require the full material, factual and truthful answers to be presented me, in order to expedite your requests.

It is with that in mind I ask some reasonable, pertinent questions. Once these have been answered fully and factually, I am happy to further divulge on questions pointed at, and in my considered opinion, to be the sole territory of me, myself and I.

The census form in question will be completed and returned subject to receipt of full clarification of the points and questions contained in this notice. This is therefore a conditional agreement. This removes controversy and means that you no longer have any ultimate recourse to a court of law in this matter because there is no controversy upon which it could adjudicate.

For this reason, it is important that you consider and respond to this notice and respond in substance, which means actually addressing the points raised herein. The ‘nearest official form’ will not suffice, and consequently is likely to be ignored without dishonour.

Notice to one is notice to all should you not be in a position to respond with clarity to the points stated herein, a suitable officer or official must be delegated to fulfil these requirements.

On the other hand, there is a time limit on the agreement being offered. It is reasonable, and if it runs out, then you and all associated parties are in default, removing any and all lawful excuse on your part for proceeding in this matter.

You have apparently made demands upon ‘The Householder’. Those demands are not understood and cannot therefore be lawfully fulfilled. Clarification of your document is therefore required so that I or ‘The Householder’ may act accordingly. Failure to accept this offer to clarify and to do so completely and in good faith within 7 (seven) days will be deemed by all parties to mean you and your principle or other parties abandon all demands upon me and ‘The Householder’.

Please answer and clarify the following points and questions in full, with proof of all claims made:

  1. What law requires me to complete the census?
  2. From where does the Office for National Statistics derive the lawful authority to demand private information?
  3. Is there a limit to invasion of privacy?
  4. Is the Office for National Statistics lawfully authorised to demand Private property?
  5. How can we lawfully be penalised for failure to provide information?
  6. By what authority does the census collector threaten penalties for failure to provide personal information?
  7. Are there any circumstances whereby security agencies may access census information as suggested by section 39 subsection four of these statistics and registration services Act 2007?
  8. Since census data is being requested under pain of law enforcement and threat of financial hardship, are people able to decline answering, so as not to risk incriminating themselves, as authorised, for example, by the Data Protection Act?
  9. Because government search and seizure of private information is prohibited without a court warrant based on probable cause, current census policies violate that right, do they not?
  10. As the public have not been consulted on the consensus, please explain how this demand for private information is ‘democratic’.
  11. Please confirm or deny that any demand through correspondence such as the census form sent to ‘The Householder’, has any basis for legal status or legitimacy.
  12. The census form states, “the householder is responsible for ensuring that this questionnaire is completed and returned” – please provide details of the legal definition upon which the ONS depends in defining “the householder”.
  13. Does the census refer to the “sentient, physical, living man / woman or the “Legal Fiction/Person”, as identified by the birth certificates, passports, and other legal documents which have no legal bearing on this sentient, physical, living man / woman?
  14. Does the Office for National Statistics expect the sentient living man / woman to complete this census on behalf of the human being themselves or on behalf of the various paper documents, known as the Legal Fiction/Person, which they represent?
  15. Please provide proof of claim that I am a member of the society whose statutes and subsisting regulations you are enforcing.
  16. Please provide proof and legality whereby the ONS or any of its agents or so-called superior interests are lawfully allowed to encroach upon, demand and make threats to, not only a Private/Family Trust and all that fall under such Trust, but the sacred autonomy and privacy of said Trust granted under international law via the Universal Community Trust Treaty.
  17. Please provide proof of claim that there is a nameable SoC that I belong to, and that the laws covered within any alleged transgressions state that they apply to me within that named Society.
  18. Please confirm or deny that the census data will not be used directly or indirectly for the services of shareholders in any of the corporations involved in the running of Government Services.
  19. Please confirm or deny that the provided information will be used to form profit making strategies and policies that will affect well-being.
  20. Since every government database has been hacked, leaked, lost or compromised in some fashion, how exactly can the Office for National Statistics claim data security and protection of the information with confidence?
  21. Does the Office for National Statistics take full responsibility for any mishandled or mis-processed data, or loss of data, or unauthorised accessing of that data by third parties?
  22. How would the office for National Statistics locate, protect and compensate those individuals whose data becomes compromised?
  23. What evidence do you have that I am a United Kingdom resident?
  24. Please confirm or deny that the spiralling cost estimate of almost £650 million spent at a time of national bankruptcy is considered by the ONS to be wholly justifiable and appropriate.
  25. Please confirm or deny that the expenditure of tens of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money in order to advertise the census is wholly appropriate and necessary at a time of national bankruptcy.
  26. Please confirm or deny that the census data will be handled by an offshoot of an American arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin, Lockheed Martin UK and SERCO, a widely known partner of Lockheed Martin.
  27. Please confirm or deny that Lockheed Martin have in the past been charged with illegally spying on UK citizens.
  28. Please confirm or deny that Lockheed Martin works with the CIA and FBI and that they have a lengthy record of crimes against humanity.
  29. Please confirm or deny that while it may be illegal for UK intelligence agencies to spy on the population without a warrant, that it is not illegal for US intelligence services to spy on the UK population with such a warrant.
  30. Given their track record for such actions please confirm or deny that Lockheed Martin have not in the case of the census consultancy paid bribes to individuals in order to secure the contract estimated at hundred of millions of pounds.
  31. It is suggested that Lockheed Martin have no moral fibre social conscience or scruples and it is further suggested that they are one of the most disreputable companies in the world – please confirm or deny this.
  32. It is suggested that thousands of lawsuits have been filed against Lockheed Martin for everything from racial discrimination to fraud. If this were the case, it would prevent them or any partners from fulfilling their contract with the ONS – please confirm or deny this.
  33. It is reported that Lockheed Martin have lobbied for the illegal war in Iraq and that they have been the main arms suppliers to the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine, thus making them responsible for the death of millions of human beings – please confirm or deny this.
  34. Please confirm or deny that personal details collected in your census will be processed in a plant run by an American firm, staff of which were prosecuted for stealing the student loans records of US President Obama, among other incriminations.
  35. Please confirm or deny that the personal data collected by your census will not be sold, given, loaned or in any other way disseminated to companies offering online “directory” services such as 192.com or hard copy-based or online directory services such as Yellow Pages or Thomson local, or any similar or associated organisations.
  36. Please confirm or deny that all US companies are subject to the Patriot Act which allows the US government full access to any data in that company’s possession.
  37. It is claimed that only staff who work for the ONS will have access to the “full census data set”; please confirm or deny that it would not be possible for several members of ONS staff (each having access to separate data sets) to collude in order to collect together a full data set of information in contravention to the security measures supposedly put in place.
  38. Please confirm or deny that the statistics and registration services Act 2007 section 39 subsection four would allow disclosure of personal information to any and or all of the following:

