De Facto End to Korean War – Kim and Moon Declare Peace

Source: Hankyroreh

It is in the air! Great News is catching – Sense seems to be able to get aired especially when the US/UK and all their useful idiots are away from the headlines!

The September Pyongyang Declaration has outlined practical, concrete measures for peace and denuclearization.

peace declare

South Korean President Moon Jae-in declared:
“There will no longer be war on the Korean Peninsula, we are not far away from complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Inter-Korean relations will remain steady, without faltering.”
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un then spoke in a  resounding and measured tone.
“Our shared dreams, embodied in the declaration, will soon become reality. We are not afraid of any adversity.”
The two heads of state promised to swiftly implement the military agreement, which states that a joint military committee will be set up to put an end to hostile military relations, with the goal of “eliminating any practical threat of war across the entire territory of the Korean Peninsula and fundamentally alleviating hostile relations.” (Article 1, Pyongyang Declaration)

Promising prospects for 2nd North Korea-US summit

Based on the outcome of the Pyongyang summit, a second US-North Korea summit is on the cards after Moon meets with US President Donald Trump in New York during the UN General Assembly on Sept. 24. If Kim visits Seoul during winter near the end of the year, we will put the “legacy of wretched and tragic confrontation and hostility that has lasted for decades” (Kim) behind us and enter a new era of irreversible peace.
The principal achievements of the Pyongyang summit are the advent of peace, eliminating the threat of war and regaining momentum for denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula. And this is not just rhetoric. The military agreement is as thorough as an insurance contract. It is far more detailed than all other inter-Korean agreements to date. The document contains five appendices in addition to the main text and signals a strong commitment to action from both Moon and Kim.
The military agreement is deemed an annex to the Pyongyang Declaration, emphasizing the commitment of both leaders to playing a direct role in the implementation of the agreement. As an agreement was reached regarding a visit to Seoul by Kim on one of the 104 days remaining before the end of this year, it is clear that both leaders aim to swiftly implement the Pyongyang Declaration and military agreement.

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