Noose Tightens, Smell the Victory!

BREAKING NEWS FROM People’s Union of Britain

We have just received confirmation that the case files in the P.U.B. prosecution of the four horsemen of the Covid Apocalypse, are with the court’s listing department, who expect a hearing will soon be listed, following checks by the legal team at Bromley Magistrates, to which it was transferred for processing and listing by the Westminster court.

Being moved to the court which deals with all PCPs (Private Criminal Prosecutions), it is anticipated the fireworks will start going off very soon.

From the very start of this extraordinary case, it was always known to have taken a goodly time in getting to its present position. The major fraud case against both the mortgage and banksters took nearly 10 years to get this far, so looking at 10 months down the line we know, not only the case is rock solid but als that there are a huge swathe of the legal system behind us and making swift passage for the case of the centuries. This will be the single biggest legal case in the history of the British Isles.

There are many side cases going on yet this one in the High Court, probably the Old Bailey, the Common Law court of the Land due to a jury of 12 good men and women true, will be the show stopper of all showstoppers. The brilliant point is that its huge impact will force by every rule book the BBC, ITV, SKY and others to report truth for the first time in decades. It will destroy the curtain they have used to cover up so much criminality.

There is a squiddling’s chance of the judge being nobbled in the High Court, unlike the lower civil court that is rampant and built on criminal practices.

So ramp up your seat, buy in the popcorn and prepare for the best seats in the house to deliver day by day entertainment of exposure you have all longed for for too long!


A fuller update will appear in a day or so!

42 thoughts on “Noose Tightens, Smell the Victory!

  1. Was great seeing this news on my twitter feed on Monday, showed it to a few sheep but they still beleive the Government and say its just a bunch of conspiracy theorists trying to get 15 mins of fame and the 4 will never be prosecuted. I am hoping this blows everything open and we can get back to our pre 2020 life’s. Good luck guys.


  2. Wonderful, moment stopping news. Lets get this show on the road. Thank you , you brilliant brave intelligent people.


  3. Don’t know why Nigel Farage hasn’t been brought in. I’m South African and you could send him here anytime.


  4. This is the case we have all waited for, the single greatest argument against the abolition of capital punishment. With the death and destruction these corrupt individuals have meted out to the general public, they should all be hanged in public.


  5. They should all be dragged off to The Hague for crimes against humanity then handed very long prison sentences.


  6. I have heard that the courts have had 9 newish Judges put in, and one deals in common law. This is just heresay, so just going on what I have heard.


  7. This gives us hope in Ireland, our government is hugely currupt and people are unbelievably compliant. With the horrors that have aken place in our past history it is hard to see the blatant disregard for our children. Good luck, we’ll be watching from the sidelines.


  8. Thank you to all that have worked so hard to bring these 4 horsemen to face their crimes! This has literally made my day & that of my family & friends too! 🙂


  9. This was well pre-planned and orchestrated by DS long time ago.. Time to bring this Shit-Show to an end.. This lot should be hanged by their balls..


  10. But surely the motley crew is not just these 4 . These are the puppets of the crime , not the puppet masters ?
    The whole lot needs to go
    All protecting each others peadophile activities ?


  11. They all need to hang.boris and he’s little lot are murderers.pure and simple.but u cant tell some people.they think they are bloody amazing people.if only they they knew..lets hope this works.god bless u all.remember the only thing to fear is fear itself.


  12. Thank you for fighting for all the “little” people.
    Always important to remember we outnumber the bullies.
    I’m excited to see the ending.

    Any chance of disbanding the govt and creating a ruling party of the people, for the people, by the people?
    No associations with big pharma, paedo rings or the monarchy, just honesty, integrity and transparency. 🙏🙏🙏

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  13. Absolutely brilliant news, well done to all & thank you for fighting our corner especially for our children, grandchildren & future generations 😀

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  14. not that I’m paranoid or anything- what’s the likelihood of the jury being tampered with? I mean this is going to be their last stand, so they’ll pull out all the big corrupt guns to bribe, blackmail, threaten and deceive to get away with it..

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      1. What if the jury are secretly blackmailed (we will reveal your name and address etc) or bribed? Could that happen? They think that could have happened in the Floyd trial.


  15. Praying that this reaches its rightful conclusion, where justice will prevail. Thank you for all your hard work for the sake of humanity.

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  16. Wonderful news. Its time we sent a message to the evil cabal that we are on to them and we won’t stop until we have all their heads on pikes over London Bridge.

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