a) The 56 geographical and eight non-geographical UK police forces and in particular the Devon and Cornwall Police who are currently owned by the Corporation known as International Business Machines (IBM).

b) The three UK intelligence agencies (MI5, MI6 and GC HQ).

c) The Department for Works and Pensions.

d) Private investigators working for the Department for Work and Pensions to hunt down alleged benefit cheats?

e) Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs tax investigators.

f) “Approved” insurance industry and “anti-fraud” investigators/private investigators.

g) The Home Office Border and Immigration Agency.

h) The Serious Organised Crime Agency (either for domestic investigations into serious crimes, or for these and also for minor investigations if requested by a foreign law enforcement agency under the mutual legal assistance treaties).

i) Lawyers in civil court cases e.g. for divorce, libel or copyright infringement etc.

j) Local authority trading standards departments.

k) Local authority environmental health departments.In relation to the notice on the front of the household questionnaire which reads “Your response is required by law”. Please provide details of which laws apply to the protection of personal information and your assurances that ‘your answers will be kept confidential’.

39. In relation to the notice on the front of the household questionnaire which reads “Your response is required by law”. Please provide details of which laws apply to the protection of personal information and your assurances that ‘your answers will be kept confidential’.

40. Can you confirm that “census information is kept confidential for 100 years. This would mean that when we send you information with all inputted information electronically to the address, they are securely stored and will remain unexamined by anyone for 100 years. Is this offer to contract not fraudulent and therefore null and void?

41. Please confirm the method by which the paper and electronic capture will be handled following the said capture of the information into electronic form.
a) If the paper and electronic information is to be stored please confirm under what circumstances storage will be carried out;
b) if the paper and electronic information is to be recycled, please confirm under which circumstances recycling will be carried out;
c) confirm or deny whether the physical form will be kept as security, as you say the ONS intends to keep the electronic data.  

42. Please confirm or deny that the census form constitutes a contract.

43. Given that individuals have been criminalised under UK terrorism legislation for causing information to be brought together, by being accused that by compiling such information (even if it be in the public domain), they are assisting potential terrorists – please confirm or deny that by providing information via the census form or electronically online, I will not be providing information to a foreign power who might have access to that data and so gain an advantage over this sovereign nation.

44. Given the ONS has confirmed that the census will go ahead despite the COVID-19 pandemic, in part because the information obtained will assist government and public understanding of the pandemic’s impact, please supply all material proof of such a pandemic to exist and all evidence and proof of existence of not only a virus existing but Covid-19’s existence, thus supporting claims for the necessity for questions asked in the 2021 census.

45. In order to maintain equality under law, please provide to me the exact same information required from me pertaining to each and every individual who has, is or ever will handle the census information in whatever possible form.

46. Given the premise that “time is money”, please provide documented proof under what authority the census must be completed in my own private time and at my own expense.

47. Please provide documented proof that I cannot charge a fee in advance for the provision of my time and personal information for the purposes of the census. Failure to do so will result in an invoice being issued which must be settled in advance prior to the completion of the census.

Please provide your response in the form of a “statement of truth”, sworn under penalty of perjury and upon your full commercial liability within (7) seven consecutive days of receipt of this notice. If your “full” response conforming to the above criteria is not received, within this appointed time it will be deemed a tacit agreement by virtue of your acquiescence that this census is unlawful and that there is no obligation to participate either as a Common Law sentient being or as the representative for the legal fiction identity and any further correspondence or communication on this matter must cease immediately.

With reference to section 40 of the Administration of Justice Act 1970 and the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, any attempt to contact me or “THE HOUSEHOLDER” regarding this matter after the appointed time will be in breach of these acts and will render you guilty of harassment and blackmail which may result in you being reported to the relevant bodies.

Please also note that by attempting to contact me or “the Householder” by telephone regarding this matter after the appointed time, you will also be in breach of the Wireless Telegraph Act 1949, which may result in you being reported to both Trading Standards and the Office of Fair Trading and may also constitute a criminal offence under section 127 of the Communications Act 2003.

Finally, you do not, nor have you ever had, my permission to use or process my personal data in anyway, and so pursuant to the Data Protection Act in 1998, I hereby demand that you cease use of any and all data with regard to me or ‘THE HOUSEHOLDER’, and that you immediately destroy all of my data held on your records. Failure to do so will result in a report being submitted to the Information Commissioner for data protection breaches.

This census form has been respectfully returned or refused to be filled in. Please reissue if or when all of the above points and questions have been addressed in full and all the required conditions have been met.

Sincerely without malice, ill will, vexation or frivolity.


Without any admission of any liability whatsoever, and with all natural inalienable, rights reserved.
Errors and omissions accepted.

Copies of this notice of conditional acceptance have also been sent to: (by Royal Mail)

Census Customer Services,
Segensworth Rd,
Fareham ,
PO15 5RR

FREEPOST 2021 Census,
Processing Centre,

42 thoughts on “Census 2021 – Response Before Submission

  1. Thank you for that template. I sent my copy to them on 20th April. Their reply was standard and incomplete, as M OF THE CARLIG FAMILY posted on 15TH APR 2021 AT 7:21 PM.
    Could you give as more details how to deal with them in the future to feel more confident?
    They ignored my concerns and questions and now sent me another letter, asking to fill in the Census by 24 May, kindly reminded about possible prosecution as fine and criminal record.
    Thank you in advance. You are doing great job for all of us.


    1. Frankly just ignore any comms from them as they never fully responded to your initial ask thus they have created a tacit agreement that there is nothing you need respond to. All of this is fear based and as for taking anyone to court and fine on this is BS. They never have with me in the past. These criminals are vultures to prey that believes they have to submit to their pecking.
      As sovereign beings we are not their householder we are flesh and blood men and women. Let them try to threaten the Law we stand under that is way above their laws and insistences – Natural/Common Law

      Bluff may be played yet law and justice remains the check mate


  2. Well several reminders received. Apparently my house has been “chosen” for a census person to visit. Several knocks on the door today twice today refused to answer. Let’s see how long this continues.


  3. i was planning on talking to the lady who is harassing me ( by putting those annoying leaflets through my door every 2-3 days) and explaining to her that she is harassing me and I could take her to court for that. And highlighting some of the points in the template to her. I’ll film the conversation of course. Do you think it’s worth it?


  4. Thanks for the help. We had a visit yesterday, but did not answer the door. I think the posters in our window about the ‘pandemic’ being fake may have helped our cause.


  5. How about simply putting this on the front door ???
    -The right to silence, is a legal principle,which guarantees any individual the right to refuse to answer questions! It is a legal right, recognized explicitly or by convention.

    -No trespassing! This is a private property the only people allowed on these grounds: -Residents – Delivery ppl and Postmen. Anyone else need explicit consent of the residents

    signed: The householder


  6. Also: The right to silence, is a legal principle which guarantees
    any individual the right to refuse to answer questions
    from law enforcement officers or court officials.
    It is a legal right recognized, explicitly or by convention.


  7. Hi there,
    They keep sending letters to complete Census online. I opened the first one but it landed in the bin. The second one went straight to the bin but today I got the third threatening letter and last weekend a Census man appeared in my door giving me a flyer to complete it online otherwise I will get fined. Is it normal they send me one every week?


    1. I replied to the Census (Caesar demands) with the letter suggested: “16. Please provide proof and legality whereby the ONS or any of its agents or so-called superior interests are lawfully allowed to encroach upon, demand and make threats to, not only a Private/Family Trust and all that fall under such Trust, but the sacred autonomy and privacy of said Trust granted under international law via the Universal Community Trust Treaty, or even Common law courts Great Britain. ” They only received the registered letter yesterday so I wait for their response to all the 47 questions!


        1. I had a census man last week again, when I saw the neon vest simply did not answer the door. I got my 4th or 5th ? reminder today. I have never opened a noname letter…. They don’t seem to be giving up.


        2. I did see a couple of women going round door to door today, but unfortunately I don’t have a bell that’s working at this time. I came out of my house a few days ago, and was surprised to see a Lady with a badge introduce herself Census, but I was far too busy to stop for a moment, and just said in passing “Who are you”. I know full well that legal doesn’t apply to a Man or Woman under common Law. Of course if a van load of police show up it may finish in the Court of the Queen’s Bench! https://www.judiciary.uk/publications/the-queens-bench-guide-2021/


        3. Oh my! I was just opening my door when a man parked by with his census lanyard. I ignored him big time and shut the door. It really made me upset. A reminder letter and a knocker on the same day! This is harassment. As I am aware of I have no contract with any parties.
          Could you tell me briefly what is Queens’s Bench Guide? I had a look but it is a long document, I have not got the time now, I will have a look later. Thank you.


  8. I sent the template and have received a reply, (I can send a copy if reqd) within the seven days.

    Five days ago I had a door knocker who I assured I would complete the form when my questions were answered.

    The response doesn’t answer the questions, other than defining ‘householder’ , the rest only states why they need the info, what it will be used for and more threats.

    Now would be a good time for a follow up response methinks.

    Any suggestions?

    ps I have two friends in the same predicament.


  9. Splendid!
    I wrote some time ago!
    “I’ve just received the Census 2021 a response is required by law. I realised this morning Legal is an acronym type anagram that means, taking the wizard of Oz meaning, a Gale of L= like the storm of lies that Dorothy encountered before becoming a legal fiction and meeting her strawman at adulthood! So how to handle this census?”
    Now we know, the tin man has a heart and the Lion has regained its courage!


  10. I made the mistake of asking for a paper copy to basically analyse the info and legalise they on it that do not include in the one page electronic request. It arrived still addressed to the householder.
    Prior to that i emailed questions (shorter version of above) to which i received a generic response not answering any of those questions.
    Do i still have a standing now to issue them a letter of conditional acceptance?


  11. Will never obeyed the these aliens that call themselves the government I will sign or agree to anything I was born to be free and have a mind of my own not to be ruled


  12. My daughter just had a visit from the census people. They gave a card essentially saying that she will promise to fill the form out or face the fine. Anyone know what to do in this situation?


  13. I would like the opportunity to send this census reply electronically to be linked in a petition send by email to the relevant address.
    I can’t share the census letter I would like to send and the letter directly to a government body and the right department.
    Mass email


  14. Here in Scotland we have longer to wait for our con census.
    May I suggest that in response to any questions regarding sex/gender/biology one simply writes the number of penises and/or vaginas in the space provided


  15. Excellent I would be very interested in reading any detailed response to the questions required to be answered . Some how I don’t think they would dare give an reasonable answer to any of them😄


    1. Hi I have just applied online for a paper census. I’m now regretting it as I had to give my name I really don’t want to fill it out but my son who is 25 does not want a fine or criminal record any advice!


      1. Susan forget it Stop playing their fear mongering Tell your son there will be no fine. Just send the template letter and after 7 days they will not reply even properly so they have lost any hold, not that they had it but you believed they did as you asked for a papaer reply – your error – but learn from it and give it no more energy


        1. This is just brilliant.

          I live in Northern Ireland and have just received my reminder for non-return of the first census letter to The Householder (more waste of money) and intend sending your letter as the reply back to them….. is there a word format you can email me so I can amend a paragraph ie delete I am returning the census form and say I am refusing to fill it in.

          I am looking forward to receiving the Register General, NI’s response and will let you know the outcome, if any.

          I love it when the oppressed make a strike against tyranny and win!!!

          Thanks again for your efforts and support of the common man/woman.



        2. Census workers and non compliance officers will be knocking your doors daily until July 21
          Look at the job descriptions on census website for non compliance officers and non compliance assistants and census workers


    2. Hi All, I was so grateful to receive this advice on how to consider the census request. I sent off a letter on 12 March. Received a response today. Working through there response in terms of their answers to the 47 questions. Anyone else received a response? What are you doing next. I’ve also received a visit to on my doorstep.


      1. No need to do anything. Never answer the door to these clowns. They do not know who you are never tell them. They will never answer properly anything in reply so ignore everything and make your life wonderful


    3. This is the reply from ONS.
      Any advices,please,let me know!

      Office for National Statistics
      Segensworth Road
      Hants PO15 5RR

      edit: “picture of their logo”

      The Householder
      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

      14 April 2021
      Dear Householder,
      Thank you for your letter dated 7 April regarding Census 2021.
      It is important that everyone takes part in the census. It gives a detailed and comprehensive picture of our society. It is vital in ensuring that support gets to those who need it: for investment in the public services, health care, homes and schools that people need. The information the census provides on the population, their characteristics, education, religion, ethnicity, working life and health gives decisionmakers in national and local government, community groups, charities and business the opportunity to better serve communities and individuals. It enables a wide range of services, equalities monitoring and future planning to be supported. In one way or another, it has an impact on the life of everyone living in England and Wales.
      The legislation that underpins the census, including definition of the householder and the penalties for non-completion are the Census Act 1920, the Census (England and Wales) Order 2020 and the Census (England) Regulations 2020, along with parallel regulations for Wales. This legislation creates a legal obligation on all householders to complete and return a census form. Failure to do so is a criminal offence. Further information about the census legislation is available from the ONS website.1
      The Census (England and Wales) Order 2020 defines I Householder’ as:
      t in relation to an address means a person who is a usual resident at that address and either—
      (a) owns or rents accommodation at that address, or
      (b) is responsible for paying household bills and expenses there”2

      1 https://www.ons.gov.uk/census/censustransformationprogramme/legislationandpolicy
      2 https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/532/article/2/made

      The topics and questions included in Census 2021 reflect the ONS’s recommendations, which were published in the December 2018 White Paper Help Shape Our Future: The 2021 Census of Population and Housing in England and Wales.3 The recommendations were informed by a programme of research and consultation over 3 years.
      The safety of census information is ONSI s top priority. Everyone working on the census signs the Census Confidentiality Undertaking. This includes people working for the census offices and for suppliers supporting delivery of the Census. It’s a crime for them to unlawfully share personal census information. ONS has a strict security regime that follows government standards. This includes physical and IT security measures to protect your information. Suppliers are contractually obligated to follow this regime. Personal information from the census will be processed within the UK.
      All our systems, staff and suppliers must protect the confidentiality of Census data and personal data by law. Laws in place that cover protection of your data include the:
      • Data Protection Act 2018 o General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
      • Census Act 1920
      • Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007
      The ONS has a lawful basis to process information provided on census questionnaires. The lawful basis can be found within the GDPR at article 6(1)(c), where the processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which the controller is subject; and article 6(1)(e), where the processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller.
      The ONS, with the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA), commissioned an independent review of Census security arrangements, which can be accessed via our website.4
      Your personal census information cannot be seen or used by:
      • anyone who makes decisions about you or any services that you get
      • anyone making decisions about your residency applications or immigration status
      • anyone making decisions about individual services, such as taxes and benefits
      • anyone wanting to find you or sell you anything – your personal information can’t be sold to third parties
      • anyone enforcing the coronavirus (COVlD-19) restrictions or from NHS Test and Trace

      Paper questionnaires will be receipted and returned direct to the questionnaire capture facility where the information provided by respondents will be digitised before being transferred to ONS for further processing. When all the information has been received and accepted by ONS, paper questionnaires will be destroyed in line with government security guidelines.
      3 https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-2021-census-of-population-and-housing-in-england-and-wales
      4 https://www.ons.gov.uk/census/censustransformationprogramme/keepingyourinformationsecure/census2021independentinformationassurancereview

      The personal information you put on your census return can be only used for statistical purposes. Our statistics do not contain any information that will allow you or anyone you live with to be identified.
      In line with government policy, relevant legislation and the promise of confidentiality, personal census data is not released until 100 years after the census in question. This helps to protect personal information about people still living, whose information was recorded on these historic censuses.
      The Statistics and Registration Services Act 2007 (SRSA) 5 makes it a criminal offence, subject to a maximum penalty of 24 months imprisonment and/or a fine, for a member or employee of the UK Statistics Authority (UKSA) (of which the Office for National Statistics (ONS) is the executive arm) to unlawfully disclose personal information held by the Authority in relation to any of its functions. As per government policy, personal census data remains in the custody and ownership of the UKSA for 100 years.
      Although the Act allows disclosure of personal data in some circumstances, such as for the purposes of criminal investigations or proceedings, the key point to note is that the Act does not require this to happen. Therefore, whilst ONS has the powers to disclose data, it does not have an obligation to do so, and, indeed, maintains a strict policy of refusing requests to disclose such data.The UKSA`s policy, and ONS practice, has been, and remains, that:
      The UKSA, the ONS and the National Statistician will never volunteer to disclose personal information for any non-statistical purpose;
      If disclosure is sought, such as through a court order, the UKSA and the National Statistician will always refuse to allow it, and will contest the case to the maximum extent possible under the law, using each stage of appeal in the Courts if necessary, in order to ensure statistical
      confidentiality; and will do so in an open, public and transparent manner, to the extent permitted under the law.
      The census is part of a bigger modernisation programme in the ONS which will bring controlled online access to ONS’s data collections, and which will integrate other sources of data with ONS survey data to create new insights and new and quicker ways of sharing statistics. This modernisation is happening over an 11 year period, improving the way ONS collects, processes and shares its statistics. The cost of this modernisation, including all costs for the 2021 Census, over the 11 period is around E900 million -less than £1.50 per person (in England and Wales) a year over 11 years.
      The ONS is working with a number of suppliers to deliver Census 2021. Information about these partners can be found on our website.6
      Yours faithfully,
      Census Customer Services
      Office for National Statistics (ONS)
      Room 4300S, ONS, Segensworth Road, Titchfield, Hampshire, P015 5RR

      5 https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2007/18/contents
      6 https://www.ons.gov.uk/census/censustransformationprogramme/2021censussuppliers.

      Ps: they were 3 pages in the letter


  16. I’ve never ever filled in one yet ,mine went in the bin as soon as I got it .big brother ain’t watching over me.


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